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Found 4 results

  1. This is my opinion on what the upcoming Part V Jason/Roy Burns stats should be. Part V Jason Strengths Destruction (In the film he busted through a door quite easily.) Stalk (He was very easily able to sneak up on people in the films, almost all of them never saw him coming.) Morph (He was able to travel all over the place in the film quick. From a halfway house to a trailer park.) Weaknesses Can't run (In the film he never ran, he only sped walk.) Stun Resistance (He got beat up quite a bit in the film.) Water Speed (He is just a normal human so it can be assumed he can't swim fast like Jason.)
  2. What is Paranoia? Who is the antagonist? I'm here to explain to you. ***Keep in mind this is all speculation and not confirmed by the devs*** Okay so lets get started. Paranoia is gonna be the same exact thing as the normal gamemode but with a twist. The killer will only be Roy... how can i speculate this? How can i back this up? Well there are 2 things to back my theory. #1: In the trailer we see a glimpse of the Roy mask from part V accompanied by the famous black dots and one blue Dot. (Being that Roy's mask has blue on it.) #2: Also in the trailer we see a hashtag that says "#whoisfiVe" while the V being blue this points in the direction of Part V. (Roy's Mask has blue markings on it, as stated above.) So in theory that we are getting Roy but only in this gamemode. Also this gamemode will focus on more of a hard core style mode. No teleportation, No Sense and No Stalk! Classic Murder style gameplay. What are your thoughts? Let me know!
  3. Ok so I have been thinking about this, someone else posted a tid bit on Facebook and it got me thinking about how we could incorporate Roy as Jason in the game. 1 in 10 or 20 games a random male counselor is either spawned with a hockey mask as the Y (xbone) option in the same way the sweater is, or occasionally a blue chevron hockey mask can be found in a drawer and equipped like the sweater ready for use anytime. this would need to be rare enough to make it something to look forward to but not as rare as Pamela tapes. This would need to verify the lobby has enough players before it activated. upon using it, the player instantly turns into part V Jason and gets an unbreakable axe, drops his inventory and can no longer search drawers to prevent him from stealing keys, this Jason would be able to run faster but still at the limits of counselor stamina, the walkie would go away. This player would have no special Jason abilities but would come pre-perked with extremely thick skin but could still be killed by the other players in traditional fashion. This Jason could go about his business stalking and trying to kill the other counselors and would also be completely invisible on Jason's sense ability, this player would have the choice to use the mask or play as a regular counselor. Real Jason could kill him in traditional Jason ways if he pleases but cant grab him easily at all. Jason would have to take say double the slashes on him to kill him also. Real Jason could also let him go about his business as a helper to make sure things don't get repaired at the cost of loosing a few kills. if Roy Jason is the last character alive, besides Jason the game ends and gives Roy credit for his kills instead of a betrayal hit as a regular counselor.
  4. Part V "Jason" always posed a problem for this game. He throws a wrench into the game mechanics and ambiance in all sorts of ways, plus people don't respond as strongly to a copycat, compared to the real deal. So here's my solution: turn the copycat into a Tommy Jarvis style powerup for the more nefarious counselor. Put an item/phone/whatever that, if a counselor activates it, allows them to continue after death as the imposter. Example: Chad finds "Dad's" emergency phone. Uses it to call "Dad" for help, crying he's gonna die. Chad dies. "Dad" shows up, vengeful, angry, but human. Now counselors have a new problem to worry about, more players stick out matches, and players who want to be Jason have another chance to get the playstyle they want. I imagine the copycat would be intuitive to play. You're human, an armed counselor is dangerous, but you'd be a bit tougher. Not immortal, but durable. Not supernatural, but quick. And you wouldn't be the biggest fish in this lake. Jason wouldn't take kindly to poachers on his turf. What do you guys think? Edit: Thanks for pointing out the search function, I didn't know other people has come to same conclusion before. At any rate I hope the devs find a way to incorporate Roy without compromising their design for the game.
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