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Found 1 result

  1. I was just wondering if the different characters have official character sheets. Like in a RPG, I don't mean the Character screen with the stats, although that would be the foundation. I mean does Gun have a build for each counselor, that is how they picture them? Do specific weapons belong to specific counselors? Do specific perks go with certain counselors? That kinda thing, is there an in house meta story attached to the characters we all enjoy so much. What do you think the build is for your favorited counselor? Best game meta build or best meta story build, I'd like to know both? I will add mine soon. Lol edit - If your confused by something, you have to ask a question to get an answer. Here's an example. Buggsy is the lifeguard or rather has the costume, is one of his story perks Aquanaut, or Silent Swimmer? Would he have Slugger perk as he's wearing a letter jacket? Weapon - baseball bat. You know what would make my day, is if something like this already existed. Looking at the new list of perks, the number of them and the number of counselors. It seems they could be distributed in a specific way. I should have posted this as a game mode and thought it out more. A random counselor mode, where you don't pick, and we have to figure out what our perks are.
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