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Found 8 results

  1. Hi people, after playing a lot of Friday The 13th over the past few weeks I have come to really enjoy it, I would say it can be very nerve racking when Jason is trying to decimate you but I feel it like it would be more of an immersive and a scarier experience if you could play the game in first person. I've talked with a few random people on the game about it and they agree it would be cool, anyone else think this would be a cool idea? I would certainly love to see it.
  2. So dedicated servers have been unavailable ALL of Saturday 12/14 and still at this time Sunday 12/15 for Xbox One. You see "checking session for room" which immediately changes to "Search cooldown" about every 15 seconds, up to about 3 minutes, then you get put in a peer to peer lobby. Pings are generally 100-250 at average best. Just before creating this topic, I lost connection to a game where I finally got a Jason turn. So because nobody is fixing the server issue, I just lost out on achievement progress for my single remaining achievement, 1000 online Jason matches... This length of time with no maintenance progress is UNACCEPTABLE. This game is hot mess of bugs even with dedicated servers smh
  3. I'm having a bit of trouble on the PS4 with online multiplayer, it's not letting me into the game the timer just keeps on going and I can't play multiplayer any suggestions?
  4. Don't get me wrong, i use knives all the time and they are a great weapon, but, how about if the Knives intead of hurting the counselor, make them more slow to run or jog? (Till they use a spray) knife make counselors 3% or maybe 5% more slow, that way the knives could be a lot more useful
  5. Player should be able to create their own characters. They can change body size, hair (color), eyes, eyebrows, skin tones, choose their characters traits (like athletic, nerdy, brave, coward, determined, friendly, snitch, backstabber, selfish, etc). This would not only contribute to my other ideas for the game but it will attract more buyers. People like to make characters if you haven’t noticed. And you can keep the original ones just Incase some people just really don’t care. Also for the cut scene, all of the created characters should be sitting in the circle by the camp fire. When one of them is grabbed by Jason that player becomes Jason. Instead of showing the player’s Jason, since a lot of people play as the same Jason and are disappointed when they get their hopes up and they’re not chosen. (I know from my own personal experience). There is also a lot of glitches that prevent Jason from grabbing players or prevents player from moving. Like in the main house there’s a glitch in the bottom part of house In the Jarvis House. Players can’t move on behind the couch and neither can Jason. So either the player is trapped and gets killed or Jason is teased by the players for not being able to grab them. And another feature is multiple players on one screen. Games like Call Of Duty or Left 4 Dead branched out into multiplayer versions. Like I’m my house my friends come over and it’s so annoying to pass the controller back and forth because we each want a turn. I don’t know. There could be better ways to explain my ideas I have tons more. But here’s the less complicated ones.
  6. I’m Tommy. I live in NYC. I want to kill Jason with some of y’all. PS4 name is tommynorcal and I’m usually on Sundays and some weeknights. I play with a mic and need to re-sharpen my skills after a hiatus! add me if you’re down.
  7. Will you be able to play with multiple people on the same xbox one? I want to be able to play this with my boyfriend and the roommate all on the same xbox/tv setup. Is that possible? Couch co-op is the term to play on the same console with numerous players much how like we all did in the early 2000's and before. For others like me that have a tough time finding console games that are local couch co-op I recommend this badass site that is a database for all types of multiplayer capable (couch coop or otherwise) it's called http://www.co-optimus.com/ Seems like such a rare thing nowadays with console games so I always try to find this answer before buying a console game. Worst comes to worse I'll have to buy a copy for my xbox and one for my PC since cross platform play will be possible. I've tried searching online and here on the forums but haven't found an answer. Made an account just to post this. I appreciate any help guys, thanks!
  8. So i'm super excited for this game and certainly plan to buy it if the offline is up to par but I have a question about the offline multiplayer with bots. So I have a cabin up north and there is no internet up there so I try to mainly buy games that I can play without internet since I spend alot of time up there and at night I usually end up doing most of my gaming up there. From what i've seen on the forums and other sites there will be a single player and offline multiplayer with bots but you can only play as jason. I'm just wondering if this is true and if there will ever be a jason AI added at some point so you can get the full experience of the game without having to have internet? After buying games like star wars battlefront that started adding skirmish, offline with bots, and then stopped and left me buying dlc that I cant play much, besides when i'm back home with internet, I have really started looking into games and making sure they have what I want in them. So if I can get confirmation that at some point there will be offline multiplayer with bots including Jason, so I can play as a counselor as well, I will definatly be buying this game and as soon as it comes out.
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