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Found 7 results

  1. Let me start off by saying that so far I'm loving this game despite server issues and bugs, but the issue I'm having is that I feel like Jason's powers need some adjusting. Specifically the shift ability. I understand that Jason is a powerhouse and needs to be to make this game work and remain fun, but when you can just use shift and float up on campers and instantly grab them and hit em with an Insta kill it kinda ruins it for me. It's awful when you're a camper trying to evade Jason, and it's boring when playing as Jason when all you need to do is use shift. So I have a few ideas to balance it out. Idea 1: make Jason unable to grab campers immediately upon exiting his shift. This would make it much less broken in my opinion. It'll give the campers a chance to realize that Jason is there before death inevitably comes for them. Idea 2: Make shift the power that charges up during the game in place of rage and make rage and regular ability with a 3 or 4 second duration and a longer than normal cooldown. By the time rage charges it just feels very underwhelming since campers have either escaped or are no longer trying to hide in houses. I have never been in a situation where I've gone "FINALLY I HAVE RAGE I CAN KILL THE REST OF THE CAMPERS!" Shift just feels like the end all beat all of Jason's abilities. Let me just be clear that I'm not complaining that Jason is overpowered. He's supposed to be. I just think the shift grab is makes the game a little boring
  2. Tonight I saw Jason die 2 times in one night, including a case where the counselors were hunting down a fleeing Jason. Have a look: Not exactly like the movies, is it? How am I supposed to be fear Jason when he is this weak? Another Jason saw me with the sweater and ran! The counselors are now over powered and Jason must be reverted, both grab and traps, or he must otherwise be made more powerful to bring the correct balance back to the game.
  3. good day community, i thought i would share an opinion, and this is by no means bashing the game, for i loved the game and supported its development when it was first announced while the game provides something fresh to the world of gaming, i cannot help but feel that the state of the game has been a let down. NO, im not talking about bugs, majority of bugs can be fixed with time itself so whats been bothering me lately?.... the balancing itself, now before people run off and say "muh jasons is suppozed to be OP", i would like to say YES he is op, and giving counselors a bit of a chance to escape will not break the game by any means 1.) first and foremost is the god damn traps, does any one ever fall for the traps?..... no because we know where every jason player ( that has half a brain) will put it, teleport to the phone box put 2 traps, and skidaddle off, and all jason has to do watch the map periodically to make sure no one has tampered with the trap EVEN worse the only way to stop it is sacrifice a knife, seriously!!!, A KNIFE it doesnt matter whether or not you found every part in the game, but if a jason decides to stack more than one trap at the objectives, you might as well quit the game 2.) the damn grab, invulnerable animations, a reach that outranges a counselors attack, its been discussed multiple times, i dont think we need to discuss it more 3.) STALK,, now stalk isnt by any means OP, but in the end why it comes so late in the game is quite questionable, letting players have it early on in the game could potentially help out in changing the core gameplay - as it stands now, all you do is chase a counselor till she/he runs out of stamina, why cant we use stalk and try to ambush a counselor by being stealthy about it? 4.) BIGGEST ISSUE counselor deaths, my other biggest issue with the game, is that it progressively gets harder as each counselor dies, and when they have a part for the objective, youre shit out of luck, because once he/she dies, you unless you find their body ( which could be anywhere on the map ) - pls let their deaths be marked on the map, or at least give us a general idea of where the counselor may have died so we can search their body for the parts 5.) HIDING, its a joke TLDR, the game was fun, but the more i play it, the more i just get bored, too hard to escape as a counselor, and too easy to play as jason... there had not been one game recently that i had not killed all the counselors as jason, i reall really LOVE the game... but come on, with the way it is, i could love it more what does the developers have in store for the balancing in future?, are these issues being looked at?
  4. Jason Is overpowered. Like please, his grab Is completely broken, here's a video example of how he grabs me like 10 feet away Okay then, but thats not all, you can't do anything about It, he just presses 1 button and poof you're dead. This not only makes him overpowered, but It also makes characters such as Jenny with a high composure useless, because he'll just grab you and press 1 button. Thats not all, why Is the faster then the car when he shifts? He should be slower or at the exact same speed as the car. This makes It so hard to escape because If he fucks up the shirt he'll just use his morph. And now for the next one, why.. Just why.. does he get alerted when someone disarms his traps or fucks up repairing something? Like tbh whats the point of disarming his traps If he still get alerted? And If you are the last survivor left and you have a low repair skill and you fuck something up, Jason will be there In no time and press m2 and insta-kill you. Tbh, Jason Is so easy to play, all you need to do Is keep control of important areas such as the phone box, the car/cars and the boat and you'll get 8/8 kills ez ez. Please, just... nerf him. Make It less tilting.
  5. Hi devs, I strongly suggest that you get rid of Jason. He's way too strong and everyone I've spoken to agree. It's like he's this unkillable killing machine. How is it fair that we can't kill Jason with one swing of an axe? And his shift grab... I mean come on. It's totally unfair that he can shift and grab me when I'm doing my best to run in a straight line. I mean, I wait for the VHS effect and then make a straight shot to the woods and BAM! Grabbed. So OP. Just take Jason out of the game so me and the rest of the counselors can fix the car and escape every match. Everyone keeps telling me to zig zag when Jason shifts but PFFFFT... ain't no one got time for that. I have keys to look for. Jason shouldn't be killing off most of the counselors. Everyone always escapes in the movies. Please go and rewatch them so you can learns. Thank you.
  6. good day to all while the game is very fun in my eyes as it does capture most of what it intends to portray, i can't help but feel more time should have been taken into balancing and tweaking certain things. lets take a look at the rather annoying things in the game, beginning with JASONS CAPABILITIES 1.) TRAPS - jason being able to place traps was a great way to disable players trying to escape through windows, or trying to achieve an objective, but in the end.... there is one small problem, there is no way to counter the jason trap other than just stepping on it, now people might say that it adds difficutly to the game...yes it does, but it also makes the game too difficult EXAMPLE, there was once a game where i played against a jason who booby trapped the car, so i decided... ok, ill be smart, ill just go fix the phone box and call the police....and what do i see?.... another booby trap, so basically, 2 of 3 objectives to escape are now un-achievable due to the traps set in place EDIT 06/12/2017 figured out that you could disable traps with the knife, but being as rare as it is.... there needs to be more more options to disable the trap, because if you use your knife it, it will alert jason regardless, so now you're going to need that knife you just used... poor balancing tbh 2.) GRAB - grabs aren't fun at all....fact is its incredible easy to abuse, , and let me give you 2 completely separate scenarios that explain why SCENARIO 1 - i swing at jason with a weapon, but grabs me in the middle of my animation... dead SCENARIO 2 - jason grabs someone initiates the kill animation in front of me within less than a second.... im unable to save my team mate because jason is invulnerable, thats incredibly unfair so...to be fair, whats the point of even having a combat system on jason when the only thing youre going to do is grab someone for a free kill whether or not they have a weapon?, it defeats the purpose entirely, also i should be able to save players before jason runs them through with his blade 3.) STALK - unfortunately every jason, plays almost the same spawn in an area, and chase, kill, repeat, there aren't too many avenues of approach, why can't the slower jasons just have stalk from the beginning and just hunt players using stealth instead of chasing them down till they run out of stamina?, giving certain jasons (ones that can't run) stalk early on gives players new avenues of approach on how to hunt players 4.) THE 360 RUN when you trying to aim the gun at jason.... just run around till the counselor wastes his shot, or till your phase regenerates, its very silly to look at or when a counselor has a melee weapon, just do a 180 when he swings and then grab him, its pretty cheesy i was hoping for players both jason and counselors to receive a brief speed reduction when making sharp directional changes during their sprint for both the counselors and jason now with that being said, lets all move on to the COUNSELORS GAMEMECHANICS 1.) PLAYERS WITH PARTS THAT DIED - ok...so lets face it, playing as a counselor is a hit or miss.... it can be fun at times, or it can blow ass when you get caught out first, you start off with 7 players, but the game gets harder and harder when you lose players before getting any of the objectives achieved, even worse, what if the player that died off had one of the parts that you needed to escape?.... how on earth will you find that now?, there had been many games where a counselor died with the part, and we have no idea on where he/she died to get the part hoping to at least have death marks placed on the maps, so we could see have a chance to scavenge the parts that a player may have had, also it would be nice to see what item the player has on the score board 2.) CABINETS AND BEDS HIDING MECHANIC - the breathing mechanic and the "oh i hope he doesnt see me" voice line has got to go 3.) PERKS - lets face it, some of the perks i will never use, the only perks i will ever take are the ones that increases my chances of survival, perks like drive faster when alone are among many perks that are just down right useless the developer should add multiple perk boxes that have different categories, survival perk box, detection perk box, fear perk box, objective perk boxes, otherwise most of these perks will never be used by players now we come to an end, it took me a while to type all of these, i know im not the best at typing things out, but i'm trying to help the game out, because the game is something that was created out of love and determination, and together we could help make the game a whole lot better 4) CREATE A COUNSELOR - pls let use create our own counselors 5.) EDIT 6/12/2017 BREAKFREE MECHANIC - Im not entirely sure on how to balance this well, but the only thing i could think out there needs to be a delay in jasons execution, the current break free mechanic is utterly useless since jason can initiate a kill animation at any given time my suggestion is that, breakfree should weaken as the players health lowers, the lower the health, the lower the break free capability, but it also goes hand in hand with balancing jason's grab MISCELLANEOUS WEATHER SYSTEM - imagine trying to escape from jason in a dark rainy and stormy night, that would be a dynamic gameplay to see EDIT 6/09/17- when it rains in the map, when ever jason uses phase/and or teleport, replace the screen discoloration with a flash of lightning for dramatic effect P.S. add freddy kreuger DLC
  7. I get Jason needs to be overpowered I want that too but things like, counselors having above 5 composure or 10 should easily Break Free of part 8 Jason's grip. Counselor should have an easier time with that Jason. That Jason within a second he picks you up, you don't even have a chance to escape because he's already mashing one of the execution buttons
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