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Found 4 results

  1. So this will sound familiar to anyone who has seen the Part 6 film. I would like to propose a new method ok killing Jason Voorhees. This would involve introducing 2 new items/objects into the game: namely a boulder and a chain. The chain could be picked up and stored in an inventory slot. The boulder could spawn randomly on the map, and because of its weight anyone carrying it would be unable to jog or sprint. The challenge would be to get the boulder onto the boat, repairing the boat (the usual way), and then attaching the chain onto the boulder. Once this setup is completed, the boulder and chain would take up the second seat on the boat. It would be up to Tommy to take the boat out onto the lake. The trap would spring once Jason tips the boat, and he would then drown just like he did in the movie! To go with this heavy object mechanic, I also though of maybe adding a new escape vehicle. Something big like a VW van, which could fit up to 6 counselors. In addition to the gas, keys and battery, the van would be missing a tire. The tire would have to be carried slowly while walking from a random spawn location. Let me know what you think.
  2. Just had an idea that could help teamwork. A can of spray paint. It can be used to spray the outside wall of any cabin and places a marker on the map. You get maybe 2 or 3 sprays from each can, and there are only at most two per match. You spray a big X on the cabin and it's an X icon on the map as well. Say you want to identify the cabin with the phone, you can spray it to mark it so everyone knows. Say you want to show that some cabins are picked clean, you can.
  3. My idea for a new item is a inhaler, When you use the inhaler you would get Half or all stamina regen, but it's a one time use
  4. One thing I've been mad since it was discovered is Mrs. Voorhees Sweater. Only female counselors can use it. And this even worsens te situation due to the sweater being necessary to kill Jason. Friday The 13th fans! Remember the times when Jason was folished in the movies? There were 2 times, Part 2 and Part 4. In Part 2, Ginny foolished Jason into thinking she was his mother with her sweater. In Part 4, Tommy grabbed a newspaper page speaking of Jason's drowning and ran into the bathroom( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) to shave his head and looks like him when he was a child. The he foolished Jason and killed him. So, my point is if a male counselor reaches Jason's Shack, in the altar's room he'll find together with the sweater this specific newspaper page to shave his head and looks like kid Jason! Then the male counselor can do exactly what a female counselor with the sweater can. And that includes Tommy killing Jason.
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