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Found 1 result

  1. What we need is that tommy is allways op for spawning with a pocket knife now, he either just trolls jason or donr help, fun media though it was a good idea since they wanted that so tommy was tommy as people would play, heres a tip, make tommy so he cant escape cops, take away his knife since you plan to make more pocket knifes around campsited aka items, so i belive if tommy starts with a health spray and eventually a firecracker, hes a genuine carracter that i will try to kill, cause hes to op, & most people dont bother no more to kill him, Reduce the amouts of pocket knifes on small maps fix bug spot on higgins haven small, big hill between higgins camp & higgins havent house fix bug spot, on jarvis map in the main house, in the basement MAKE HIGGINGS HAVEN & CRYSTAL LAKE SMALL ACESSABLE FOR BOATS, THERES WATER ENOUGH TO VARIATE, I HEARD COMPLAINS THAT WE ARE TIRED OF THE SMALL MAPS , & ITS GETTING REUSED / NOT REPLAYABLE OR NOT SO DIFFRENT GAME TO PLAY, ITS ALLWAYS THE SAME, & its making the small maps so boring, more so annoying that fun gameplay fix bug spot, higgins haven small, inside the barn in a courner RAISE THE LEVEL CAP SOMETIME IN THE SUMMER TO 200 OR 202 FOR MORE REPLAYABILITY IN THE GAME MAKE TOMMY A CUSTOMISABLE CARRACTER, ONLY COSMETIC NOT PERKS, with awesome colours , not that we complain but me especially i wanna see tommy with diffrent colour than just blue MORE PERK LIBRARY FOR US WHO WANNA COLLECT MORE THAN 30 PERKS IN THE GAME, i got 29 epics , i cant get more, only on pc, make the limit to 50 or more , cause there are more perks than 30 so you basically cant get every perk in the game atleast for ps4 / xbox Make All the Jasons grip ability buff it up alittle , its to weak now , but im sure you can fix this later in a update, make tommy tapes more findable, & reduce the amout of pamela findings, my friend find allways pamela tapes , shes at 20 already so!.. make the 2 last jason bagdes for the game soon so its 15, & not 13 some kind of host migration or end the game when host leaves , so we dont get punished , make vote to kick options in public lobbies or some sort of kick option by host only to reduce troll people, kids, non eglish gamers , etc. make awesome new emotes cause nobody uses emotes than to piss off jason & dance & annoy, so come up with something intresting like pushups or some cool activity, or gun animations if you have a shotgun,, you can do some tricks with it , maybe i, dunno hope you read this article gun media or ilfonic , whoever can get this message to the game developers, this game lacs updates so heres everything i want them to change , hope you find this intresting - Trophy
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