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Found 10 results

  1. Although I brought this up in another thread ,I always thought of this way to have Pamela in the game in spirit of not actually playing her. Devs have stated adding Pamela to the killer side would be a hassle for them .So ,my way of adding her is through NPC in style of dark souls .The way they can add her is to the reworked Nes map which has been brought up here in the forums .Pamela(Part Three dead form) would spawn in the cave near her alter .Counsellors would have to fight her in combat stance order to receive her sweater .Her health points would be half of Jason's points in the game .This would be better idea than a spinning head that attacks you at any moment.
  2. There is a chance to put the original "Friday the 13th" NES game as a DLC as a new game mode, with trophies or achievements?
  3. Hi again ! just another alternate splash screen image but this time with the classic NES game intro mask.You can grab it here : Classic NESJust put the file in your " ...\Steam\steamapps\common\F13Game\SummerCamp\Content\Splash\ " folder ( backup the old one first if you want ). Hope you'll like it.PS: I don't own any rights to the image, I just resized and converted it to .bmp
  4. I saw someone in another thread related to map questions suggest that they add Crystal Lake from the old NES game to the list. I had been pondering about this myself and his post pushed me to create this thread, so shout outs to @Manny1985 for presenting the idea to the forums first. I would like to see how people think about adding this map to the game, and if they would like the layout. If it a lot of people like it, I will create an official thread in the Suggestion subforum for us. I think the layout is great for the game, roads and paths are already in place. It could maybe use some more trees around the whole map instead of just the two dedicated forest areas, but the caves should be included, and that is where Pamela's head and sweater should be, just as her head was in the old game. The lake could possibly be extended off to the right in order to create an exit for the boat, as there was a rowboat in the original game as well. It actually astounds me how similar the NES game is to this one, now that I think about it. They took inspiration I believe. They could probably recreate the original NES game using assets they already have, but that is another topic altogether. What do you guys think? Would you like to see Retro Crystal Lake as an official map, maybe even with it's classic music recreated?
  5. For those who want to hear the full song,here it is... Im glad that Mitch kept some of the original game music in this chase theme.
  6. So what does everyone think NES Jason stats will be? There's two I can think of. The most likely will be part 3's stats. Given that he's a reskin of part 3 with the same weapon and kills, its reasonable to assume he'll have the same stats. The other possibility I see is Savini's stats. There have been threads on here asking for a new Jason with his stats, and with this Jason being free i'd see a good opportunity for it here. Plus it would stop all that "pay to win" bullshit. I don't see this Jason having a completely new set of stats. It's been less than a month from release and they wouldn't of had time to test specifics strengths and weaknesses to see how well they are balanced. So what does everyone think it's gonna be?
  7. Now that we know Gun Media is bringing back the NES Jason colors, what are some other things you'd like to see the team bring into this game? I think having the torch as a weapon would be cool.Also, adding map with a similar layout as the NES would also be nice (having a few cabins on an island you can only swim to).
  8. For any of you folks who have never played or seen the NES Friday the 13th, I thought this would be a fitting introduction:
  9. hi the my suggestions wloud be more maps, more ways to escape!, more counseler skins more jason skins and maybe give everybody the virtual cabin in the menu to look at there trophies to view kills and maybe put a tv there to play the nes friday the 13th game that wloud be a blast. (yes i am aware licensing but hey doesn't hurt to try) also i wloud like a bot mode and of course looking forward to the singleplayer.
  10. We already have parts 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (plus one original by Tom Savini), but I invite you to vote for what other killers would like to have in the future game as DLC. I know that FVJ Jason and the remake are not on the licenses, but I've put them to know how many of you would like to see those two too. Also, tell the reason why you chose that option, what weapons they would like them to have and how they would work their skills in the game, etc. Hopefully, once the game is released, keep filling it with more content and making it grow more and more.
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