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Found 7 results

  1. I made a petition for Friday The 13th The Game asking Gun Media and Black Tower Studios if after the lawsuit ends they would finish the Grendel Map and the Uber Jason from the movie Jason X. And also start making new Friday The 13th Content. Because in my opinion if we don't get any new content for this game it will end up dying. So if you are a big fan of Friday The 13th please sign this petition to keep this game alive and resume the making of all content. http://chng.it/kFmfcdnS4t
  2. I know everyone hates when Jason has helpers ratting out others locations and helping jason with kills so i thought i would share a match i had where you see Jason and his friends cheating and how i get them back.
  3. So far only seen it happen at Packanack but counselors are swimming to a certain section and are able to get out of bounds where Jason cannot reach them. Not sure where exactly on the water because I saw it after I had died so had no access to the map.
  4. It seems that if you stand beside the chimney outside of Packanack lodge, Jason's sense ability will indicate that you are inside the lodge with the usual red glow. I tore that place apart two nights ago only to find out he was outside the whole time. Saw yet another instance last night while spectating. Host promptly kicked him after the match. As with combat stance for doors, body blocking, and clipping through buildings, there's counter play but it's still an exploit that respectable players should avoid. *Forgive me for not having a screen shot but I just wanted to raise awareness to the issue.
  5. [GamePlay] - Map Exploit - Counselor Unreachable/Unkillable When playing as Jason Part 9 on Packanack, I found my last victim was standing out in a rock formation to the south in the water right near the "Sand Point" writing. I was unable to morph on to the rocks and could not get out of the water to grab, attack, or otherwise impact the counselor. The rocks were far enough out that I couldn't hit the counselor with throwing knives. The counselor player (mune709) clearly knew what they were doing and stayed there on purpose for the duration of the map. 1) I tried morphing 5 or 6 times. 2) I tried shifting, backing on to the rocks, circling the rocks, and could not get up. 3) I threw 5 throwing knives to no avail. I was unable to reach the counselor in anyway for the remainder of the match. I am playing on Steam ID Daerus
  6. Two guys abusing the glitch on packanack lodge on Xbox one [Edited by Kodiak - Names omitted]
  7. I was just in a game on the map Packanack, we had the battery installed in the four seater car and the gas we all knew was inside the house up the road. I've marked the map to show which house, the door was locked and no one could get inside. You can't even enter a window. That might need to be looked into. All we needed was the gas since the boat was already taken.
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