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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I’m daxter and I’m new to the forums. I hope you all welcome me with open arms because I hope to have a grand time here. I’m not new to the game but there still is much more things I could learn about. I’ve been playing since 2018. I also play Friday on the PlayStation, with my pals most of the time, adventuring in different lobbies trying to kill Jason nearly every match. I enjoy playing as the counselors the most, I mostly play A.J but I will switch to Adam if I have to.
  2. Hello everyone, I have recently purchased the game in both PS4 and PC. I really do like it and I just happened to see this forum while I was browsing the steam forums for the game. I hope to be a little active here and maybe learn some things I did not know about the game. I am also available for playing if anyone wants to, just keep in mind I am pretty noob at the moment. Gamer-tag is the same as my username here: OverBanned.
  3. Hi! My name is Jesús. I’m from Mexico and I expected the game before the game was announced as a game with the license of Friday the 13th. One of my christmas gifts (to be specific, the second of only two gifts) was this game and, for the 20 mins I’ve played I’m very delight with the game. Of course the game has glitches and I hope there are fixed later. If somebody want to add me, my PSID is alfabrad.
  4. Ok guys I'm a new player to this game and just asking if you get a penalty after leaving a match. Sometimes I get killed first and I really don't want to stay and watch some person just hiding in the tent for 20 minutes lol
  5. Hey I’m new to the game, playing on Xbox so if there’s anyone who wannna help me learn or is also new to the game give me a shout
  6. Hello everyone! I saw a quite few introductions so I figured I'd follow suit. I just signed up today, hoping to meet some chill, ADULT, people who play on Xbox. I recently started playing again after going on a hiatus due to the very common issues of not being given my CP points, being kicked from a match, and of course the always dependable host kick. I play on the Xbox One and I've seen some really unfavorable feedback from folks hearing that. I do want to get the game for my PC but not while its $40. Anyway, I'm your typical player, not great, but not too bad either. I'm the type that will try and hit Jason if he picks you up and I try to find the essentials for either calling the police or starting the car/boat right after weapon gathering. Nothing worse then someone who hides the entire game, imho. I watch F13 gaming as played by Typical Gamer, H20Delirious, and Ohmwrecker. My gamertag is OffJupiter1515 and I always have my mic at hand, though only on if there are others in the party that chat.
  7. Hello, I'm Ryan. This game is hilarious. Is it meant to be? Either way I love it!
  8. I'm sure a lot of you guys are hard-core Xbox players who can totally navigate this game, but are there any of you that wish there was a training space in the game so you could at least learn how to properly navigate and use the buttons? I'm really terrible at the game and if I'm not playing with friends, like in quick play, I get totally shit on for being so lousy. It's amazing how immature people can be. I've started muting the game. I'm sure I'll get better with time but it's really frustrating when you're under The fear of death and learning how to walk at the same time. LOL ?
  9. Before introducing myself, I'd just like to say: All Jason mains, prepare to get rekt. (Just kidding, it's gona be me who gets destroyed). I haven't bought the game on steam, yet. Pretty positive that I will. Waiting for launch to check Asian streamers (how long it takes to find a match, how much they lag, rubber-banding, etc.) I cannot see myself playing as Killer. Prefer to play the more challenging role - counselor/survivor. I feel like playing as the Killer in any multiplayer horror is kinda easy. If all is well for the Asian region and it's servers, I will buy it asap. Can't wait to shotgun Jason in the face and teabag him
  10. Hello fellow Friday the 13th fans! Care for an intro? Well, I'm an Asian guy (most likely to survive but die next to the black guy in a horror movie) who's obsessed with the Friday the 13th franchise and other slasher flicks! Blood, guts, gore and psycho stalking killers are my thing. lol I currently live outside US (Philippines) and I fully support this game! I hope this forum is possible for me to make friends and interact with people who has the same interests like me. Been dying to have a convo with fellow F13th fans who are also STOKED to death to play "FRIDAY THE 13th: The Game" I just pre-ordered my Machete Steel Case version of the game. So yeah, if you're interested to chat with me just answer this question: "Will you rather play as JASON VOORHEES and KILL? ...or fight and SURVIVE the night as one of the horned up COUNSELORS? Hear from any of you guys soon! Chi Chi Chi - Ma ma ma, - SlasherSplatter
  11. You may not see too much of me, I'm not the biggest web-head for chatting online. But this concept and development is truly engaging. I followed the Kickstarter right from launch; though no pledging. I'm terribly embattled by money woes. So Halloween 2016 approx. release. It gives me plenty of time to get a new system to play this next year! I'm fortunate enough to have driven by the original campground in NJ - along with going down that little dirt road toward the start of the first film. Small stretch through a field with tunnel like trees on either end of the path. It flipped me out when I was down it, as I had just seen #1 again. Lastly: I spent a great deal of time living in MI, so Bruce Campbell is a favorite. It was exciting to see him on a "speaking tour" not too long ago. All in all, I got my Jason and Ash backgrounds. Pretty horror-iffic!
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