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Found 6 results

  1. So now that we know were not getting anymore dlc for the game, i was thinking about the fact that i spent a year playing this, made hundreds of pieces of artwork, spent $80+ dollars on this game so why not give the fans backer stuff now that were not getting anything. I'm not being facetious, i genuinely dont understand why players who had no idea about the campaign or just couldnt help but bought the game digital and physical, bought all the dlc and played every night for a year, though all the bugs, glitches, and assh*les in the game cant get those clothing items. Im not even talking about Savini Jason, as much as i would love to have him i know how much people would complain about it if he was givin away. Dozens of new players have joined, so why not just add them in like a patch or something, free for all those who have stuck around, or hell how about making them be new unlockable clothing. This game is going to die with out new content, even just releasing old exclusive content might help with it.
  2. I was thinking, after I saw the preview of how the Grendel Map may look and after looking at Jason x over and over.. When these come in the game it's obviously going to be big. To add onto it what if they made an outfit for each counselor basing it off of space? Yeah, they didn't do this for any other Jason or Map that was released at the same time. But it's a different theme and I just think that when The Grendel Map and Jason x plus the 'different' space outfits for each counselor are all released on the same date. it'll not only satisfy Jason Players but Jason and people who ONLY play as counselors.
  3. Anybody else want Counselor uniforms ? Like that would have either tshirts or polo shirts saying camp counselor on the back.
  4. i don't know if this is a thing but I hope down the line we get challenges where if you accomplish something or do like challenges we are able to get outfits that will let us show off that we completed a challenge instead of just leveling up my opinion and it would be nice to show off that you have a different Tommy
  5. @GunMedia_Ben @wes @Randygbk We had this problem with the original clothing pack for backers. Calling new skins for existing clothes new "outfits" is very misleading. Instead, just call them what they are. Skins. I thought this would have been obvious, but the new skins for the physical version have the same label. Unless these are completely new outfits, and not re-skins of existing clothes, please don't refer to them as such. A simple rewording could save a lot of confusion and backlash. Especially if you intend on making new clothing (skins) as paid DLC. For those of you interested, here's the original CCP thread. The fun starts at page 16. But, again, a simple rewording on exactly what the item is can save some headaches down the line.
  6. So after having my hands on the Beta, i did have a few things on my mind in regards to gameplay tweeks that could help the enjoyment of the game. 1: Dead person chat. While I understand that an in game text conversation would not work well, I think it would work well for spectators/killed counselors to discuss current happenings in the game, but also help the remaining match go a little faster for them. It also might be worthwhile to increase the XP gain for "finished a full match" as a lot of players are salty and drop out when the are killed off or otherwise, thus slowing down lobbies in the end. Just a thought. 2: Spectate Jason. It's a simple thing, but since they are dead and thus, no factor, I think it'd be nice if we could spectate the jason player as well since he sometimes vanishes and isn't haunting the players for some reason. 3: Selected jason kills your selected counselor. This is more of an amusing idea; when the game gets more fleshed out and you can customize the clothing of your counselor, it'd be nice if, when the opening cinematic takes place, the person Jason hacks down is actually your counselor, outfit and all. just something amusing. Here is hoping things continue to go well with the game!
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