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Found 14 results

  1. i was wondering if there was a way in the future that we can choose the counselors we want in the Offline Bot mode same way as selecting the maps.
  2. Please count the killing of Offline Bots into the progress of Badges, at least until the server is shut down. 请将离线Bots的杀戮计入Badges的进度,至少在服务器关闭前做这件事情。
  3. I've spent a ton of time playing Offline Bots. The mode is fun despite many flaws. Doing "challenges" has helped keep the mode alive for me. I have some suggestions for improvement: Bots should spawn with clothing selected in Counselor Customization, I already made a thread on this... There should be a difficulty setting or modifier where bots spawn with the perks you've assigned to your counselors An option to hear Jason's music An option to start as Jason unmasked (since the bots can't kill) Hard difficulty needs to be more difficult A modifier allowing matches to be started with the cars repaired and/or fuse box repaired, leaving just the keys and making the call A modifier for when abilities unlock for Jason The ability to select which counselors will spawn, including duplicates Option to skip opening cutscene Some things I've noticed that need to be addressed: Bots will not unbarricade a door Since the last patch, bots will sometimes sit in a car unmoving, drive in circles or promptly crash the car. They would be improved even if they just drove a pre-determined path on the road. Bots will jump in and out of the same window repeatedly Bots will continue shutting and barricading a door when grabbed near an open door Bots will open and close doors repeatedly Some bots stand unmoving for lengthy durations Bots continue to hide in plain sight Bots get stuck in Violet's room on Pinehurst Bots get stuck running towards a bed, rock, etc. That's all I can remember at the moment. Feel free to add your suggestions or observations.
  4. @ShiftySamurai @[IllFonic]Courier In Offline Bots, counselors should spawn with the clothing we have selected for them in customization. I don't remember the Clothing Packs ever being mentioned as multiplayer exclusive and if you're selling us clothes we should be able to access them throughtout the game modes. It would add some variety to Offline Bots.
  5. Is anyone else as frustrated as me that we still don't have offline bots or a single player mode? What's going on Gun Media? I understand that you guys are an independent company... and probably the ONLY type of company we were EVER going to get this game from... I thank you for that.... truly.... but enough is enough. I waited for months, for the physical copy HOPING that you would have all the bugs figured out, and that by the time it came out those offline bots and single player mode that we were SUPPOSED to have by summers end would be included. I was never an "Online" gamer until this game... and while I do admit it's fun and has opened me up to a new dimension of gaming to some level... I am a video game nerd... When I think friday the 13th... I just wanna kick back on the couch, play as Jason, and slaughter counselors for a few hours.... and if at all possible... I'd like to do so without a bunch of squeeking and sqauking 10 year olds blabbering through distorted mics! WHEN are we finally going to get these? And don't tell me to look at the road map, there are no dates on it... I believe we have been patient long enough to deserve some answers.
  6. Is it just me or is anyone noticed the bots in offline are much better to night? On hard difficulty in one match the called the cops within the first 5 minutes and tryed to escape . And in the next match shelly got the car to work and stopped by a cabin to pick someone up. Even tommy was actually running around trying to help jenny escape instead of camping or stuck opening drawers. Felt like playing a match with a bunch of noobs. It was fucking great,I hope it stays this way.
  7. Played a round versus the bots, on normal difficultly. Some quick thoughts: It's fun The bots make some bad choices as well as some dumb ones (See Fox window hopping in the video below...) Gameplay is smooth, I wish multiplayer were this smooth I made a quick video of my first round against the offline bots for those waiting to see how it is. 7 bots, normal difficulty: I haven't played anymore rounds, been poking around the virtual cabin. Feel free to share your thoughts (and videos, etc) here.
  8. We all know that the single player challenges are stealth focused ,example ; "Take out this counselor while she's taking a shower without alerting anyone one" but what if your spotted ? Do you restrart the challenge? Or does go into the multiplayer and bot mode with have been playing for months? Gun said multiplayer was the last reel,when everyone knows jason was there.Single player challenges are reel one,no one knows jason is stalking them. Just curious .
  9. So, with the inclusion of offline bots I have been able to play the game I used to love again.. tho removing penalty for team killing in private match only and re adding the team killing check box off and on back!! Would make me play even more!!! Adding more survival horror instead of romantic comedy stuff would to!!!
  10. Hello. Myers here............. And I am here tonight to discuss the apparent most important topic regarding Friday The 13th The Game... Quality of the gameplay Here are the general topics that we will be discussing, which will be regarding the upcoming update. The Upcoming Update Virtual Cabin 2.0 Offline Bots The Patch Theory of more upcoming updates Okay let's begin. Virtual Cabin 2.0 Okay so if we use the Friday The 13th The Game roadmap we are standing right between the Halloween pumpkin "My favorite Halliday" "Yes I said Halliday" and the Virtual Cabin 2.0 update you can obviously tell that our next update without a doubt will involve that specific content. However if I am to be honest with you I am not to hyped for this content though it still sounds like a good addition to the game. All we have to do is look back at our sources from the official site. From what we know it will still contain a F13 museum experience with according to them will have Easter Eggs, secrets and unexpected jump scares... Sounds fun. It will also be in a first person view while playing... One could only guess what lies behind the secrets of this content. But we've had a Virtual Cabin before on the PC. However it is confirmed that this Virtual Cabin 2.0 update will indeed make it's way to not just the PC but consoles as well such as XBOX One and PS4 which I reckon is good for me considering I am a console player. Not much more details to go into with this update so that leads us to our next topic which is my favorite discussion thus far... Offline Bots Yes this is what I look foward to the most and what I can say about this update which includes the last I mentioned is that we do know unless plans change that the next 5 content/updates are suppose to be here between now and Winter according to the roadmap the next icon is a snowflake mark rather if that means the first day of winter "December 21st" Christmas day "December 25th" or the last day of winter "March 20th 2018" that is central time of course. However I refuse to believe that all this content between Halloween and The snowflake is a time period between now and 2018. I would like to think that the snowflake means Christmas in general. What I do know is that the informers of the game have informed on this website just a couple days ago this new update will be content focus with minor patches and we should be seeing very shortly. Pretty much in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to say two weeks but I'm gonna say three-four weeks. The Offline Bot mode will allow players to play Offline without an internet connection which is good for many players. Not just the fanbase but the developers as well because that means more money comes in for them. There are many gamers who want to enjoy this Friday The 13th experience but incase you didn't know there are loads of gamers or have no internet connection, not only that but many gamers prefer singleplayer experience and doesn't like playing online due to the unfortunate fact there are many bad sports and screaming people over their microphones. Sure you can mute them but there's still a huge list of things that ruins gaming experience for other players while playing online, thus is why it's a really good move to give players like myself or even you the Offline Bots mode to enjoy at least til the actual singleplayer mode is released which we'll discuss in another topic. The Offline not mode is just like the online mode just offline. You will be playing as Jason and only Jason so you can hunt down councillors and skill and level up your Jason. Plus it's a good break from surviving as that for some players may get tiring after awhile. The reason you can only play as Jason in offline mode is simply because the developers are having a hard time programming Jason to feel like a real Jason. Programmed Jason has an issue with running into walls rather than trying to properly chase you which as they said and as I agree is not fun, nor is it scary. I hope and believe that this content will be released the same time as Virtual Cabin 2.0 update which should be very soon. The Patch There are a lot of huge issues regarding the game. Achievment issues and my biggest issue with the game of all are hosting sessions. Let's face it. If you've played long enough we've all waited forever for a chance to play as Jason and when the moment finally comes the host will quit and if the host quits you and everyone else in the session will be kicked. That's terrible! What they need to do is make it to where when a current host quits a session a new host takes over out of the selection of players. I remember the first time I got the game I waited forever to be Jason and the first time I got to be Jason my first time experience was ruined because my first kill was literally the host and before I got to kill anyone else the host quit because he/she didn't want to wait for the game to end. That really sucked. I think when it comes to patches that should be the biggest concern to fix rather if you disagree or not. As the informers posted there will not be major bugs and fixes unlike the previous update. They fix some minor stuff though. Many players are heated by this fact and that's understandable but I think what we need ASAP is the offline mode because there are many players who don't have a connection to the internet to play and wants to and has been waiting longer for this game than those who have a internet connection. Besides the offline mode as for the rest of the content I think should be put off until the major issues are fixed. All we do know is while there will be some minor fixes, this next update is content focus which will contain Virtual Cabin 2.0 and most likely offline Bots as well, possibly more. Last but not least. The Theories Well as for more upcoming content soon we will be getting a Singleplayer demo which will contain challenges, new councilors and a new map. While as far as I'm concerned there are not much confirmations of these contents. I theorize that the upcoming new map could be from crystal lake from the beginning of part 8 but there is not much to show from that considering most of the part 8 film took place on a boat and Manhattan, New York. I've heard somewhere that one of the new councilors will be Mark from Part 2.... Only problem is... Mark is in a wheelchair... How would that even work? But just cause it's Mark doesn't mean that he'll be in a wheelchair which I'm sure he won't. As for councilors I'd like to see the female lead from 1980 The original Friday The 13th or even the lead from part 2. As for the demo I have not much to go on about that. Like I said before they will be challenge based but with story elements from the movies. That's all I have left to say and I will post more news and topics whenever more announcements are made. I may do a post about the possible upcoming new Jasons we are getting soon. Leave a comment and leave me your thoughts on these topics. What would you like to see? What are you looking foward to the most? Sincerly, Michael Myers
  11. Just so it's on the books as having been suggested, I think it would be neat to be able to customize the councilors (chad chasing, sorority slasher, frat filleting, etc) for offline mode. I mentioned it in the other forums and it sounded like it was not currently planned (props to ShiftySamurai for answering my question in exactly 13 minutes). Anyways, I thought I'd mention it here so maybe the devs would look into it 'soon' (tm). Thanks!
  12. Is the update on PS4 out yet? I’m gunna be stuck at work and I can’t check for myself. What are the initial impressions? How do offline bots work? Any other things about this update we didn’t know about or any new glitches?
  13. Hey there has anyone had the update for online bots for PS4 it’s supposed come out today but there’s no update ?
  14. I have quick play & private match. I want to play offline. Everywhere I google says the bots should be available? This website has a page dedicated to them. But, they aren't there or I can't figure out how to use them. I bought the game to play offline. Looked at f13game.com beforehand to make sure I could play offline. So, did I blow $40? Or are there bots in this game?
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