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Found 4 results

  1. What do you guys think
  2. Hello My problem is, when im recording sometimes i cant hear the voice on the video of 1 of my friends. Ps audio sharing settings are all marked :/ Greets
  3. Hello, As the title suggests just recently when I've been playing as a counselor I haven't been able to find items as often as I used too. Instead of having to search one or two houses to get a map, radio and one key item I'm searching four houses and sometimes only getting a map and one key item like a pocket knife or firecrackers. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this but I also primarily play as a counselor as I personally don't really care for playing as Jason because I find it more exciting escaping. I understand that its not meant to be easy to get them but like I said they used to be more common before. Now that I'm not getting these safety items I'm finding it very far to escape at all. (As a little side note, within my first house now in around 80% of the games i play I've been getting car keys. Its almost like the game wants me to escape using the car which i have nothing wrong with but before i used to feel like it was impossible to find them. I used to love finding car keys cause that was always the hardest part but now I'm just like i want to get rid of them almost and escape using the police or something) I understand that it's meant to be really hard to escape since Jason is meant to be really strong but I feel like everyone in the lobby should be given an equal fighting chance. I'm not sure if the amount of items on the map has changed or lobbies being full changes the amount of items but something needs to change to help more people escape or at least given a chance to fend off Jason. I don't know if its just me so post a reply if you're feeling the same or have noticed a change in the loot you have been getting from draws.
  4. I've read topics on emotes (for fun) and how others want everyone to have a mic. Would it be possible to get a 'yes' and 'no' emote for the mic-less players? Ex. Mic'd player: Do you have the keys? Non-mic'd *shakes his head "No." Yes could be a head shake, a thumbs up, etc. I think non-verbal would be the way to go so you don't have players spamming a sound clip.