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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I am writing this message to you to know if you could take into account some ideas in case the game returns to take content, I have not lost the hope that the game will revive! I clarify that they are just some ideas that I believe in the personal, it would give more realism to the game. 1 * I'd like Jason to be able to grab the counselors through the windows of the cabins, the same way he takes a counselor out of the car, since there are players who cause damage to Jason when he tries to break them. 2 * Include a new map with the abandoned cabins and the house of one of the characters as in the movie of Friday the 13th of 2009, including the Jason of that movie. 3 * That the characters of the game have small dialogues when they are inside a cabin or in the forest, even when they are escaping. 4 * New ways to escape from the camp, such as in an inflatable boat or canoe, also in new cars or trucks. 5 * That Jason causes additional damage such as being able to grab a counselor and throwing him against something, or other counselors, since there are players surrounding Jason and this one can not against everyone. 6 * New deaths either with the original weapons of the game or with in the environment. An example is when Jason throws a counselor out the window, in some cases the window is open and death in the same way that when it is closed, Jason could put the monitor in the window and close it tightly to achieve a decapitation or something for the style. These are some ideas that I think would help the game a lot in case you go back to get content, A big hello to the developers from Buenos Aires Argentina I do not lose hope that the game will return!?
  2. You guys might have been thinking that they don't own the right when you first saw the title. If they ever got permission from the creator of the Never Hike Alone film, I think they would be cool with it because they're promoting they're film. Thom Mathews had a scene at the end of the film which was pretty cool of them to do. I also have stat idea's below the video link. Never Hike Alone Jason Weapon: Splitting Maul Strengths: Destruction Sense Stun resistance Weaknesses: Can't run Water speed Shift Weapon kills: 1. Chest slit, Jason swings his Maul downright then slits the counselor's chest open 2. Maul kick, Jason kicks the Maul into the counselor's stomach onto the ground 3. Decapitation, Jason swings his Maul across the counselor's neck with one arm Appearance:
  3. Does anyone know if they will get the Jason from Freddy vs Jason? If they ever do, I have some ideas for him, FVJ Jason: Weapon: Bolo Machete Strengths: Destruction Shift Stun Resistance Weaknesses: Can't run Defense Stalk Weapon kills: 1. Neck Slash, Jason swings his Bolo Machete at the counselor's neck then cuts it off. 2. cut to death with the bolo machete, Jason repeatedly cuts you with the bolo machete until he sees you dead 3. Key turn, Jason stabs the counselor in the head with the bolo machete then rotates the machete at a 90 degree angle like you would with a key when unlocking a door
  4. There are only so many Friday the 13th movies, meaning that there's only so many maps and so many Jason's that they can add into the game. Eventually, Gun will have to start to introduce custom maps and custom Jasons, like they did with eight bit Jason. After taking a look at the new Friday The 13th phone app [Friday The 13th: Puzzle Killer] I came across this. I think it would be fucking awesome for a 'Crystal Lake Ski Resort' map. Taking Jason and the counselors to a completely different setting with snow everywhere. Along with the new map could be a new Jason. 'Frozen Jason', donning a blood-stained winter parka, wielding an ice pick (or a ski pole) and a frozen face underneath the mask. This also opens up new possibilities to new kills like a Hot Tub kill, a Ski Lift kill or something like a new winter-themed counselor clothing pack.
  5. I saw the f13 fan movie "Never hike alone" on Youtube the other day and was blown away by how much they nailed the f13 feeling in it. A really good movie plain and simple, and great nods to the other films! Imo it makes a better job keeping within the f13 franchise then part 8-10 (despite the Jason actor maybe being a bit to small compared with the other movies). It would be awesome seeing him in the game (same size as the other Jasons though), as well as a great reward to the filmmakers who did the movie without any monetary gains!
  6. What if we had the ability to create-a-Jason as well? It would work like this: Choose body type Choose mask type Choose weapon Choose Strengths Choose Weaknesses So for example you can have Part 2 Jason body, with Part 9 mask, and Part 6 weapon. Strengths could be - Faster Swim Speed, Traps, Shift Speed Weaknesses could be - Slower Sense Recharge, Weak Grip Strength, Low Health Thoughts on your own custom Jasons?
  7. maybe most people would disagree, but i feel like the 2009 reboot of Jason should be in the game, and he should have the options to switch from having the potato sack or the hockey mask, i have an idea what his strengths should be Strengths: + Grip +Traps +Can Run Weaknesses: -Stun increase -slower swim speed -Defense or someone who replies to this may have a better idea on his Pros and Cons than i do {Love the way this Jason looked, quite intimidating in my perspective}
  8. I put Spoilers in the title for a reason,if you want to find things on your own dont click on the link,you have been warned... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbiwrn30PIY How to complete the virtual cabin 2.0 steps by steps,by the guys at Slash'N'Cast.
  9. This is something that I thought of while playing the game, spreadin' the word about dangerous premarital sex, I thought 'Kane Hodder did incredibly with the motion capture in this.' So I thought: Wouldn't it be cool if you could play as Kane Hodder himself? I can already imagine it, your playing as a counselor, searching frantically for (insert part here) and you look out the window of the cabin and see Kane Hodder staring at you through the dirty glass. Here's some ideas for his play style: Weapon: Hatchet (Because of the movie Hatchet, which Kane Hodder starred in.) (Thanks to @Trident77 for most of the strengths and weaknesses) Buffs: Grip Strength Improved Sense Stun resistance /or/ More hitpoints Debuffs: Slower in water Can't run Hampered Fear I'm not sure what to do about the mask, maybe just let Kane Hodder pick his favorite Hockey Mask style and he'd wear that around? On another note it would also be cool to see Kane Hodder in a MOCAP suit as maybe a special skin or something, another idea I must credit to @Trident77 but on a related note, I think it would be funny for each of the counselors in MOCAP suits as well to complete the look. Anyway, this was just an idea I had, and I was wondering if anyone else would like it.
  10. Hello people, as you know we are nowhere for the arrival of Jason Part IV to the game. We know that your main weapon will be a pig splinter and as we can see on the map of future DLC are still missing 3 Jason to see. Theyare probably Jason Uber, Jason Remake, Jason Part X, Roy Burns or some new design. And I wonder what main weapons they use, I know that for many it is not important, but I have not seen all the movies and I'd love for a veteran in the universe on Friday the 13th to give me some examples of what weapons Jason could use in the future. I would also like others to give me ideas of future weapons that do not necessarily come out in the movies but that Jason could use inside the GAME. Thanks for reading this post.
  11. I don't know if this has already been brought up and talked about so just wanted to bring it up. Perhaps you guys could bring in the Jason from the Reboot they did in 2009 as like a super special roulette type jason where you not only have to be picked to play jason but then theres an additional roulette to see if you get to the reboot jason. I say make it random because of how much more aggressive and faster the reboot jason is compared to all the other jasons. (Excluding Uber Jason of course) The Jason in question can straight up sprint and is really the smartest and most aggressive out of all the other Jasons seen on screen. I mean for christs sake he burned a woman alive in her sleeping bag. I don't know. Just my idea.
  12. I really like the machete as a weapon and only zombie jason has the weapon but can we get the jason from jason vs freddy because he has the human look there with the machete weapon and in my opinion thats the best look jason has so can we get that version from jason? thanks
  13. I think a great new version of Jason would be his famous part as Jason X, as seen in his 2001 movie. How epic would it be running away from Jason X? It may be hard to pull of and add to the game as he used a machete in the film but, i'm sure some new features could be added to this particular model of Jason. Let me know if this could ever be possible for the game!?
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