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Found 15 results

  1. Open map in Manhattan city. Open world map (online function). Search to increase arsenal walking to hospital get the surgery tools for easy cutting your victims, taking nail pistol from toolhouse. Getting a nail bat from street thugs Making a "what if" story mode and killing everyone and how the storyline changes. Give a gautlet mode challenge where Jason must kill non stop before they call the cops if cops are in the area kill them behind and take their Batton. Taser to throw to the water and electrify the swimmers. If used against Jason his delay will last short or longer depending. If Jason has rubber gloves it can grab the taser the victim has to deal with Jason and forcely making taser herself to death. Jason learning to make more traps by watching bullies. Making killing themselves and act as an accident. If the chase starts there's will be a time limit for Jason to hide or back to his base. In a open world map they will be a timer of how long survived and the actions they do during that time and how slow down Jason. After being rescue the players hide inside a reinforced cop car and all available players inside the card become the cops. If Jason manages to kill and only one cop remaing Jason must kill quickly before he calls for back up. The difficult increase from 1-2 remained cops 2-3 for reinforced police 3-4 and last the swat team. For each team arrival the main avatar will move automatically to the next reinforced car. If he manage to kill all cops there will be a delay for back up timer and the players back to the main avatar must get out from the cop car by force and if somehow manage to go to front seat by force they can drive hacking the motor. Now they must drive around while the others manage to open the door locks by force or window. Jason must hit the windows more times to get throught and the better car are the harder to get in. Then make a game mode about Freddy vs Jason. Two killers 25 survivors two comes one goes. No need to explain further about this. If you like my suggestion give me a reply as thanks. And the custom skin option if how creative the players do with Jason clothes putting dripping blood; a blooded handprint in hockey mask; make the meele weapons and long range weapons different like different types of knifes in the map (military, customer, knifetaser, cooking knife, bone saw, etc.) A whole new skin can be Jason having mud and plants around his body, one like a real zombie with worms and bugs all over his body and make Jason use gasoline to make a firewall and cut their escape or blowing their car. Thank you for reading this message and suggestion. PS. I wish to get some $ for accepting my suggestion since I need of money but idk how copyright works in these days. So I let you decide if you want to reward me, give me credit and how much to your staff. Thank you for listening again. Anthony V.
  2. keep it simple always how about the spaceship from Jason x and the ferry boat from part 8 those would be some great small maps and constant action
  3. In the movie Jason X ,There are two main important areas ,The facility and The Grendel .But towards the end of the movie Jason crashes down towards Earth-2's version of crystal lake which is briefly seen .I believe Gun should create a map based of of futuristic settings of camps in the future .Instead of Wheels, the cars can hover instead with Jason still being able to crash them.Their could be new weapons Such as Km's Shotgun alongside a new way to kill Jason(Why would there be a shack with Pamela in a place where Jason doesn't even Recognize?, I know about Roy but still ) .This type of map would come out way down the road of course.
  4. So I know this might sound stupid but what if they made a NES map? The cabins are there, and could use a car to escape. It would just be not 8bit.
  5. Although the devs have said potentially no to pre uber Jason, the one way he can be added to the game is in a new game mode called "Seclusion" .The game mode has the counsellors in the government facility as seen In Jason X. The first cut scene shows a chained Jason breaking free while the counsellors tour the facility on a field trip from school .The goal of the game for the counsellors is not to escape ,but to weaken Jason with random generated tranquilizers .The Tranquilizers would not appear on the map as the counsellors have to collect them in stealth and then stab Jason .Jason at the beginning is already in rage and sense would be changed to a smoke sense trail .Jason's objective of course is to kill them and knock the light generators out .Once the counsellors are able to stun Jason enough ,he will simply fall down and a cut scene will show Jason in the cryogenic chamber freezing. (P.K this idea is not that well thought completely, but hey its something)
  6. Привет, дорогие разработчики, когда вы добавите Джейсона Х?
  7. This could have been addressed... if so delete. But I do think it would be awesome to have an Elm Street Map. With Nancy's house of but especially if there was a Freddy Krueger Hideout with all his gruesome swag inside, just as a nod.
  8. There are only so many Friday the 13th movies, meaning that there's only so many maps and so many Jason's that they can add into the game. Eventually, Gun will have to start to introduce custom maps and custom Jasons, like they did with eight bit Jason. After taking a look at the new Friday The 13th phone app [Friday The 13th: Puzzle Killer] I came across this. I think it would be fucking awesome for a 'Crystal Lake Ski Resort' map. Taking Jason and the counselors to a completely different setting with snow everywhere. Along with the new map could be a new Jason. 'Frozen Jason', donning a blood-stained winter parka, wielding an ice pick (or a ski pole) and a frozen face underneath the mask. This also opens up new possibilities to new kills like a Hot Tub kill, a Ski Lift kill or something like a new winter-themed counselor clothing pack.
  9. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any idea when we'll be getting the second of the new counsellors that were announced (Shelly being the first). Surely it seems we're going to be getting a female counsellor to keep things balanced, but I'm not sure who it'll be. Seems very likely it'll be a blonde mean girl type as that seems most requested + the only major obvious trope missing currently (apart from maybe a hippy/arty female) Also, it'd be cool to know which is coming first- Jason X or paranoia with what I assume would be a part 5 based map? I've seen a lot more people talking about hospital/urban based maps which is cool to see the hype and hopefully it will lead to it happening! So does anyone know anything?
  10. I was talking with the family recently, and got to thinking, we could use a map for retro Jason. It could be based on the classic Friday the 13th for the NES. I understand that this would be way down the road, after the more requested content has been developed. I'd like to hear what the fanbase have to say. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @wes any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Tina needs to be in the game, perhaps as another option for coming back when you die or escape early besides Tommy. Her psychological powers would seem to be cool in a video game to fight against Jason. I think Reggie would be a interesting addition to the game as a counsler. He's different because of his age. I think he'd have high speed & stamina, decent composure & luck. Perhaps even repair skills judging from the movie.
  12. I´ve watched the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th yesterday, for the 10th time or so. Eventhough i know that there is a problem with the rights, there could be a possibility to simply change the name of the map and alter the location a little. So this is what i did. Some important chunks are still in the map, as you can see, but i altered a lot as well. I think this would be a real fun map. There is not much new to it, it doesn´t have to be in my opinion, the gameplay works just fine. The only thing i changed is the possibility to ride a motorbike to get out of the map and that there is only one way to escape with the help of the police. I would really like to know what you think about it, possible changes and if there is a possibility to use this as a map even if there is the problem with the rights. The picture was done by myself.
  13. Since some maps have their unique kills (Like Higgins haven, where you can spike the players at the graveyard) Will we be getting new kills there?
  14. Lakeview town for those of you ho don't know is from the movie "Jason Goes to Hell". It is like a little town. We don't really have any urban maps on the game right now, so I think it would make a great addition. Think about it. Instead of Cabins to go in and loot, we could have houses. There could also be a Police Station, where you can radio for Tommy Jarvis/ or even the Duke. I would prefer Tommy though. When you walk into the police station there could be dead Police Officers there, as if Jason attacked there before. You could also find the shotgun in one of the rooms of the station. This would act as the main building of the map basically. There can also be a Diner there, as it was also present in the movie. Jason's house can be found in the nearby woods of Camp Crystal Lake, and it would be kind of a walk as usual to get there. I was also thinking they could put a Truck as one of the vehicles in this map. It could hold four people, two inside the truck itself, and two sitting in the back of the bed of the truck. However, sitting on the bed of the truck comes with a price. Jason can use his shift ability to snatch one of the counselors sitting in the back of the truck, similar to how he can on the boats. Just think about it, you think your gonna escape Jason, but then you see a arm grab someone by the neck from off the truck. You turn to look and you see Jason ready to kill one of your buddies, as ou continue to speed away. there would also be your normal two seater car as well. This map would also come with some enat environmental kills such as throwing someone throw a window from the second floor of a house. This is my idea of another possible map. Don't forget to vote on my poll on whether or not Lakeview town should be added as a map or not. (I know that it is pretty weird for a town like this to be vacant, but think about it. It would be fun and pretty dang creepy as well.)
  15. I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
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