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Found 4 results

  1. I was thinking that the game is really coming together, but what it's missing is a few small customizations for each match. I think the following options are doable as the game exists and wouldn't require adding much to the interface. I believe a few options could really switch up the game modes and allow players to control the difficulty of the game. It would also give incentives to be AND STAY (not bail) as the lobby host. The options would appear in the lobby screen, below the map title card: ____________ ADVANCED OPTIONS Items: LOW / NORMAL Weapons: LOW / NORMAL Vehicles: YES / NO Phone Authorites: YES / NO Radio Tommy Jarvis : YES / NO _____________ players could make very difficult games that focus on surviving, or only being able to escape via vehicles. For players that think too many counselors escape too quickly by calling the police, the option could be disabled. Controlling the amount of items spawned will also let players who think that counselors have too many chances with pocket knives and sprays create harder games. I think this is definitely doable. Thanks for listening
  2. I think for this being a game about Jason and the 80's slasher era where nudity, sex and drugs were big that there should be more skin in this game if not some nudity and i personally want thong bikini's, string bikini's, sling shot bikini's, etc it's a mature game for adults mainly and as a gamer i want sexy. I don't have any problem paying for a bigger more skimpy bikini line esp for the ladies. So what do you think do you agree if so why? do you disagree if so why? I also feel they should allow us skin, and hair style changes such as tan, dark or pale, tan lines, no tan lines and many hair styles! Thanks for responding.
  3. I really need practice as Jason. Which got me thinking about the offline mode vs AI bots. Here are some questions I have and thoughts that I think could be interesting. Will there be difficulty options. Can we choose which counselors we go up against. Will the AI counselors just be the vanilla characters or will they have perks. Can we choose which perks the counselors use. Can we choose a play style for the bots. (Group up and stick together, spread out, lone wolf, kill Jason). If these options are available will they be for the group as a whole or can we assign individual play styles per counselor. Can we choose the map. Can we choose map objectives and locations for the objectives. (2 cars and phone vs. Car boat and phone). Just some ideas I thought might be worth thinking about and discussing. I'm really looking forward to using this mode to get better at playing Jason and I think the more options available the more useful it will be. More options also would greatly add to the replay value. I know these ideas are probably above the scope of what the developers are aiming for but it can't hurt to discuss what we would like to see. Any other ideas out there?
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong and ill-informed It seems from the gameplay I've seen that Jason will always be chosen randomly? I'm curious to know if that's not really the case if you so choose it not to be. Can you pick to always be the killer (Jason) when you play the game? It'd be kinda disappointing if its always random. I mean it in the way where someone says "let me be jason, Please let me be Jason" And Vice versa for people who really dont wannaa be Jason that Game. Its that frustrating moment that concerns me at this point. It kinda what drove me from evolve. I want to pre-order this game asap but I feel like those frustrating moments will eventually get annoying.
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