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Found 1 result

  1. The Casino Bar is a bar from F13 Part 2. I was thinking it would be a cool idea for a map even though Jason never kills anyone at the location in the movies. With the new map a few things can be added: Jason intro: A man is fixing something under the hood of his car. Everyone else out front of the bar drinking/talking. Jason walks up and uses the car hood the bash the mans head into engine/front bumper area of the car. Everyone then runs. New Weapons: Beer bottle (With each hit it doesn't break does minimal damage but when the bottle breaks it does double damage to Jason) Pool que (Not a durable weapon) Guitar (Average weapon, not horrible) New kills: Keg bash: Bash a keg into someones head (Beer will start to come out with each bash) Neon Light Smash: Smash someones head into a neon sign and shock them Pool table impale: Slam someone on a pool table back first and impale them with a pool que Some other ideas for the map: Abandoned cars: You can't repair or drive these cars however you can hide in the trunk or underneath it. Jukebox plays music instead of a radio Campsites now spawn with items like med spray or vehicle parts. As I come up with more ideas I will update this post. Please put your thoughts and suggestions in the comments incase the Developers look into this!
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