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Found 1 result

  1. I really like the idea and basis for F13's gameplay. I love the mocapped kills, I love the thematic behind it, and I love the basic function of how the game is supposed to be played. When the game was announced "dead", I was mostly sad at the lack of anymore of this kind of game... Or is it the end? Imagine the gameplay idea of F13: One "monster" vs 7 victims. The goal is for them to escape or last the whole round. The monster can be stunned but it cannot be killed. As the monster, you can slink around carefully or you can be bold and blaring and you can knock the door down. Better yet, you could go with not only any number of slasher monster types, but by using different "skins" on the settings, you could do different settings, such as a future themed map where you have to escape an alien or robot, you could do something modern/contemporary in the woods (like F13), you could do urban in some desolate small town (silent hill-ish), or you could go to the past in the sword and sorcery ages (army of darkness). Just using a creature/killer that would work for each area and the survivors required to work together for the most part and you have a very good formula. F13 made use of it with environment kills, so where you got caught would determine what the killer could do to you and I think that is a good idea to follow. Include 4 on-hand grab kills, and a selectable weapon to change up kills, and of course, singleplayer as the monster vs AI, and I'd buy it But keep the monster vaguely humanoid shaped, that way the mocapped kills could be somewhat interchanged between them. I think the abilities Jason has work well; a map teleport, a sense ability, an evil-dead type dash for shorter range porting, and a stalk function to mute music and sounds to your prey. I know werewolves, vampires, and even Frankenstein's monster (Adam) are able to be used as they are public domain, but I'd want to go with something more exotic and more along the lines of something you couldn't "reason" with in a normal context. Off the top of my head, here are some killer ideas:: Robotic/android: I think of something that looks more like General Grievous would work though it'd be hilarious to make it a knock off of one of the FNAF bots and watch it chase you down before it crushes your head. (a degree of levity can be enjoyed, so long as the threat is consistent). Unknown horror: Some random hell beast that has some aspects of human mixed with something else. Perhaps tapping into the idea of some of the original angelic depictions combined with a humanoid shape (pic is Godzilla + the Buddhist idea of the perfected soul) >Skeleton You could design it up a bit, but honestly a simple Skeleton with a sword and shield would be horrifying enough to imagine you have to escape it. Obviously you'd probably get xylophone sounds somewhere in the music. Combine any of the above with better bug fixes, a single player, and the monster being able to strike the fear of god into the group of people, and I'd happily get it. But on the topic of "Monsters that can't have a copyright thrown on them thus the game gets canned", what other creatures pique your interest, folks?
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