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Found 1 result

  1. Hello ladies and gentleman! This is my first topic and I hope it can be useful for players and this game's developers. One of my biggest problems with Jason gameplay are the Jason(s) stats. More specifically Jason 3 (optional), Jason 7 and Jason 8. And Savini Jason is perfect Jason 3 (optional): This Jason seen to have very basic gameplay due to his stats. His way of killing seens very direct: Go to his victim and kill them. People keep saying I'm bitching about Jason 3 needing changes but for me, a Jason with these stats will never be the Jason from Friday the 13th: Part 3. Gameplay Style: Hunter Stats: +Can Run +Grip Strenght (Replace) +Weapon Strength -Stun Resistance -Sense -Stalk (Replace) Suggestions: Replace +Grip Strenght and -Stalk. For me, no Jason need to have bad Stalk since it is the way he killed most of his victims in the movies. And with +Grip Strenght, the Jason 3 players will just ignore everything and every method and pursue their targets without strategy since he is a running Jason. I don't know about his new strenght and weakness, so please comment below what it should be. Jason 7: Oh boy! Where do I begin? One of the Moderators called Kodiak said Jason 7 was supposed to be a grappler Jason, but can't see the point since his Strenghts are terrible. His -Shift and -Can't Run make him unable to reach running counselors and cars, thus making him very slow. What's the point of having +Sense if he can't reach counselors? Also, +Water Speed doesn't make a good balance to his abilities since no one is dumb enough to enter in the water unless if it's by boat (take in mind that some maps doesn't have boats). Gameplay Style: "Grappler"/Stalker Stats: +Sense (Replace) +Water Speed +Grip Strenght -Traps (Replace) -Can't Run -Shift Suggestions: Replace +Sense and -Traps. His +Sense needs to be replaced with +Stalk which I think it would be a great addition to his gameplay. This Jason looks like that "one-chance" type of gameplay which he needs to wait for his prey but if he fails, it will punish him and with this update, he can have the right tools to adopt this playstyle . But since the combination of +Grip Strenght and +Stalk might be too OP, I think -Shift will balance him more. And as a bonus, I removed -Traps to help him get a better control of the scenario (however, I don't know what to put in its place. So please, comment below what weakness should replace it). Jason 8: This Jason is one of the best Jason(s) in the game simply because of +Destruction which most Jason players love it since destroying locked doors is annoying. But I feel some of his Strenghts are really random. Why does he has both +Stalk and +Destruction? There's any kind of combination these abilities can do? Gameplay Type: Strategic Stats: +Stalk (Replace) +Destruction +Water Speed -Sense -Can't Run -Grip Strenght Suggestion: Not much go say here except that +Stalk doesn't seen to fit him. Jason 8 needs +Morph. I think it will give him total control of the scenario. Then he can smash all the doors before the counselors arrive, place traps under the smashed doors and go into the water more often to wait for the Morph cooldown. I also this his weaknesses are perfect! His -Sense will make it harder for him to locate counselors and his -Grip Strenght will discorage Jason 8 players to stay next to houses and do environmental kills.
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