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Found 3 results

  1. Open map in Manhattan city. Open world map (online function). Search to increase arsenal walking to hospital get the surgery tools for easy cutting your victims, taking nail pistol from toolhouse. Getting a nail bat from street thugs Making a "what if" story mode and killing everyone and how the storyline changes. Give a gautlet mode challenge where Jason must kill non stop before they call the cops if cops are in the area kill them behind and take their Batton. Taser to throw to the water and electrify the swimmers. If used against Jason his delay will last short or longer depending. If Jason has rubber gloves it can grab the taser the victim has to deal with Jason and forcely making taser herself to death. Jason learning to make more traps by watching bullies. Making killing themselves and act as an accident. If the chase starts there's will be a time limit for Jason to hide or back to his base. In a open world map they will be a timer of how long survived and the actions they do during that time and how slow down Jason. After being rescue the players hide inside a reinforced cop car and all available players inside the card become the cops. If Jason manages to kill and only one cop remaing Jason must kill quickly before he calls for back up. The difficult increase from 1-2 remained cops 2-3 for reinforced police 3-4 and last the swat team. For each team arrival the main avatar will move automatically to the next reinforced car. If he manage to kill all cops there will be a delay for back up timer and the players back to the main avatar must get out from the cop car by force and if somehow manage to go to front seat by force they can drive hacking the motor. Now they must drive around while the others manage to open the door locks by force or window. Jason must hit the windows more times to get throught and the better car are the harder to get in. Then make a game mode about Freddy vs Jason. Two killers 25 survivors two comes one goes. No need to explain further about this. If you like my suggestion give me a reply as thanks. And the custom skin option if how creative the players do with Jason clothes putting dripping blood; a blooded handprint in hockey mask; make the meele weapons and long range weapons different like different types of knifes in the map (military, customer, knifetaser, cooking knife, bone saw, etc.) A whole new skin can be Jason having mud and plants around his body, one like a real zombie with worms and bugs all over his body and make Jason use gasoline to make a firewall and cut their escape or blowing their car. Thank you for reading this message and suggestion. PS. I wish to get some $ for accepting my suggestion since I need of money but idk how copyright works in these days. So I let you decide if you want to reward me, give me credit and how much to your staff. Thank you for listening again. Anthony V.
  2. Counselor Combat is the title of an all-new, original game mode that may possibly be added to the Friday The 13th Game. In this risky, fast-paced game mode, the basic gameplay elements are all exactly as they were in the old mode with a single exception: there will be no Jason. Instead, the seven counselors will fight amongst each other in a battle royale similar to the Hunger Games. Spawning as a randomly selected counselor at a randomly selected location, the seven counselors must battle it out until only one counselor is left standing. Either using the melee weapons (axe, bat, machete, pipe, wood, or wrench), the firearms (shotgun or flare gun), a physical item (pocket knives), or even an escape route (car, boat, or police) to kill the other counselors, the seven must fight against each other until only one remains. Some other notes include that the CB Radio and Tommy Jarvis will still be in the game, with a player once again coming back if called. The cars will still be there to run over counselors (though they couldn’t escape with them), the boat would be there to kill counselors in the water, and the police would still show up, only to drop off guns at the exit they spawn to. The weapons will still be able to break, the medical sprays will still be littered around the map, and the pocket knives can now be used to stab someone and cut their health in half. A final note to list is that the hiding spots would still be available to hide in, however, the other counselors could kill you by walking up to them with a weapon and pressing the same button as Jason. So as you can see, Counselor Combat would be an inexpensive, fantastic, and truly amazing addition to the wonderful game we already have before us. So, if the devs could take a look at this, as well as the F13 Game community, I would be extremely thankful for any comments, ideas, or criticisms. And if the creators could actually make this game mode a reality, I think it would add diversity, sales, and pure fun to this incredible game that has given me hours of entertainment. Thank you for your time and please give me a response, Illfonic!
  3. Have a lot in mind with the game, I know that they didn't reach goals with their Kickstarter campaign but be awesome if these were included into the game in the near future... More Weapons for Jason and Counselors Either have a new weapons to choose from for each Jason Character or have weapons scattered across the map, like the Counselors, to were everyone could pick up these weapons, if not everyone, just only Jason but switches out the main weapon, like the Counselors... Weapons such as the Tree Trimmer, Hammer, Harpoon Gun, and other weapons used by Jason from the movies... Other Playable Characters aside from Jason/Tommy Jarvis Pamela Voorhees, Imposter Jason (Part 5) Creighton Duke, Jessica and/or Diana Kimble (Part 9), Reggie, boy Tommy Jarvis, Crazy Ralph, Tina Shepard (Part 7), Rennie Wickham (Part 8), Tsunaron and Kay-Em (X), Sargent Brodski (X) Have a "Heros vs. Villian" Mode Have all the listed characters above instead of the standard Counselors have characters like Tommy Jarvis or any characters listed above to pick an choose to fight Jason or escape the camp. More Skins for Jason Part 1 Jason- boy Jason, Part 5 Jason- Imposter Jason, 2009 Friday the 13th Jason, both Jason X skins, Freddy vs. Jason Jason skin (I know they don't have the rights to this Jason but still would be awesome), maybe some new created Jason skins? Jason X- Spaceship Map I know many of fans didn't like the movie but I was one of some that did, an this would open up a whole new Map an variety of new Grab Kills for Jason an new weapons for the "Counselors", a way to get out would be find the computer an to turn it on then find a radio contact help an unlock the security door to reach another ship alongside the ship you are already on, just like in the movie. Jason Takes Manhatten- Ship Map Again just like Jason X, create the same layout as the ship from the film to let loose an kill upon. Jason Takes Manhatten- Streets of Manhatten Map Play as both in the streets of Manhatten. Jason Goes to Hell- Voorhees House Map Love to play in the Voorhees house from this film. 2009 F13 Remake Camp Now this would be a fun map also to experience playing in the tunnels under the House. New Jason spawn locations Like in movies have Jason spawn like he does. Part 2 Jason- Shack, Part 6 Jason- in the Graveyard, Part 7 Jason- Underwater in the lake. But change it up soo it's the same every time... New Spawn Cutscenes I thought they said that they were gonna do this at the beginning but I may be wrong but anyways instead of at the campfire have two Counselors having sex then get impaled by a Pitchfork, or all the Counselors are swimming an one gets dragged under from Jason then they all swim out of the water then the game begins, but would like more intro cutscenes. Alright well I think this will be enough for now please let me know if I left anything out, I believe that is it if not I'll think of some more later or let me know, but yea this would be my top Favorite Game of All-Time if all this were to be put into the game on top of the #Fridaythe13theTeam Wishlist they had on their page. Thanks for an amazing game so far F13team!
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