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Found 4 results

  1. Give me the option to mute her voice in the Settings menu. Obviously the end match cutscene would not be affected by this. Don't you find it repetitive to hear her voice sometimes? And let's face it, any semblance of "immersion" the game might have had has since been extinguished, so yeah, Pamela voice is ancillary.
  2. I love this game, but I absolutely cannot stand when in a game I'm dealing with loud, aggressive, angry trolls. As Jason, having people taunt you and scream laugh into their mic is incredibly jarring and disheartening. I'd almost prefer to just interact with the character's in the game and forget I'm playing with actual people. As a counsellor, I've seen people complain about annoying Jasons ruining immersion by speaking. Now, personally speaking, I enjoy friendly banter...but... ****I AM TALKING SPECIFICALLY ABOUT TOXIC PLAYERS WHO ARE SORE LOSERS/WINNERS AND TROLLS IN GENERAL.***** Please devs, just give us an easy to push Mute all button *IN GAME.* Not before a match... IN-GAME. As a fail-safe. F13 has quickly become my favourite online game, but I just had an evening of fun ruined by one idiot who wouldn't shut up at the end of the night. Please consider this option as an added feature that would ONLY EFFECT YOUR EXPERIENCE OF THE GAME. Meaning, you push *MUTE ALL* and it only mutes all other players for YOUR GAME, not EVERYONE ELSE'S GAME IN THE MATCH.
  3. This problem has been off and on for a little bit now. I've noticed that in the pre-game lobby AND during the game, My game-chat is NOT working. My Mic is registering my voice but nobody can hear me, except for my friends or those who are in my party. And, it isnt my settings or anything. I this a known issue?? It's getting very difficult to play, especially when new people want me to join their game and I cant help them out by talking. In case you were wondering, I play xbox.
  4. I'm glad that I can mute in the lobby, but why can't I do it in-game? Listening to the screechy voice 12-year old that backstabbed you for 20 mins isn't very fun.