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Found 2 results

  1. New Kill 1: Savini throws down the counselor in their back and they start to beg for mercy. Savini stabs them five times. One in the left leg, two in the chest, one in the stomach, and finally through the neck. New Kill 2: Savini throws down the counselor on their knees. Savini walks behind them and starts to slowly insert the pointy end of the pitchfork through the anal cavity which will emerge through the mouth before pulling it out. Vlad the impaler style. New Kill 3: The counselor appears to escape Savini's grab and runs away only to be impaled from behind through the back when Savini throws his pitchfork at them. The counselor gets on their knees and Savini walks closer to retrieve his pitchfork. As soon as Savini pulls it from the counselors back, they fall to the ground face first deceased. Well? What do you think?
  2. They added two new non-weapon kills for all Jason's to use.... Disarm: unlocked @level 118 2,500 cp Free Kick: unlocked @level 125 2,500 cp It's gonna take me a while to get up to those levels, the xp has been slow for me & I haven't been playing very well right now. :-/
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