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Found 4 results

  1. I am level 80 in Friday the 13th and I am having troubles with offline bots. I have unlocked all the Jasons when I'm connected to the internet, however i don't have any internet and it puts me at level 0 plus all the jasons I've unlocked are locked. I can't even level up to unlock them again which was hard when i had internet. Is there away i can have all the jasons unlocked and my level back on offline mode
  2. It's fun and all being able to play as Jason and go around murdering the campers but for single player that got old really fast. It’s great you updated the camper AI but it would be more interesting if we could play as the campers instead of just being Jason for single player. The game would actually be worth playing more if this idea happens because there are many gamers who don't have a subscription to xbox live or the playstation network and instead they play games for their single player content. My thoughts on the game after I bought and played it was that I should return it and get my money back. Hopefully you guys (the team that handles the game) read this and make this idea happen.
  3. I don't know if this is something that's already here, but if so, I apologize. Something I personally want to see in the game, for bots, is for them to appear in the outfits you set for the characters in customization. I personally feel that it would give some variety to the offline mode if there were clothing changes.
  4. I heard about the Virtual Cabin update, I uninstalled it about 6 months ago, right after the game launched. I found the secret ending where you die at the hands of Jason. I just didn't see the reason to keep it installed. I just recently re-installed it but it continues to launch in offline mode and it looks identical to the original virtual cabin. I checked some Youtube videos out and the new cabin is completely different in design with a second floor and a computer you can interact with. I'm not sure what's going on... the cabin won't update itself to the new version even after a fresh install. I've tried restarting steam and verifying the integrity of the files but nothing. How do you access the Virtual Cabin 2.0?
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