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Found 12 results

  1. After a brief conversation with @Redcat345, I did some thinking on how I would like to see Mrs. Voorhees implimented as a playable killer. This is an idea for a 4 vs. 1 game featuring Pamela as the killer, built on suggestions from @Redcat345 and others in the past. Pamela Voorhees Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 1 Strengths +Stalk +Can Run (as fast as an average counselor) +Weapon Strength Weaknesses -Can't Shift -Destruction -Grip Strength This option allows Pamela to morph on par with an average Jason. Strengths & Weaknesses: Option 2 Strength +Shift +Can run (as fast as an average counselor) +Weapon Strength Weaknesses -Can't morph -Destruction -Grip Strength This option allows Pamela to shift but she can't exit shift in view of counselors- similar to how spawning as a zombie works in Left 4 Dead. Weapon Knife Alternatively, Pamela could use all edged weapons (axe, machete) Combat Pamela can crawl in and out of windows and hide in any hiding spot. Pamela's speed crawling in and out of windows or hiding spots is faster than any counselor, as well as completely silent. Pamela's stalk is abnormally long in duration, allowing for jump scares. Pamela has kills, that if she is hiding in a closet and a counselor walks past- she can perform an environmental jump scare kill. Pamela's combat is the same or similar to counselors. Pamela must first stun a counselor before being able to perform a grab kill. Pamela's grab kills are low-impact: stabbings, throats cut, etc. Pamela can run as fast as an average counselor but her stamina is significantly higher, walking does not have a stamina cost. Traps Pamela has no traps but is able to use the same bear traps as counselors. Sabotage As suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can sabotage escape options- she can remove the battery from the vehicle or propeller from the boat. Depending on balance, this option could be limited to once per vehicle and boat per match. Maps This mode uses only the small maps. The escape options are limited to the boat, two seater and match time expiration. No guns spawn. Jason's shack doesn't spawn. The two seater is Pamela's Jeep. Pamela's Kill Conditions Scenario #1: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed on the beach, with an axe or machete- the possibility of these conditions are heightened by the boat being a main escape option Scenario #2: Pamela can only be killed by the final remaining counselor, after a struggle mini game is won. The mini game favours Pamela. Scenario #3: Suggested by @Redcat345, Pamela can only be killed by a new hero character: Alice Pamela's Customization Pamela's base appearance will be as she appeared in first film Pamela will have an alternate skin, as zombie Pamela from Part 3 As I said at the beginning of this post, these are a mixture of new and old ideas. Feel free to add or suggest what you think would improve on these ideas.
  2. Hello, Fellow Friday 13th fans. My name is Mawlock and this is my retro mode concept. Do feel free to bring up questions and concerns, and I will do best as I can to address them. Rough draft originally posted on Gamefaqs.com here https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/121841-friday-the-13th-the-game/76345778 Second draft written up on 11 sheets of plain white paper. Final draft typed up here Forget everything you thought you knew about either the old Friday the 13th game and the new one. This throwback mode takes the best elements of both and blends them together to create a wholly unique experience. On Counselors: Escape is no longer the goal, nor even an option--You and your friends must find a way to survive against the deadly and deranged monster of a man, Jason Voorhees, as well as all the other horrors of Camp Crystal Lake for three terror-filled days and nights (rounds) all the while protecting your precious campers (represented by dolls tucked snugly in their cabins beds, for obvious reasons). As this is a mode strictly for counselors and Jason only, anyone who isn't one or the other can't participate (Sorry, Tommy) Seeing as this mode is all about great teamwork and skill, all perks are disabled. So that each and everyone is valuable and with a role to play, whose death will be felt, clone counselors are not allowed. And finally, so as to provide the counselors a sporting chance, everyone spawns with a map, walkie talkie, flashlight, and pocket knife On Cabins: At Camp Crystal Lake, there are only four camper filled cabins, but they are spacious and spread well apart, necessitating good teamwork and communication to properly protect. If you should fail in your task, and all the campers in a particular cabin are killed, then the cabin becomes "condemned", and is thus rendered unusable. Any and all counselors inside when this happens will be forcible ejected after a short warning, so as to allow them to either leave on their own, or to prepare themselves. To help counselors survive their nights at Camp Crystal Lake, all doors and windows can be fully repaired. Depending on your counselor, this can be a rather time-consuming process, however, so best to plan your repairs carefully. For safety, every counselor spawns in a cabin, although which one they spawn in is randomized. But fear not. So to avoid any confusion, each cabin has been made unique and easily identifiable. Cabin # 1: An extra wide cabin sporting a green roof and interior motif. Houses all the aid sprays Cabin # 2: A small, yet very open cabin sporting a red roof and interior motif. All the fire places here are already lit for counselor convenience. The flare guns, extra flares, and firecrackers are found here. Cabin # 3: An extra long cabin sporting a blue roof and interior motif. This cabin is extra durable and comes replete with numerous bear traps for added protection Cabin # 4: A normal sized cabin sporting a yellow roof and interior motif. This cabin is on an island and requires the use of a boat/swimming to access if not spawned inside of. On account of it's increased threat level caused by it's severe isolation, two counselors will always spawn here. And what better to protect those two than the game's lone shotgun and a generous amount of ammo. On The Car: To alleviate matters of map traversal, the blue car can be driven freely around the map without having to be repaired beforehand. Just make sure to bring the keys, which you'll need each and every time you wish to drive. Be careful though, if the blue car gets damaged, you'll need to get out and manually repair it. Begins parked beside cabin #3, with it's keys already in the ignition. On The Boat: Like the blue car, begins already fixed up and can be used to help get around faster. Items: The Wrench: Now longer a weapon, the wrench is now used to instantly bypass the car repair mini-game. Found in any tool shed. The Lighter: Can make the torch when used on a branch. Can also be used to ignite fireplaces. Found randomly laying around. The Torch: Held like a weapon, the torch can be used for a variety of purposes, such as igniting fireplaces, warding off Crows and Zombies, or can even help you maintain your composure for whenever you're alone in the dark. Gasoline: Can be poured on Jason, allowing you to set him on fire after smacking him with the torch, dealing major damage to him. Found in any tool shed. Weapons: For convenience, the less desirable weapons (the fireplace poker, the 2x4, the pots/pans, and the pipe) have all been removed, making the bat, stick, and machete more plentiful. The Axe: A weapon that's as deadly as it is durable. Buried in a stump by the abandoned cabin in the lost woods, surrounded by a murder of crows. Enemies: Zombies: Apparently, there's no more room in hell. Spawning from the cemetery, they wander camp crystal lake aimlessly in search of human flesh. You'll soon find that what they lack in speed, they make up for in numbers. If they catch you, you'll automatically break free (without wasting your pocket knife) as long your composed and aren't critically wounded. otherwise, you must free yourself before it's too late... Crows: You're never truly alone, for no matter where you go, there they are...watching...waiting. Best not to linger outside for too long, or you'll find out first hand why a flock of them is called a "murder"... The Black Wolf: Some say he's the Voorhees family pet who faithfully guards their woods. Others say he's just a hungry animal searching for his next meal... Pamela Voorhees: You know the story, don't you? Of the poor boy who drowned in camp crystal lake all those years ago? You see, his name was Jason. He was her son, and today is his birthday...Friday the 13th. And just like her son, Jason, she returns every year on his birthday to ensure that camp crystal lake never reopens, so as to spare all other mothers from having to experience her pain. They say you can find her floating severed head deep within the heart of the lost woods, in a special cave shrine Jason made just for her. They also say that anyone who can lay Pamela's vengeful soul to rest will be handsomely rewarded. Be mindful though that she's no pushover, growing stronger with each passing day, and that you will have your opportunity to face her on all three days, Pamela refusing to stay dead, with the reward differing for each day. Pamela Rewards: Defeating Pamela on day one will cause every zombie and crow to instantly drop dead and remain so for the duration of the day, leaving you with only Jason (and his wolf) to worry about. For defeating Pamela on the second day, you'll be rewarded with her sweater, which not only grants the wearer the one-time ability to stun Jason, bringing him to his knees for an easy kill, but also cuts all incoming damage by half! Best of all, Pamela's sweater is transferable between all the remaining female counselors, able to be worn even after using it (or attempting to) on Jason! For defeating Pamela on the third and final day, putting her down once and for all, your reward is the Pitchfork, an ultimate weapon of ultimate power, capable of given even Jason a run for his money. Just try not to drop it though, lest Jason pick it up for himself... A fair word of warning: When her last breath draws near, Pamela will cry out for Jason to come to her aid, her death instantly enraging him. On Jason: Jason's goal is very simple: Either eliminate all the counselors or the campers. Like the base game, Jason spawns in his shack. He starts off the game alive and with his part 3 appearance and stats. Unlike the Base game, Jason can find his other costumes and masks hidden around the map, and can swap into them to gain their respective benefits and drawbacks. Now, for the sake of continuity, Jason will maintain his part 3 facial and body appearance no matter what costume or mask is put on him. Jason can temporarily be defeated on the first two days, ending them early. He can only be truly defeated on day three, winning the game for the counselors. If Jason is defeated on day one, he is merely knocked out, ending day one early. The counselors will then be given a full minute to prepare themselves before he reawakens in the safety (guarded by traps/crows) of his shack for day 2. Defeating Jason on day two will kill him, ending the day early. Like before, the counselors will then be given a full minute to prepare themselves for day three before Jason resurrects in the safety (surrounded by zombies) of the cemetery, and sporting his part 6 appearance, which like his part 3 appearance before, will retain his facial and body appearance no matter what costume or mask is put on him On Zombie Jason: After turning undead, zombies will begin to follow Jason wherever he goes, acting as his minions of sorts. Although he cannot control them directly, they will automatically seek out any and all nearby counselors, including ones in cabins. And while they are far too weak to break down any barricaded doors, they have no problems smashing down any non-barricaded ones, and are capable of smashing open and climbing through windows. Do note that zombies cannot actually hurt the campers, only the counselors. On Jason's Costumes: While Alive and well, Jason will only have access his Parts 2 and 3 costumes and masks. After being defeated and knocked out, he gains access to his part 4 attire and mask as well as Roy's. And After being killed and turning undead, he will gain access to his parts 6, 7, 8, and 9 undead attire, while losing access to all his living attire. On Jason's Starting Equipment: Jason begins the game with no knives, traps, or weapons, and so must scavenge around the map for anything he wishes to use. On The + Knives and Traps Stat Modification: Because of the way this mode works, the +knives and +traps strengths have been modified to instead provide Jason with a bonus knife or trap for every one he picks up. On Powers: As in the original game, Jason grows more powerful with each passing day. Day One: Jason only has access to sense and stalk Day Two: Jason gains access to shift Day Three: Jason gains access to his fourth and final ability, morph. On Where to find Jason's Costumes/Masks: Part 2: Found in Jason's shack Part 3: Default/found in Jason's shack Part 4: Jason will begin with them on after waking up from being knocked out Part 5: Located in the back of the derelict ambulance, found randomly on the map. Part 6: Default for undead Jason Part 7: Found in the rowboat in the middle of the lake Part 8: If Jason spends a full three minutes underwater after having his mask knocked off while wearing his part 7 attire, he will emerge from the water wearing them. Part 9: If Jason finds and interacts with the Necronomicon after turning undead, they will appear on him. Uber Jason: If Jason Kills Pamela himself on all three days, and is undead, he will transform into Uber Jason (inspired by a deleted scene in Jason X where Jason kills his own mother while in the camp crystal lake holographic)
  3. Okay, so I know we just got Offline Bots and we're all anticipating Paranoia, but here's a proposal for a third idea for a game mode: The Stalker If you think about the F13 franchise, almost never did Jason or his mother (or Roy, for that matter) just charge into a large group of people and kill one. Why? Because that would make all the rest scatter -- which is exactly what happens in the game. No, they used secrecy and stealth to pick their victims off one . . . by one . . . by one. Honestly, no one was really scared in those movies until either: The seconds before they were killed. They survived until the final battle. So I propose a game mode where the entire objective (as Jason) is stealth kills. The game mode itself has two mini-modes: Tranquil and Alert. In Tranquil mode: There is no warning "Jason Music". There is no first cinematic death. All is calm at the camp. It begins with someone realizing the car(s)/boat are not working and they need to be repaired. Counselors begin spreading out to find objective parts. The phone ALREADY WORKS, but you have no reason to use it. (However, Jason CAN sabotage the phone -- if he can do so without attracting attention) Doors cannot be locked in this mode. Tommy Jarvis cannot be summoned in this mode. Running is disabled in this mode. Jason can HIDE, just as counselors can, and he is in permanent Stalk mode in Tranquil mode. Jason can also PICK UP, DROP, and HIDE/STASH/HANG bodies that others may or may not later discover. In Tranquil mode, Counselors are singularly focused on getting all the transport modes fixed and, once the items are fixed, counselors can get in them and "leave", rather than "escape". ALL THE WHILE, Jason is watching. He stays in the shadows and waits for the perfect time to strike. When one counselor is alone, he secretly picks them off, then disposes of the bodies by stashing them in hiding places or in the lake. One . . . by one . . . by one. All while in Tranquil mode. HOWEVER, the game immediately shifts to Alert mode if any of the following happen: A counselor sees Jason approaching and screams within range of others A counselor is attacked and escapes death, and is allowed to warn the others A dead/stashed body is discovered, and the discoverer is allowed to warn the others A counselor witnesses Jason killing another counselor, and is allowed to warn the others In Alert mode: The police can be immediately called (if Jason has not sabotaged the phone box) Running is re-enabled "Jason's music" is re-enabled Doors can be locked Tommy Jarvis CAN be summoned in this mode Jason's Stalk immediately drops off and must recharge as normal Jason will receive more XP for every kill he performs in Tranquil mode than he will in Alert mode. Counselors receive more XP for every repair performed/assisted in Tranquil mode than they will in Alert mode. Obviously, this promotes stealth and keeping the round in "tranquil mode" for as long as possible. Escape is possible in either mode, but more points are awarded for expediency. I just feel like this game mode would be more true to the films' style, plus create a great deal of "jump scares". This needs to be more developed as a whole, but what are your initial thoughts? - Skunk
  4. Well the lack of creative ideas from these developers is outstanding a game mode were you collecting skulls to win?????..... a fucking dance emote!!! Wow this game really is going to shit and they just continue to put out garbage for it!!! Why would anyone still play this rip off?????
  5. Okay, lots of games offer "God Modes." Suppose you had an option to let ALL counselors start with Tommy Jarvis stats: 10/10 across the board Spawn with shotgun Spawn with pocket knife Spawn with med spray ALL perks shift to LEGENDARY for just these rounds BUT, in exchange, Jason receives: +EVERYTHING Can run (regardless of version selected) Spawn with 10 throwing knives Spawn with 10 traps NO COOLDOWNS - powers immediately available and can be used repeatedly with no cooldown times Would this be an epic life-or-death struggle match, or a no-contest blowout? Pull up a chair. Let's talk.
  6. Sometimes I feel as if Jason is to easily noticed and so it takes that bit of fear from the game, especially with all the people who don't use stalk and do the good old fashioned grab and headbutt the fuck out of the keyboard to get that juicy grab insta kill. I think would be pretty cool, if they added a game mode where the killer is Pamela. So keep it mostly the same but the killer has way more stealth, and to balance her out maybe give her a ranged weapon like a bow from the movie? so if the councilors all group up she wont get butt fucked, she can just chill and snipe so they all split up. Or give her ways to deceive and lure councilors away from each other. And instead of escaping its just survive the night until authorities get there. Not sure if anyone else would see this as fun, but I think the constant on edge of not knowing where the killer is and the scare of her being just around the corner waiting to stab you or something, may just bring some more spice to the game. What do you guys think?
  7. So I'm new to this website but I've been a fan of the series for a long time and I love the game very much and I have an idea for a Pamela game mode and I would like to share it with you guys, maybe it could traction and maybe the devs will see it and like it! I'm not expecting anything and there's probably a few grammatically errors but here it goes! Pamela is a vengeful mother out for blood however she is human unlike our hockey masked zombie friend, Jason. Instead of brute force and supernatural powes Pamela will rely completely on stealth and instant kills on suspecting counselors however she can be killed in 1 hit as well. To compensate for all of this there is only a few weapons on the map, 3 baseball bat to stun and 1 machete to kill Pamela and the machete is hidden with Pamela's car. So now let's get into the specifics on how Pamela works. Before the match starts, in the customization menu you can select 1 of 3 weapons to start with, Hunting Knife, Machete or Axe. When the match starts Pamela in a random cabin in a closet. When in hiding places such as closets or under beds, Pamela can Morph to any hiding spot on the map, meaning she can get into cabins without being seen. When you exit your hiding place you have the Stalk effect on in other words means there isn't any music playing to warn counselors your near until you are spotted. Now let's say you're in a cabin with another counselor, when unseen a button prompt will appear over a counselor, when close enough you can press the button and Pamela with preform a stealth kill. Well now your probably thinking now, what's the counselors objectives, how do they escape? Well the counselors are aware they're in danger, the match starts with a cut scene of Chad finding a dead body in a closet before doing the famous Chad face before the camera pans to outside of the cabin of Pamela hiding then boom match starts. So the counselors are aware of Pamela's presence, now they need to repair they need to call the police by following these steps: - Find gas - Fill up main generator with gas - Find the 2 fuses - Repair the phone box - Call police - Counselor revives as officer - Wait for back up - Reach the exit ----------------------------------------------------- Pamela Weapons: - Hunting Knife - Axe - Machete Strengths: - Run - Climb through windows - Hide - Stealth Morph - Weapon Strength - Stealth kill - Always in stalk until spotted Weaknesses: - Can't Shift - Low HP - Low stun resistance - Can't Grab
  8. Counselor Combat is the title of an all-new, original game mode that may possibly be added to the Friday The 13th Game. In this risky, fast-paced game mode, the basic gameplay elements are all exactly as they were in the old mode with a single exception: there will be no Jason. Instead, the seven counselors will fight amongst each other in a battle royale similar to the Hunger Games. Spawning as a randomly selected counselor at a randomly selected location, the seven counselors must battle it out until only one counselor is left standing. Either using the melee weapons (axe, bat, machete, pipe, wood, or wrench), the firearms (shotgun or flare gun), a physical item (pocket knives), or even an escape route (car, boat, or police) to kill the other counselors, the seven must fight against each other until only one remains. Some other notes include that the CB Radio and Tommy Jarvis will still be in the game, with a player once again coming back if called. The cars will still be there to run over counselors (though they couldn’t escape with them), the boat would be there to kill counselors in the water, and the police would still show up, only to drop off guns at the exit they spawn to. The weapons will still be able to break, the medical sprays will still be littered around the map, and the pocket knives can now be used to stab someone and cut their health in half. A final note to list is that the hiding spots would still be available to hide in, however, the other counselors could kill you by walking up to them with a weapon and pressing the same button as Jason. So as you can see, Counselor Combat would be an inexpensive, fantastic, and truly amazing addition to the wonderful game we already have before us. So, if the devs could take a look at this, as well as the F13 Game community, I would be extremely thankful for any comments, ideas, or criticisms. And if the creators could actually make this game mode a reality, I think it would add diversity, sales, and pure fun to this incredible game that has given me hours of entertainment. Thank you for your time and please give me a response, Illfonic!
  9. Paranoid is where there are 8 consoler and 1 consoler is a killer and you have to figure out who it is.
  10. I've been thinking about this for a while now. We have the standard game mode. Jason kills or they escape or both or Jason dies. Simple, not much thought to it. It encompasses aspects of the films for the most part. But yet you have the road map, with the 'New Game Mode' at the very edge of the road almost. Which to me, signals it could be spring or summer 2018 by the time it arrives, if not even later. How important is it for the 'New Game Mode' to be entirely different from the mode we have now? Or is it not that important? We know there will be bugs and content updates along the way. New Jasons, new maps, new counselors, etc. Yet these are the two scenarios I foresee for the future of the game, as it pertains to the 'New Game Mode'. Best Case Scenario 1. The Devs become better at fixing their own game 2. They tinker with the balance and actually talk about what they changed and actively change BOTH Counselor and Jason, what works and what doesn't 3. The 'New Game Mode' hits and its a welcomed addition met with favorable opinions, time will tell if its as loved as the original mode or just something played on the side because its 'not the way the game was meant to be played' Worst Case Scenario 1. The Devs stay the same or become worse at fixing their own game 2. They DO NOT actively come out and say they will change this or that or try to tinker with EITHER Jason or Counselor, keeping the updates half logged, half vague as possible 3. The 'New Game Mode' is more demanded simply in the hope that its not the same as the standard game, which has become a bore and a chore So I suppose the question actually answers itself, but I ask others really. If the game is in the same shape its in now, only with added content but the same old, boring, buggy, lethargic gameplay. The want and demand for the 'new game mode' I would think would be pretty high and the hope that its different as possible from the standard mode will be a big talking point. Yet if things improve on all fronts to some degree. I could easily see the new mode not being something as in demand by the playerbase. This user in particular has gone over various game modes that could be added to freshen up the game. This is just one example. So should the 'New Game Mode' be as different as possible, regardless of the state of the game by the time we get to know more about it?
  11. Add a Jason Free For All mode where 8 Jason's fight each other
  12. Hello, First I'll start by saying my grammar is not the best so sorry if that bothers people! But my idea I thought of that would be cool is if you could get the rights to Freddy and add him as a bonus character. And like how Jason has music, for Freddy, it'd just be creepy children/girls singing his theme with no background music at all and gets louder as he gets near the counselors. One ability could be taunt and what it does is basically raises the fear levels of any nearby counselors making the sense ability more useful for Freddy. And how you kill him...well of course use fire! maybe instead of using the gas on the boat or car the counselors can choose to use it on Freddy coating him in it and finding a way to light him on fire but maybe if he goes into the water it washes it off so you HAVE to do it only when the times right and everyone is ready or you waste the gas for that match. Another idea I had was if you could make that happen, a Freddy vs Jason mode type deal where each killer fights the other to kill more counselors than the other. Maybe increase the number of counselors in this game mode to try and balance it a little better. I know what I suggest would be a ton of work making another killer and trying to make him different than Jason but I really think this would help boost sales and keep people playing longer and as we know companies like money ^-~ Could make it free content or DLC really. I'd love to hear what others would have to say and any suggestions on what his abilities would be or how to kill him, as I'm sure others can improve upon my idea! Bi'ankia <3
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