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Found 3 results

  1. Fox should start out with a knife and a pistol because she is a biker, she should also have her own bike to repair because Jason destroys the bike after he kills a counselor in the intro and she can escape on the bike or any counselor can escape on the bike.
  2. So this idea is from @REO thread [url=http://forum.f13game.com/index.php?/topic/6952-suggestions-for-developers-living-list/]here[/url] and took the idea from his thread because I think Jason Part 7 topic is worth it's own discussion so all credit to him. Do you guys feel Jason Part 7 needs a redesign in some way with his skills? To me he's the coolest Jason but he's so terrible and not worth picking... F13 game having a version of Jason that is underpowered or weak should definitely be a big NO and needs to be fixed since this game is all about Jason being a huge threat. How can they make Jason Part 7 worth using but remaining unique and not copy pasta from other Jasons? SO let's get into his weaknesses first.... 1.) His traps suck and he only gets 3 which is a BIG weakness for controlling objectives 2.) He's slow and can't run. He also has a crappy shift speed and cooldown which makes chasing down counselors even more hell for him... Up against Vanessa? might as well put the controller down... 3.) His attack range is crap and he's very easy to kite and bully Now his pros... 1.) Good sense so he can use it more but it's not a big deal since almost every Jason can toggle and use sense well. 2.) Good water speed... Umm mainly useless so who cares? Only really helps with boat chase and that's it. 3.) Good grip... again who cares? If you catch counselor with no pocket knife they will be dead anyway so this is completely useless in the grand scheme of things.... With all those weaknesses and terrible pros WHY would anyone ever want to pick this Jason if they want to win over the other Jason's except for the "cool" factor? <--- Which is why this is the BIG PROBLEM. Also if counselor ever get car started with you vs Part 7 Jason LOL good luck trying to catch the char with your super slow Jason. So what can we do to help and make Jason Part 7 worth picking? Here is @REO ideas for reworking Jason Part 7 from this thread: My ideas for Jason Part 7 are change his strong grip to make it so once he grabs a counselor another counselor can't hit him and make him drop the person he got since it's so hard for him to grab someone. This would make his skill worth picking and different from other Jasons. So who's all with me that Jason Part 7 needs some help and what would you give him?
  3. To improve the new player experience the forum should be improved the following ways: A guide/tips & tricks section so people have a space to post useful posts for both Jason and Councellors. About Friday the 13th: The Game --> rename into announcements Friday the 13th: The Game General Discussion --> rename into General Discussion Friday the 13th: The Game -- Suggestions/Feedback --> rename Suggestions & Feedback Friday The 13th: The Game Bug Reporting --> rename Bug & Technical Difficulties reporting Community events should be merged into the general section of the forum and rules and regulations/introductions & news removed. News are in announcements, rules a stickied post in general and introductions deleted and forgotten or put near the off-topic section. This will make it easier for new players to navigate straight into what they need. Some users might come in raging in defeat, others might look to improve or report a bug. A clear structure and short names help with that. The Moderation team should be proper support staff with an introduction into what they are supposed to do and I strongly advice to re-checking the forum rules. There are rules in there you can't possibly enforce (introduction is meme level) You only hurt yourself in the long run if you let these things be community run too much. It just never works out - fans can assist but should never make the final call on anything. You do. That means the forum/discord/twitter/facebook & devstreams are in your hand and only assisted by fans. Only reddit is acceptable outside of dev hands. Just watch how the countless other games do it and in this case they do it a lot better. Dont be lazy about this either it takes less than 30 minutes for one person to change this for the better.
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