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Found 7 results

  1. Hey! First time posting here on the forums. I was just wondering if they were ever going to make NES Jason his own unique Jason. If I remember correctly areound yhe time they launched the site they mentioned that they were removing in to give him some “much needed TLC” but nothings changed. Sorry if this has been brought up before.
  2. I was talking with the family recently, and got to thinking, we could use a map for retro Jason. It could be based on the classic Friday the 13th for the NES. I understand that this would be way down the road, after the more requested content has been developed. I'd like to hear what the fanbase have to say. @GunMedia_Ben @ShiftySamurai @wes any input from you would be greatly appreciated.
  3. So what does everyone think NES Jason stats will be? There's two I can think of. The most likely will be part 3's stats. Given that he's a reskin of part 3 with the same weapon and kills, its reasonable to assume he'll have the same stats. The other possibility I see is Savini's stats. There have been threads on here asking for a new Jason with his stats, and with this Jason being free i'd see a good opportunity for it here. Plus it would stop all that "pay to win" bullshit. I don't see this Jason having a completely new set of stats. It's been less than a month from release and they wouldn't of had time to test specifics strengths and weaknesses to see how well they are balanced. So what does everyone think it's gonna be?
  4. After reading a lot of the posts and seeing that the new NES Jason will be just a skin on Part 3 makes me wonder why they didn't do this with Savini Jason. This would have made less players angry over the skin, the NES Jason from what I've heard has only one exclusive kill. Something I feel could have went to Savini as well, now that being I love both skins and love Gun is listening to the fans about this. I just hope maybe when they make a newer Jason with a pitchfork maybe the hate on Savini would go down. Enjoy Dancing NES Jason!
  5. Gun Media's youtube channel just release this marvelous new! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYZdSndmNwg What powers do you guys think that NES Jason need to have?
  6. So yeah Paul Phoenix is back at it again,he made a NES skin for Jason and showing different Jason kills trough the point of view of the victim. Also as you can see,it is possible to give any weapons and killing animations to any of the Jason models,so anyone who tought it wasnt possible have been proven wrong. And here's a bonus video from Paul Phoenix...
  7. For any of you folks who have never played or seen the NES Friday the 13th, I thought this would be a fitting introduction:
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