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Found 4 results

  1. Nothing annoys me more when playing this game when it’s obvious people are teaming up with Jason and telling him where you are at, or making him chase you around the full map just aiming for you. As soon as I see someone teaming with Jason I leave. I really can’t be assed with it. Sorry for the rant it’s jusy annoying, any ideas how to deal with it??
  2. So during some public matches, a player was Jason and he got one or two kills before the round ended, no biggy. He said he was a noob and that's fine, people gotta learn, right? Well, next match, I'm playing as counselor (Fox) and I'm busting my butt; repairing, dodging jason, fighting him, so on. In fact, during one altercation, I knocked his mask off. After a little distraction, I raided his shack and grabbed the sweater and axe, and then I find that Tommy is right near me. So I drop the axe and find out that ,with tommy holding the axe and me with the sweater, we have the ability to kill jason via legit gameplay. (Tommy with the axe = he can knock jason to his knees before doing the kill animation at the risk of breaking the axe) Sure enough, Jason comes a knocking and we're in an empty field behind the barn and I freeze him with the sweater. Imagine my horror and frustration as the Tommy player just stands there. No, seriously, I finished the entire "Jason, mother is talking to you" monologue and he never fucking moved. I proceeded to try and hit said tommy player after that. The Jason player must have known my frustration as he also went after tommy and rather promptly killed him, after which I just stood still and let him kill me as well. Back in the lobby, I blew a gasket at him for not even trying to attack jason or do anything and he just replied with "I said I was a noob". Forgive my french, but there is a clear line between "noob" and "braindead". I really don't think any glitch or bad match in this game came close to how infuriated I was at this player.
  3. Before introducing myself, I'd just like to say: All Jason mains, prepare to get rekt. (Just kidding, it's gona be me who gets destroyed). I haven't bought the game on steam, yet. Pretty positive that I will. Waiting for launch to check Asian streamers (how long it takes to find a match, how much they lag, rubber-banding, etc.) I cannot see myself playing as Killer. Prefer to play the more challenging role - counselor/survivor. I feel like playing as the Killer in any multiplayer horror is kinda easy. If all is well for the Asian region and it's servers, I will buy it asap. Can't wait to shotgun Jason in the face and teabag him
  4. Hi to all you fans out there who are as excited for the game as I am! I've been a Friday fan for as long as I've lived and, unlike most, I loved the 80's Friday game (don't judge me - I was a kid and desperate for more Jason action)! I only wish I had gotten involved with the whole campaign and pre-Order sooner. I had no idea what cool stuff they were offering, so I missed out on all the perks and the pre-order stuff, and it just kills me. What a bad fan I am! But I will still be waiting with baited breath for the premiere of the game and I am willing to spend whatever money it takes to get all of the DLC! The game just looks so amazing! As far as my favorite Friday films go, I'm really partial to the first four because of that awesome 80s feel that couldn't be replicated in later sequels. I just loved the grittiness of them. Then again, I love Jason Lives for being so clever, and while the later entries weren't as great as they could've been because the MPAA, Kane Hodder is king. Who am I kidding? I love all of them! Is there anyone other than me that really hopes that the Kickstarter goal of a remade 80s Friday the 13th game will be realized? That would be too cool!
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