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Found 16 results

  1. I had a request to share this info, so without further adieu... I spent Friday the 13th, October 2017 at a convention (flyer here) and was able to learn a lot of information about the Part 7 costume. The night started with a photo-op with Kane Hodder in full Part 7 makeup, so I was literally face to terrifying face with it (he lifted me up by my chin just as the photographer took the picture). During the rest of the weekend I spoke to John Carl Buechler (Director & Make-up designer for Part 7) about his process for both the makeup and the mask. John started by reviewing the previous films to keep continuity with all the injuries and damage that Jason had taken. With that as a starting point, he degraded him further to show the rot that had occured from being in the lake for so long. Over time the leather gloves and utility belt would completely rot off, the clothes would wear and tear, flesh would bloat and be fed upon. A rib cage, spine, shoulder bones, forearms, knees, guts, etc., were sculpted, molded, and then cast in a poly foam. Each were given appropriate paint jobs and in some cases made to look wet (like the guts) and then had liquid latex applied over them to mimic rotted dripping flesh. The head was twelve seperate pieces cast in silicone (IIRC), painted up, and then applied to Kane one at a time. Kane mentioned that it took several hours to apply the makeup and there was no getting out of it until the day's shoot was done. The full makeup was worn during the entire filming. This was a different process than most of the Jasons had to go through, as the others only had a full face makeup when his face was revealed, the rest of the time they just wore an open faced cowl so they weren't so trapped in the costume. From there they weathered the clothes by randomly cutting them up, but in some cases specifically to reveal the makeup work below. The chain was actually plastic painted to look like rusted metal. For the mask he was given the previous film's mask as a starting point. I, unfortunately, didn't think to ask if he meant that he received the mold from the Part 6 or a pull to recast (I'm assuming a pull). It was vaccuformed in black ABS plastic and then intentionally made smaller, by removing much of the perimiter of the mask, to reveal more of the underlying makeup and simulate some extra wear from being under water. Then it was cut to remove the propeller damaged area and given many deep cuts/scratches to simulate cracks at the point of impact from the propeller. More weathering like the bubbly "road rash" like texture over and around the right eye (which was done with a torch), slight warping at some points (most notably on the right cheek), and other random wear and scratches were added. The shape of the mask, propeller damage, and warping were also done very deliberately (explained further down). There were several copies made at the time of filming, but only the one was actually used during filming, because, in John's words, the others "walked off the set". It was then painted and weathered in acryllics in a lighter tone than the Part 6. The mask is definitely, and very intentionally, lighter than the Part 6 mask. While I always just assumed that this was due to much of the blood and grime washing off while under water, there is actually another reason that John lightened the color palette and made the other creative decisions that he did with the shape and size of the mask, he was very deliberately trying to give it the look of a skull. He told me that he wanted his "meat terminator" Jason to look like death in the shadows. Finally, Kane confirmed that the black scratches were a natural occurance from filming because only the one mask was used during the shoot. He remembers one set of scratches coming from his fall into the puddle of water on the gravel road and another coming from his face dive down the stairs of the porch after the roof was dropped on him.
  2. Hey. Ive had this idea for a while now. Similar ideas may have been suggested but thought I’d mention it. It regards Tina Shepherd. Now if I remember right, the developers mentioned that the physics and balance would be ruined with the inclusion of Tina and her magic mind. So my simple idea to include her would be to have her only as the introduction to a multiplayer game. It could start with her raising Jason from Crystal Lake, then with her fainting in the boardwalk. I had an idea that a game mode could revolve around the councillors protecting Tina as she was passed out on the couch/bed in her house. With 2 objectives for the councillors. 1. Roam the map to collect ‘bait’ which could be Pamela’s jumper etc to lure him to a building they have rigged to explode (details are sketchy) 2. The councillors need to protect Tina moving her throughout the map to refuge points. These points take Jason longer to break into. Now the player being Jason would as usual need to kill the councillors but he would gain more points if he finds and kills Tina. He can’t sense Tina or any councillor carrying her. The house/ cabin rigged to explode can kill Jason triggering a cool ‘movie moment’ cutscene however I was thinking that he would get a chance to survive, possibly by passing a skill check event and walking out of the flames. (I know, badass right) If councillors win then a cutscene triggers where Tina wakes up. I know there are a ton of issues with this rough idea so I’d be interested to get peoples views and opinions.
  3. When they get around to adding a map from part 7 (assuming they do), I think this would be a cool way to incorporate Tina. As a special character, I think it could be interesting to add Tina to the map after a certain time period (versus calling Tommy.) Perhaps a dead or escaped player can return to the map during the last 5 minutes of the game? This would allow the player to come back and help using Tina's abilities. She can die, of course, but would not come to fight with either a first aid or pocket knife. In order for her to work, there would have to be objects on the map she could interact with in order to hinder Jason. I realize there is only so much they could do without running into complications, but it could be something as simple as picking up certain objects with her mind to stun Jason. Tina could have an ability cooldown time. I'd be interested to hear what you all think.
  4. Tina needs to be in the game, perhaps as another option for coming back when you die or escape early besides Tommy. Her psychological powers would seem to be cool in a video game to fight against Jason. I think Reggie would be a interesting addition to the game as a counsler. He's different because of his age. I think he'd have high speed & stamina, decent composure & luck. Perhaps even repair skills judging from the movie.
  5. I think it be nice for a boy next door counsler to choose. A male counterpart for Jenny I think Nick From Part 7 Friday The 13th would be a good choice. My guess for his stats in game "Edited" Composure - 8 Luck - 7 Stamina - 5 Speed - 5 Stealth - 3 Strength - 5 Intelligence - 2
  6. What are some ideas for new Part 7 Jason advantages & disadvantages? I personally feel like they should be taken from the movie. Part 7 (as Jason) was very good at showing up anywhere at any moment. He should have a better Morph then what he does now. His water speed works perfectly with him. But he should have better destruction, He broke down doors instantly in the move, if his Destruction was as good as Part 8 I would love to play him. If his shift doesn't get changed it wouldn't bother me all that much even though...I love having and using shift!!! What do you think?
  7. Everyone remember the scene in Part 7,where Jason kill Tina's mom...well let me introduce you to the weapon Jason used in that scene,it's called a kaiser blade or sling blade. My toughts on it,it's a cool weapon...it's sharp enough to cut or stab peoples quite well (overkill you might even say) and it kinda look a bit like a hockey stick wich would go well with Jason hockey mask. What do you guys think ?
  8. Needless to say, I think it's been universally acknowledged that Part 7 is somewhat maligned by the community as a whole. Part 7 Jason is OP, but he's certainly one of the weakest in the game (2nd to Part 6 in my opinion). His sense is great and grip strength is always a plus, but he is easily the least mobile of all the Jasons in the game. It's a shame, since Part 7 is usually a fan favorite (from the perspective of the films that is) We have see threads in the past that have brought to light this issue yet there hasn't been any signs of changes being made to Part 7 Jason, especially by the devs in my opinion. What can and should be done about this? I can understand that there are more pressing issues at hand, especially in the coming weeks for the devs. It's just kind of frustrating that nothing has been done to address this.
  9. When the Jasons were first shown off Jason 7 was the one I wanted to use most. Awesome look, uses the machete, lumbering part skeleton man going around chasing counselors. Sounds great, right? Sadly in game his stats just do not allow him to do enough. Oh his hidden hearing and boosted sense let him see everyone. I guess that's ok? When you can't catch up to people because you're a zombie Jason and the main mode of transportation for said zombie Jasons has a longer cool down, slower speed, shorter distance traveled, and shorter duration, you're screwed. The car is impossible to catch. It's also impossible to deal with the car before it gets started because you only have 3 traps. I really hope you guys are looking in to completely reworking his stats. I don't mind if he's a slow Jason. You could ditch grip strength and sense (both are useless because you can instantly kill counselors when you grab them and sense can be turned off early to cooldown when turned off), and replaced with boosted traps and stalk. Then you remove his trap and shift weaknesses, swap them with defense or stun resistance, and he'd be viable. Perhaps a strength that makes him get Rage really fast, called Enrage? That's just me brain storming and not in any way something to take consider as a fix. I'm just a guy who wants Jason 7 to be on par with the other Jasons but his tools just do not allow it. I don't feel like a menacing threat as Jason 7, I feel like Jason from the first movie drowning while the counselors stand on the dock and laugh. Whatever you do, please please please rework his stats. At the very least get rid of the penalty to shift. No Zombie Jason should have a weakness to shift. You guys are working hard to fix various bugs, make new content, but you've never once mentioned tweaking the Jasons stats. Everyone feels 7 is by far the worst due to no movement options, strengths that really don't benefit his lack of movement options, and weaknesses that just hinder him further with his lack of movement options. Yes I know some people can kill 12 out of 8 counselors with Jason 7 because they're just that badass, but the simple fact is he is undoubtedly the weakest Jason and the hardest to catch people as. Not asking that he be the best, just on par with the others. As is Jason 7 is a sad boy. You don't want poor ol' Jason 7 to be a sad boy, do ya?
  10. morph should be made a strength for part 7 being that shift is one of his weakness and morph being a strength would really help with objective control what are you're thoughts
  11. So this idea is from @REO thread [url=http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/6952-suggestions-for-developers-living-list/]here[/url] and took the idea from his thread because I think Jason Part 7 topic is worth it's own discussion so all credit to him. Do you guys feel Jason Part 7 needs a redesign in some way with his skills? To me he's the coolest Jason but he's so terrible and not worth picking... F13 game having a version of Jason that is underpowered or weak should definitely be a big NO and needs to be fixed since this game is all about Jason being a huge threat. How can they make Jason Part 7 worth using but remaining unique and not copy pasta from other Jasons? SO let's get into his weaknesses first.... 1.) His traps suck and he only gets 3 which is a BIG weakness for controlling objectives 2.) He's slow and can't run. He also has a crappy shift speed and cooldown which makes chasing down counselors even more hell for him... Up against Vanessa? might as well put the controller down... 3.) His attack range is crap and he's very easy to kite and bully Now his pros... 1.) Good sense so he can use it more but it's not a big deal since almost every Jason can toggle and use sense well. 2.) Good water speed... Umm mainly useless so who cares? Only really helps with boat chase and that's it. 3.) Good grip... again who cares? If you catch counselor with no pocket knife they will be dead anyway so this is completely useless in the grand scheme of things.... With all those weaknesses and terrible pros WHY would anyone ever want to pick this Jason if they want to win over the other Jason's except for the "cool" factor? <--- Which is why this is the BIG PROBLEM. Also if counselor ever get car started with you vs Part 7 Jason LOL good luck trying to catch the char with your super slow Jason. So what can we do to help and make Jason Part 7 worth picking? Here is @REO ideas for reworking Jason Part 7 from this thread: My ideas for Jason Part 7 are change his strong grip to make it so once he grabs a counselor another counselor can't hit him and make him drop the person he got since it's so hard for him to grab someone. This would make his skill worth picking and different from other Jasons. So who's all with me that Jason Part 7 needs some help and what would you give him?
  12. Suggestions for Additional "Heroes": Tina Shepard, Creighton Duke, Kay-Em 14 Here are a few ideas for additional heroes in addition to Tommy Jarvis. Some of them have not been fully fleshed out yet but I'll leave the rest of that to you all. All of my suggestions here would always yield to game balance, all in presence, power, and duration. I think all of these characters should have the same stats as Tommy Jarvis, minus any adjustments that may need to be made for game balance. These are only ideas that are in scratch but have the potential to be implemented into full plans with enough imagination, ambition, and balancing of abilities, .... and whether or not you can get the original actors to come back or not. Here goes: 1. Tina Shepard - (The telekinetic girl from Part 7) I think this character would be the easiest of the 3 to put in the game. She comes from a time when Jason was still hanging out around/near crystal lake, and is the least out of place of the three, unless you found her telekinetic powers to be super out-of-place, in which case, I can't help you. Here could be some of her abilities/attributes. She may need an ability box like Jason's: -When she spawns in, she gets different music than Tommy Jarvis. She gets a jingle made from the song that plays all throughout Part 7 that can be heard in the background of this clip here: https://youtu.be/vvRHvb-EFfk?t=246 -Inverted Fear Mechanic: Trust me on this, you'll see where it comes into play later. This characters powers were only available to her when her emotions ran high. When she first spawns in and her fear is low, her abilities aren't as powerful as they are when her fear/emotions climb up. Yes, she will stumble more, but her abilities below have greater range, longer stun time, and include more items than available otherwise. Yes, give her a flashlight, but it's up to the player to know to NOT use it except to keep other counselors fear-level low, or just to see in the dark. As her fear goes up, her abilities can be triggered from further distances, include more items (to levitate and hit Jason with) and have longer stun time. -Context/Environmental stuns for Jason: A. If Jason is standing on any porch with a roof, she can press a button and bring the awning down stunning him, just like in the movie. Any counselors under said roof would be severely injured or killed. Jason's presence under any awning would be required for this to be triggered so that players can't team kill counselors by bringing down awnings with only counselors under them. B. If Jason is standing within a variable (depending on her fear) number of feet of any power box, she can press a button and telekinetically shove Jason into the box, shocking him and stunning him for a balanced time. This permanently disables the power box however, making it irreparable by any of the characters. You have to weigh whether or not this is worth it since the affected cabins will drive up fear which is bad for counselors, but great for Tina as she becomes more powerful hanging around in dark cabins, even if terrified. I thought of this when trying to think of a way to shock Jason using a power line in water, which there are no power lines in the game that I'm aware of. C: If Jason is near a campfire or fireplace, and a gas container is nearby, whether in someone's hands or not, she can press a button and use the gas to soak him in the face and body, causing him to fall back into the fire, both stunning him for a balanced period of time, and dealing enough damage to his HP pool, getting him close enough to damasking that it will be worth consuming the gas container for it which will naturally eliminate the possibility ONE escape method, either the two-seater, the boat, or the four-seater. This will generally be for if you're going to seriously kill Jason, but if the gas is consumed and the "Kill Jason" attempt fails, knows that 2-4 players may end up stuck on the map with their only other possibilities being calling the cops or waiting out the timer. More on killing Jason later: D: If Jason is near an otherwise moveable object including but not limited to Gas, Battery, Keys, Weapons, Propeller, Counselor Traps, Dead Bodies, Decapitated Heads, Tina can push a button and telekinetically throw it at Jason for a knock back or stun depending upon how heavy the object is, and how high Tina's fear is. The higher the fear, the more likely the stun. Once an object has been telekinetically thrown at Jason, it cannot be thrown at him again. When Tina's fear is low, she will only be able to throw lighter objects like the propeller, weapons and heads, while heavier objects like the gas, the battery and dead bodies will require higher fear and won't have a prompt until her fear is high enough. While the keys can be thrown at Jason, they only ever bounce off having no effect. It will be up to the player to know this and not make a mistake. Throwing objects at Jason while he is raising a counselor up for a grab-kill will stun Jason and free the counselor just as if he were stunned otherwise. -Killing Jason with Tina: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... there is a trade-off... When Jason has been hit and is on his knees ready to die, Tina will NOT need an Axe or a Machete to kill him, BUT, Jason will need to be ON one of the two docks on the map... AND her fear will need to be at or close to 100 in order for the icon to pop up for her to summon her father from under the dock to jump up and pull Jason into the water. The End. I know, I know, her Dad coming up and getting Jason in the movie was so dumb, but if you're going to kill Jason they way she killed Jason,... you have to kill Jason the way she killed Jason. 2. Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble - (The Bounty Hunter & Niece of Jason from Part 9) This one's a two-fer, because it has to be, in order to kill Jason. Duke is a tougher one because we didn't get to see him do too much in the movie, although this can be a strength since it allows creativity with respect to what his abilities/attributes could be. First I'll discuss Jessica Kimble then Duke: -Jessica Kimble: When Duke spawns in, so does another dead/escaped character as Jessica Kimble, at the other spawn point, who has no special abilities, and functions just as another counselor with a 5 in all categories, just like Kenny Reidell. She is only useful as an additional counselor, and as a required component to kill Jason if that's what people decide they want to do. The reason she's so mediocre outside of her necessity to kill Jason is to balance the fact that you're bringing back 2 people instead of one, giving Jason as many as 9 people to kill. If Jason kills Jessica Kimble, any chance of chance of killing Jason gone. Once Jessica Kimble is on the scene, Jason gains the ability to grab a counselor and instead of performing a kill, can instead transfer himself to the counselors body which means the following; Jasons initial body will lay on the map, unresponsive. If other counselors see this, they know something is wrong and that they cannot just trust every counselor they see. The Jason player will be playing as Jason, in "Infected" counselors skin, while the counselor who was "infected" will have been killed. The original players name will still appear above the Jason/counselor so as to help further mislead other counselors upon approach. "Hey Bob1234!" *Shift Grab* "Oh Crap!". The Jason player in the counselors body will still be "Jason" with all of his old abilities except stalk which will now be permanently active with no cool down or limit. This means that if Jason kills and transfers to a counselor while no one else is present to see it, Jason will be able to morph, and shift to players without them getting the VHS tape effect on their screen, and will also not hear his music unless and until he begins attacking counselors in the presence of other counselors, and only at that time. In other words, if Jason/counselor attacks a friend, the music begins, you run away, you don't get music as he approaches our chases you seconds later. The idea is that it's hard to tell who Jason is because is his now "in disguise" although, once you're onto who it is, it becomes easier. However, there is another catch: Jason can still transfer from counselor to counselor so long as he is grab-killing to make this feature available each time, so just because you know that "Bob1234" as Buggzy is now Jason, you can still get nabbed by "Suzie5678" as Deb Kim if you're not being vigilant and/or communicating. If Jason transfers to Jessica Kimble, he retains his original appearance as he did when he transferred to his half-sister in the movie, loses all prior damage taken, regains his mask, but his old corpse still lays on the ground to be discovered, and yes it stuns counselors. -Creighton Duke: The only ability I can see giving him from the movies is "Finger Snap/Info for Health". Other counselors can walk up to Duke and let him snap their finger for and for 1/3rd of their current health, duke will give them a vital piece of information to help them in the game. This can only be done for a maximum of three times whether it's done by one player or three. The reason it's 1/3rd of your current health is so that you ARE suffering some kind of penalty, but it shouldn't be enough to kill you. The piece of information given should be randomly selected, can be crummy or useful, and can include but not be limited to: -A map if you don't have one (crummy since you can get those anywhere) -Location of 4-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of 2-seater (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Boat (arrow placed on minimap, good for people without maps) -Location of Phone box (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one battery (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one gas (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with one set of keys (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of which end cops will spawn on if called (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with firecrackers (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of cabin with pocket knife (arrow placed on minimap/map) -Location of objective item if dropped more than 20 feet from objective (arrow placed on minimap/map) Killing Jason with Creighton Duke & Jessica Kimble: Same procedure as with Jarvis EXCEPT... when Duke spawns in, he spawns with a short sword that functions like the machete except it has higher durability, maybe more like the wrench. It can be used to remove Jasons mask, but of you break it, you cannot kill Jason. Once Jason is stunned and on the ground ready to be killed, Duke must give the short sword to Jessica Kimble (Duke cannot drop it until then) who must be present, pick it up (It will turn into that fancy dagger from Part 9) and Jessica must use it to kill Jason. The animation should show him being stabbed right in the heart, and an animation of what we saw at the end of Part 9 where those lights shoot out of his chest and giant arms rise from the ground to drag him to hell. At this time, anyone close to Jason needs to use the animation time to BACK UP and get away from Jason or else they will get grabbed by one of the arms and will need to be grabbed and pulled out by other counselors that are out of the way, and will need to mash "E" like crazy to pull you free. Duke and Jessica will move out of the way automatically and will be available to save others no matter what once the arms have grabbed everyone within range. (No tea-bagging this dead Jason!) 3. Kay-Em 14 - (The Robot Girl from Jason X) This one is trickier and I just don't feel like writing for her the same way I do the other people. I think her presence in the 1980's maps will be a weird mix, and I think she needs to stay limited to the Jason X map if and when we do get them. Having Jason X at crystal lake is going to be weird enough. In addition, I'm not sure how to balance this character since she basically shot Jason to death, including his head. It's hard to imagine her as a "stunner" only character with infinite ammo when we know she does so much more. Maybe she will but it's just that she will also be very vulnerable to Jason's attacks, requiring only one hit to die, and every death is a decapitation. Other factors may include: -While she has infinite ammo and can stun Jason with every shot, there is a cool down for her shots. -While she requires only one hit to die, and can only die via a decapitation, she can still communicate with players in game as her head lies on the ground, although, Jason can kick it out of range to some spot where no one can hear her. -10 repair for sure since she is a machine. Other than that, I'm not sure, you guys think about it.
  13. Hey folks! I could use some feedback on improving my Part 7 Jason as I struggle in chasing down campers and have been getting timed out a lot here recently. I plan on uploading my Jason match footage with the hopes that I can get some community feedback to improve on. I typically place traps at the phone and vehicles at match start as well as bust power boxes. I generally have trouble: * Shift + Grab: I often whiff and it really puts me at a disadvantage since I usually play non-running Jasons. * Running out of knives (or knives not slowing enough) : It seems like the non-running Jasons are dependent on doing damage / causing fear to slow counselors but I just don't seem to come across knives so that I always have 2 on hand. * Keeping up with Counselors: Related to the problem above. I just get outran too much. Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks! (EDIT) - Added match footage of mine to critique : Episode 1 - Episode 2 - Episode 3 - Episode 4:
  14. Just curious. I've only played with him a couple times since launch. Some felt he was fine. Others felt something was lacking. I haven't yet played with Part 8 or 9. I will begin playing Part 8 today. Part 9 I haven't unlocked yet. As of now, he still feels like probably the weakest Jason of the game, even up against the human Jasons and his other undead counterparts, which is a shame given how cool he looks. The whole water speed as a strength, same for Part 8 is actually not that much of a trade off I find. As I feel all the Jasons are faster than all the counselors in the boat on water. The water speed with Part 7 is noticeably faster sure, but I also don't feel any of the other Jasons have trouble with boat escapes, provided they know they're happening. Its the one arena where Jason is noticeably faster at all times than counselor, which is good because he needed at least one arena with that advantage. The other problem is the boat escape is only 50/50. Most of the time, you have the two cars which negates the need for water play. Anyway, I've seen other players wipe counselors rather easily with Part 7 and I've seen others let almost all the counselors go unscathed, no kills whatsoever, cops called, cars fixed, etc. I suppose as always, the answer depends on who is playing Jason and who is playing counselor and their skill levels. So what are your thoughts. If you didn't like him before, do you still not like him? Do you like him now instead? My only real thought to changing him is when they begin work on their next DLC. They bring back Kane Hodder for some mocap work, likely to be done anyway if they add 4, Roy or Pamela and have him mocap a weed eater. He would be the only Jason in the game with a motorized weapon. The trade off would be he couldn't use it in shift and it would create a lot of noise. HOWEVER. When he fast walks after counselors with it. It creates a lot more FEAR and tripping AND...its the only melee weapon with an animated instant kill. He would push down the counselor and use it on them the way he did Dr. Crews in the film. No bullshit stuns, no gimmicks, if he's in arms length, its an instant weed eater death. I know that all sounds like a lot of work. Only a suggestion though. He can also turn off the weed eater to stop the noise obviously, but he wouldn't be able to use it outta shift. Only grabs.
  15. Now yes i get he will be pretty good on a water centered/based map but he is still pretty trash everywhere else you cant have no run and less shift considering shift is made for getting campers who are getting away from you which happens a lot when you cant run meaning you cant catch anyone as easily unless they go in water which from the videos ive seen by people in the beta they barely do even if its not part 7 jason which makes him even worse because if they see its 7 they wont go ANYwhere near water even more
  16. This is an idea that came to me in a shower while I was thinking about how to make part 7 Jason more fun, unique, and let his non running capabilities actually not be as big of a drawback as it is now, all without making him overpowered and without even having to touch counselors. Coincidentally, this idea of mine could also potentially fix the Vanessa problem and actually make her speed and stamina have a drawback to it. Basically, this idea came to mind as I was remembering a past match of me pursuing the last Vanessa left of the survivors, and how long it took for me to finally get her. As a player living outside of the popular 1st world countries, my ping is naturally high, and therefore I could not use shift to instantly grab them out of their sprint like so many seem to suggest, so my thoughts shifted to how would it be possible to catch running counselors, but without making them overly slow. The answer was to simply make the counselors more clumsy. Now this is simple, I thought about how the higher their fear level, the more prone to stumbling the counselors are when they run, and how this mechanic right now doesn't particularly play a big role in assisting Jason on catching up with them, so my idea is a simple one, if they can stumble, why can't they fall down? If a falling down mechanic is added, making it so fearful counselors jogging will only stumble, yet fearful counselors sprinting will trip and fall, this could be used as a way to discourage constant running away and encourage a bit more of hiding. This would also give the Composure stat something else to it, as a counselor that tripped and fallen will have to perform a skill check to get back up quickly, if this check is governed by the Composure stat, this means Vanessas that trip and fall will get up slower than other counselors with a high Composure stat, making it so that if a Vanessa is too afraid, running away won't help her much as she's just going to fall down and Jason will be able to catch up to her. Now, about how this could tie in to make Part 7 Jason and other Jasons that can't run more fun and unique. Well, he's one scary ass mother, isn't he? But how scary can one be when you can simply lightly jog away from him? We have this ragged, decaying, walking corpse walking towards you with the intent to kill, that's gotta be scary! Yet with his shift ability not being his strength, it tells me the developers wanted to make Part 7 Jason more of the "I'm going to walk towards you because I know you can't escape me." kind of guy, which can't be done with counselors easily being able to juke him around with a light jog. The solution could be a simple one. If the fear causing stumbling and tripping is added, then simply make Part 7 Jason's mere presence increase counselor fear levels very, very fast, after all, this guy isn't exactly a pretty sight. With that, you could end up with Part 7 Jason stalking his victims, aiming to make their fear so high that they won't be able to outrun him out of pure fear, stumbling constantly and tripping down, trying to desperately crawl away from him. This I think would feel nice for every Part 7 Jason lover and be a nice change of strategy compared to Parts 3 and 2 Jasons, which are more about chasing down counselors and intercepting them rather than stalking them out. I would like some feedback on these ideas, as admittedly I have not thought about it much besides how it would affect Parts 2 and 3 Jasons and other counselors outside of Vanessa, I just want this game to be the best it can be, and if these ideas help out in some way, that's all I could ask for!
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