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Found 1 result

  1. Jason's nerfed grab and hit detection isnt what threw off balance and made him undesirable to use anymore....it was a build up of choices made by devs and each patch slightly got worse and worse. The newest patch is just the straw that broke the camel's back, it sucks. Funny how full lobbies refuse to be Jason (the reason you got this game lol). Sad I'm sure there's a LOT more, but here are the easily noticeable ones that come to mind . Theese are the big nerfs done to Jason in order since launch: JASON NERFS: -take away blocking through bear traps , flares, firecrackers (possibly the only GOOD change done) -breaking doors down in combat stance (not huge nerf, was supposedly a bug from the start, but I found no harm as councilor) -added window break animation/ councilor protection force field when climbing through ( my biggest pet peeve in this game, basically a councilors exploit , why is this still in?!! Horrible!) -Trap Stacking (This was somewhat of an exploit, but most accepted it, and made you think twice . With it being removed ,now half your traps go to some random ass spot if trying to put another close) - take away Jason's combat/ blocking (now its pretty useless , once you start blocking, might as well sit there until councilors leave , you have a like a 3 second countdown ticker before you can do anything, wonky ) -councilors scream when close to Jason (this can be seen as a nerf or buff, depending on situation , but i think most dont want it , ruins stalk for jason ) - hit detection (was never great, but now it' really garbo, wtf happend, are theese guys really just ducking and not getting hit...lol. Councilors seem fine though , shrugs) -nerfed grab (i was actually on board with a slight nerf for it , as most were im sure, but it got taken to far, laughable. Reduce range that's all you had to do. Watching Jason' is painfully cringeeorthy almost every match. Fix your hero) ------------------------ JASON BUFFS : NONE ? Insult to injury -added small maps (so full lobbies can get super easy escapes) - added extra pocket knifes (around same time as small maps? great ,twice as many) - added repair item markers (hold the hands of councilors to ensure an easy escape, we don't need teamwork to escape anymore, great!) -add MORE knives at all campsites! (...hell, let' put a gun and medsprays there too) ------------------------------------------------------------ There' s more. After that 1st patch i thought it was pretty solid and balanced, pretty disappointing 7 months in . Hopefully things get turned around.