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Found 36 results

  1. Been wanting to get into doing some costumes for Friday the 13th and while I have some ideas for the brands and colors to go for part 3 Jason I am having some issues with at least two other costumes. Namely Roy's coveralls as I dont know which brand was used for his coveralls and having a hard time figuring the color as in some shots they look blue and others it seems to be a hint of green. My other issue is with the part 2 Jason namely getting the right flannel as all the blue ones I find dont quit look even close enough. Any help would be appreciated along with any help for the other Jason's as well as I plan to do them as well in the future as well as some of the counselors from the game.
  2. Been wanting to get into doing some costumes for Friday the 13th and while I have some ideas for the brands and colors to go for part 3 Jason I am having some issues with at least two other costumes. Namely Roy's coveralls as I dont know which brand was used for his coveralls and having a hard time figuring the color as in some shots they look blue and others it seems to be a hint of green. My other issue is with the part 2 Jason namely getting the right flannel as all the blue ones I find dont quit look even close enough. Any help would be appreciated along with any help for the other Jason's as well as I plan to do them as well in the future as well as some of the counselors from the game.
  3. Please modify the offline mode so you can be any Jason, besides the special ones that people paid for, with any unlockables. Especially since the new news came out saying content is stoping. Its sad to say but this will be the start of the player population decline. Without new content people will be moving on and not coming back as often. I want to be able to come back to this game and destroy with any Jason I want. The bots may not be that challenging but I love that they are there. This game will always be able to be played and I don’t want to lose my account one day and only be able to be part 3 Jason forever. Please please devs this is a simple change and makes sense. The online will be the same and you unlock them but there’s no reason people shouldn’t be able to have fun offline and expirement.
  4. Play as Jason is always fun but hearing Pamelas voice can get played out. there should be an option to turn her voice off who else agrees?
  5. In the first film, she was only referred to herself as "Mrs. Voorhees." When was the first time she was ever referred to as "Pamela," and is that when it became canon?
  6. Sometimes I feel as if Jason is to easily noticed and so it takes that bit of fear from the game, especially with all the people who don't use stalk and do the good old fashioned grab and headbutt the fuck out of the keyboard to get that juicy grab insta kill. I think would be pretty cool, if they added a game mode where the killer is Pamela. So keep it mostly the same but the killer has way more stealth, and to balance her out maybe give her a ranged weapon like a bow from the movie? so if the councilors all group up she wont get butt fucked, she can just chill and snipe so they all split up. Or give her ways to deceive and lure councilors away from each other. And instead of escaping its just survive the night until authorities get there. Not sure if anyone else would see this as fun, but I think the constant on edge of not knowing where the killer is and the scare of her being just around the corner waiting to stab you or something, may just bring some more spice to the game. What do you guys think?
  7. OK does anyone remember the last Friday movie when the girl killed Jason ( not really ) well she used Pamela's locket. Now you know when you are ready to kill Jason and either tommy doesn't hit Jason in time or he misses. Also when the one with the sweater uses the sweater when Jason is already stunned by someone ( annoying ). We should get a second chance this is how it should go when someone fails. When some one fails and the sweater magically disappears for some odd reason the key to a chest in Jason's cabin should fall then a female counselor can pick it up and get a second chance at killing the killer :). I think this is fair seeing how Jason gets tho kill counselors left and right. ~|}ecep~
  8. Give me the option to mute her voice in the Settings menu. Obviously the end match cutscene would not be affected by this. Don't you find it repetitive to hear her voice sometimes? And let's face it, any semblance of "immersion" the game might have had has since been extinguished, so yeah, Pamela voice is ancillary.
  9. I'm sure this has already come up by someone else but I'd like to see Pamela as a killer. I know "teleporting" around would be dumb as her. Maybe as a choice for the single player challenges content. If you did add her to the multiplayer, it'd be cool if she can run like the counselors and can climb through windows unlike Jason. Hell, even hiding in a vehicle to ambush someone would be great. The other idea would be Jason from the F13 remake. To be faithful to the movie, that version would have no "teleport" so maybe a much faster run with stamina that depletes slower and replenishes faster. It would be awesome to set uniqe traps as this Jason too. There's a lot of impossible things here that would require reworking of game mechanics and such, I know. Just wanted to throw out some thoughts.
  10. Looks like someone asked on Twitter about the Pamela Tapes(see attached image) and their response was, "We don't do tips or spoilers Troy! But there maybe a trick to finding them..." I know in the last Twitch stream with Randy he mentioned the drop was extremely low which implies it is random. So is this just their Twitter support speaking out of turn or maybe didn't get a memo? If their is indeed a trick what could it be? People are already coming up with theories about wearing the Pamela sweater and searching drawers for it to spawn in. Either way with news of this, looks like their are some more secrets in the game to be unlocked.
  11. I was wondering, is it common to collect all the Pamela tapes easily or is it difficult? It didn't take me long to collect them and many others I know barely have any.
  12. Ok, so I'm pretty sure the only way to get Pamela in game is to convince the devs she could be played in place of Jason, like Roy. With that in mind and much thanks to the other threads in this topic, including Bewareofbears 4v1 mode, go read it. (if this gets merged I understand, but would like to at least approach making her capable of being 'Jason Part 1'.) We've all heard the complaint that she's an old woman, and it's fine if you never play as her because it's unrealistic, so please keep it polite, no one is saying you have to like it, or play her. This is a video game and I think you can achieve an equal suspension of disbelief for Pamela, as we do with Jason. How she plays would be different than Jason, the way she moves and interacts with the environment would be much closers to the counselors. Pamela climbs through windows, hides under beds, and waits in closets. She can unlock doors, turn on radios and pick up/use all the same weapons as the counselors. Pamela is like them, but her hatred makes her more than them. She will go farther, pain is motivation, and punishing them makes her feel refreshed. With every kill Pamela heals, and regenerates to full stamina. She isn't indestructible and she knows this, she's crazy not stupid. So she's prepared the Map, sabotaged the vehicle, loaded guns with blanks(jammed the barrels, so they misfire and hurt the user.) with some added abilities that mimic Jason's I think she could do alright, again some suspension of disbelief is required. Pamela has a mini map that shows her where the closest counselors are, although they don't appear on her large map. -Climbing, hiding, running/sprinting like a counselor. -Mini Map, shows counselors. -Primary weapon, hunting knife. Pamela is able to pick up and use any weapon on the map, she has no throwing knives, so she throws what's in her hand if necessary. The shack remains her spawn point, the alter/shrine could have pictures of Jason scattered around the Book of the Dead(Necronomicon) placed in the centre. Rather then throwing knives, a very special machete is stuck in the base of the shrine, this is the only weapon that can kill Pamela. Pamela can take it either at the start of the match or after her rage equivalent happens. She can not drop it/throw it, to prevent her hiding it or if she drops it, it shows up on the map. The shack could have maps on the walls of traps, and choke points. She has obviously been planning this for a while. There is a closet added to the front room(you'll understand why later).
  13. If we had to have one in the game, which would you prefer? I would probably go for Pamela because even though it's weird to see a cook teleporting around the map it's slightly less weird then seeing a drowned boy scurrying towards you wielding an axe.
  14. ~•Game Modes•~ So I made this post to share some of my ideas for new game modes, as well as some other ones that I've seen...... feel free to comment your own as well! 1.) Campaign Mode I was thinking a campaign mode would be pretty cool, and if I were to come up with the idea for one, I would base it off of the original NES game. If you don't know the plot for the original game, here's a quick summary that I stole from the wiki... "It's a pretty typical summer at Crystal Lake. There's a group of happy children staying in the Camp. You and your six camp counselor friends are watching over the kids while enjoying the lake and the wilderness. The days are bright and sunny. The nights are cool and clear. But Jason is on a rampage, and it's up to you to stop him, but it's not going to be easy. You must first fight your way through forests filled with man-eating wolves, caves covered with blood sucking bats, and hordes of mindless zombies everywhere you turn. You must also help any friend who is in danger, or else you can just kiss them goodbye. Hiding in a cabin or staying adrift in a canoe won't keep you safe, as Jason will find you. The only way to survive this summer is to challenge Jason face to face, and destroy him." (http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(NES_video_game)). Now, this wouldn't be possible as of now, because a Jason AI doesn't exist, or at least that we know of, but none the less, I thought it would be a cool idea. 2.) Paranoia Mode Yes, I know that this mode exists, however we still don't know how it's going to work yet. If you don't know, there was a Friday the 13th computer game in 1985. Here's a summary of how you played it: "The player can roam around freely in the scenery, walk in and outside of buildings. Jason, as well as other characters, do the same. It is the player's task to make sure his friends do not get killed by Jason, who often appears disguised as one of them, unless he is hit once and becomes visible as a man dressed in black. Various weapons (e.g., chainsaw, pitchfork) are scattered around the area and can be picked up. There are five levels in the game, each time you play as another character. " (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friday_the_13th_(1985_computer_game)). Now, Paranoia wouldn't work exactly like this, but Jason being disguised as a player, such as a TF2 Spy, I believe is likely to make it in. Of course, Jason is going to be repleaced by Roy Burns, the copycat killer from Friday the 13th Part 5. Another way it might work is a sort of werewolf type game, where there are 7 or 8 counselors, and each day one of them is voted to be executed. Each night, the werewolf, or the copycat killer will choose someone to kill. Which of these two do you think is more likely? 3.) Pamela Mode Now, we all know that Roy and Pamela are not going to be in the regular F13 Mode. However, since Roy is getting his own game mode, why shouldn't Pamela? You could replace Jason's abilities with more human like ones. And she would likely use a Machete, Axe, or Bow, since all 3 of them are used in the original movie. But how would it work? I can imagine some sort of way to pick off counselors one by one. I can only see this as an altered version of the original F13 game mode. Finally, Pamela would probably control almost identically to the counselor. 4.) Part 9 Mode Inspired by SahSimon's idea, a game mode where instead of killing counselors, Jason will possess them. If you haven't seen Part 9, this is something that happens throughout, in order to keep Jason's spirit alive, yes I know, it's a really weird concept. To kill Jason, you would need to get a new hero character, either Creighton Duke or Jessica Kimble, who would spawn woth the voorhees dagger and kill Jason. There would have to be more steps in order to kill him, but I figure this would be a cool concept. 5.) Race Minigame Disclaimer: I did NOT make this idea, I found it on the forums previously. All the counselors would race to the exit while Jason tries to kill them all. Betraying is allowed, and all stats are identical. I see this as a minigame you'd play while waiting for counselors to ready up. 6.) Race Minigame: Room for 1 A slight twist on the "Race Minigame" all rules are the same except only 1 counselor can escape. Those are a few game mode ideas that I think would be really cool additions to the game. Comment below your opinions or your own game mode ideas.
  15. I think if you have all the Pamela tapes and you pick up another Pamela tape, it should become a Tommy tape. Or, only Tommy tapes should spawn in drawers if you already have all the Pamela tapes.
  16. So I can't exactly remember where, but either on the F13 game website or one of the loading screens in-game, there's a sentence along the lines of "Having difficulty escaping Jason? Unlock the priest in the graveyard by finding the secret Pamela (or tommy but I think Pamela) tapes" Anyone have any info on this? I've scoured the internet with no avail. Maybe they removed the feature? Haven't seen it on a loading screen in a while either and I can't find it on the game site anywhere or in the forums
  17. I would love to see Friday the 13th: The Game with some new playable characters (both the killer and counselors) plus a new game mode! There are 3 characters that I can think of which I would like to suggest to be added along with a new game mode which I will get to in a bit. 1) Young Jason 2) Pamela 3) Roy These characters have all appeared in the Friday the 13th film series and I think would make a great addition to the game. I'm aware that they may not necessarily be as overpowered as some of the other Jason's but that is why I'm going to suggest a new game mode. New Game Mode 1) This new game mode will allow you to play as one of the 3 characters listed above when playing as the killer. 2) The Killers will each have unique abilities. 3) It will have a maximum player count of 6 players (1 killer and 5 counselors). 4) It will have new playable maps. 5) It will have new playable characters when playing as the counselor. Explanation The killers new unique abilities will not include any kind of supernatural ability (morphing or shifting). They will each have different pros and cons eg. Young Jason Pros - will have really fast movement, will be sneaky etc. Cons - will have much lower HP, will not have a weapon to use, can only grab counselors at very close range The reason why the game mode will have a maximum player count of 6 is because the killer isn't going to be as overpowered as the other Jason's. The new maps could be related to the killers eg. one of the maps could be from Part V where Roy is the killer. I think this would be a great idea and would love to have even more suggestions off other people that like this idea. Hopefully this can become a future DLC one day. I would even be perfectly fine with paying for this if it ever became available.
  18. Hello. Myers here............. And I am here tonight to discuss the apparent most important topic regarding Friday The 13th The Game... Quality of the gameplay Here are the general topics that we will be discussing, which will be regarding the upcoming update. The Upcoming Update Virtual Cabin 2.0 Offline Bots The Patch Theory of more upcoming updates Okay let's begin. Virtual Cabin 2.0 Okay so if we use the Friday The 13th The Game roadmap we are standing right between the Halloween pumpkin "My favorite Halliday" "Yes I said Halliday" and the Virtual Cabin 2.0 update you can obviously tell that our next update without a doubt will involve that specific content. However if I am to be honest with you I am not to hyped for this content though it still sounds like a good addition to the game. All we have to do is look back at our sources from the official site. From what we know it will still contain a F13 museum experience with according to them will have Easter Eggs, secrets and unexpected jump scares... Sounds fun. It will also be in a first person view while playing... One could only guess what lies behind the secrets of this content. But we've had a Virtual Cabin before on the PC. However it is confirmed that this Virtual Cabin 2.0 update will indeed make it's way to not just the PC but consoles as well such as XBOX One and PS4 which I reckon is good for me considering I am a console player. Not much more details to go into with this update so that leads us to our next topic which is my favorite discussion thus far... Offline Bots Yes this is what I look foward to the most and what I can say about this update which includes the last I mentioned is that we do know unless plans change that the next 5 content/updates are suppose to be here between now and Winter according to the roadmap the next icon is a snowflake mark rather if that means the first day of winter "December 21st" Christmas day "December 25th" or the last day of winter "March 20th 2018" that is central time of course. However I refuse to believe that all this content between Halloween and The snowflake is a time period between now and 2018. I would like to think that the snowflake means Christmas in general. What I do know is that the informers of the game have informed on this website just a couple days ago this new update will be content focus with minor patches and we should be seeing very shortly. Pretty much in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to say two weeks but I'm gonna say three-four weeks. The Offline Bot mode will allow players to play Offline without an internet connection which is good for many players. Not just the fanbase but the developers as well because that means more money comes in for them. There are many gamers who want to enjoy this Friday The 13th experience but incase you didn't know there are loads of gamers or have no internet connection, not only that but many gamers prefer singleplayer experience and doesn't like playing online due to the unfortunate fact there are many bad sports and screaming people over their microphones. Sure you can mute them but there's still a huge list of things that ruins gaming experience for other players while playing online, thus is why it's a really good move to give players like myself or even you the Offline Bots mode to enjoy at least til the actual singleplayer mode is released which we'll discuss in another topic. The Offline not mode is just like the online mode just offline. You will be playing as Jason and only Jason so you can hunt down councillors and skill and level up your Jason. Plus it's a good break from surviving as that for some players may get tiring after awhile. The reason you can only play as Jason in offline mode is simply because the developers are having a hard time programming Jason to feel like a real Jason. Programmed Jason has an issue with running into walls rather than trying to properly chase you which as they said and as I agree is not fun, nor is it scary. I hope and believe that this content will be released the same time as Virtual Cabin 2.0 update which should be very soon. The Patch There are a lot of huge issues regarding the game. Achievment issues and my biggest issue with the game of all are hosting sessions. Let's face it. If you've played long enough we've all waited forever for a chance to play as Jason and when the moment finally comes the host will quit and if the host quits you and everyone else in the session will be kicked. That's terrible! What they need to do is make it to where when a current host quits a session a new host takes over out of the selection of players. I remember the first time I got the game I waited forever to be Jason and the first time I got to be Jason my first time experience was ruined because my first kill was literally the host and before I got to kill anyone else the host quit because he/she didn't want to wait for the game to end. That really sucked. I think when it comes to patches that should be the biggest concern to fix rather if you disagree or not. As the informers posted there will not be major bugs and fixes unlike the previous update. They fix some minor stuff though. Many players are heated by this fact and that's understandable but I think what we need ASAP is the offline mode because there are many players who don't have a connection to the internet to play and wants to and has been waiting longer for this game than those who have a internet connection. Besides the offline mode as for the rest of the content I think should be put off until the major issues are fixed. All we do know is while there will be some minor fixes, this next update is content focus which will contain Virtual Cabin 2.0 and most likely offline Bots as well, possibly more. Last but not least. The Theories Well as for more upcoming content soon we will be getting a Singleplayer demo which will contain challenges, new councilors and a new map. While as far as I'm concerned there are not much confirmations of these contents. I theorize that the upcoming new map could be from crystal lake from the beginning of part 8 but there is not much to show from that considering most of the part 8 film took place on a boat and Manhattan, New York. I've heard somewhere that one of the new councilors will be Mark from Part 2.... Only problem is... Mark is in a wheelchair... How would that even work? But just cause it's Mark doesn't mean that he'll be in a wheelchair which I'm sure he won't. As for councilors I'd like to see the female lead from 1980 The original Friday The 13th or even the lead from part 2. As for the demo I have not much to go on about that. Like I said before they will be challenge based but with story elements from the movies. That's all I have left to say and I will post more news and topics whenever more announcements are made. I may do a post about the possible upcoming new Jasons we are getting soon. Leave a comment and leave me your thoughts on these topics. What would you like to see? What are you looking foward to the most? Sincerly, Michael Myers
  19. I have seen people discuss this in regards to the fuse but something i was thinking about to make the game a little more challenging would be if all items/collectibles and weapons spawned randomly all over the map. Rather than having the collectible tapes being solely found in drawers it would be cool to find one just laying on the dock or on a bench by a tent. Same with the repair items/health spray/weapons, i think it would create for a more fun and difficult match if you never know wether you will find an item in a cabin or along the path in the woods or near the dock.I personally think that with the current way that items spawn it becomes more often than not predictable for players to know where they need to look for items to escape just minutes into the match. I hope this is something that devs consider for a future update
  20. Ok so the F13 posted another Bluedots picture, but I know this isn't a explanation, but it could lead to somewhere look at the Posts from August 11th and August 15th examine them closely then look at the Post from October 19th. The August posts are paper, but the October 19th is a napkin. I know it's far-fetched, but there could be a meaning behind that change. And oh yea 8-2-1
  21. So Pamela, the mother of Jason. How would she fit in this game? Why would she talk to herself? How would she be stunned by her own sweater? I got some ideas. Where she starts: Some sort of kitchen maybe. The cook could work way out in the woods, where nobody knows where. This is the one I am unsure about. How to stun her: I would say a picture of Jason in his younger age, either when he was born, first came to camp, and such, or a stupider idea of a tape of jasons screams for help. It's stupid because who would just record the sound of a child screaming? I like the picture one better. How she would, "Talk to herself": I also got 2 ideas for this one. one is that she would comment about the dead bodies herself, or she could hear jasons words in her head like she said in the tapes. "Save me mommy, save me" "They hurt me mommy" Mask stuff: I have no idea. Weapon stuff: She would have equipped a simple knife. Abilities: You ask me how part 2 Jason did it Problems: Getting hurt by machetes and guns, grabbing, breaking down doors, Rage. Her stats? I only have 3 ideas, but fill in the rest of blanks, or correct some + Stalk + Can run + ??? - Hit Points - ??? - ??? Correct me on some things
  22. This topic only for Xbox Gamers. Did one of you find any pamela tapes on XBOX ONE version (not pc, not ps4). I never find any in publick match, and no one who I talk in lobbys the same situation. Looks like developers just "forget" add this content to xbox version. If someone find on XBOX ONE version can u post u dashboard pictures with pamela u find, coz maybe me just unlucky person. Thank you.
  23. Ok so here's a idea for a brand new killer. Pause for effect. Elias Voorhees! Jason's dad. He was supposed to be returning (I say returning because apparently in one of the cuts of Friday the 13th Jason lives at the end Elias Voorhees was supposed to appear at Jason's grave and pay the custodian (the old man with a drinking habit who watches graves and fell to his own bottle was supposed to survive) for watching his son and wife's Graves.) In the cancelled 2017 paramount picture it was supposed to be a movie split into three different time generations with the first being Elias Voorhees wrecking havoc in the town of Crystal Lake with a mask of some kind, you can get creative here I guess. Followed by Pamela's killstreak and then Jason. Now we can have Elias retain the immortality that jason has by somehow incorporating the book of necronomicon in there. If you can of course. And does anyone know why the game will only have objective type mode with bots? Imagine if the story mode would be like something with Elias when Jason was just a baby and not dead yet. He stumbles upon the book of necronomicon which slowly eats his sanity away and ruining his perfect family giving him crazy powers and when in the end of the game when he is bested we can have Pamela find the book soon after Jason's death and uses it to bring him back to life but doesn't get to meet him before she greats her untimely end. But alas I know it's not just that easy. The book of necronomicon can also give Pamela some insane powers or.. or make your own crazy book if you don't own that one. I wanna hear your opinions tho.
  24. With wes's statement in this video it looks like we won't see her which is a real shame. What's even better is that the statement was made on discord 8 days ago.
  25. Ok so im max level on friday with over 360 hours played, not a single fucking tape. What matters makes it worse is that i have my spawn preference on counselor and i have recently started playing in public matches. That rumour of tapes only spawning on a friday is obviously false considering i have been in games with people finding tapes, (usually on a wednsday) one of my mates found a tape in the first draw he opened (it was a game of just me him and jason). Ive literially tried everything, turning on radios, sweater, mask different characters and still not a single tape and yet were expected to find 20. Any suggestions on how other people got them? Thx
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