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Found 24 results

  1. Personally Jason Lives is one of my least favorites. I don't hate the movie, and I do get enjoyment out of it, I just don't like it as much as some of the other movies.
  2. I dont know what kind of drugs J.J Abrams was on when directing and filming this movie but GOD DAMN was it just full of inconsistencies, horrible retcons, illogical asspulls, and bad writing..... The fact the own ACTORS themselves even facially revealed how they felt should say alot....I get it they did REFERENCES from the old and added to the current but this is not how you do it! Why would you bring back a VERY old threat? Why?! WHAT POINT IS THAT? Spoilers..... SOOOOOOO WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!? I could do a WHOLE page of confusing rants....but its not worth it.....the film is 5/10 stars for me.....
  3. Yup.....another Puppet Master movie......while they are now beating Friday the 13th in film count! @Slasher_Clone @Fair Play
  4. As it is the month of October, I'm watching 2 horror movies a day. I was hoping to get some suggestions from some of our movie experts here on the forum. Excluding the movie franchises that we're all quite familiar with, do you have some recommendations that one should see, based on your own experiences? Thanks in advance.
  5. What is the timeline of all the films and with Jason age? I know after Part 6 Jason is 44 years old but after rewatching the Crystal Lake Memories they stated its been 10 years after the Part 6 events and so Jason would be 54 years old...so what is the years after these into Part 8? Part 9? And Jason X? And then FvJ?!
  6. A poll to end all polls! This is a recurrent topic and most polls are biased or incomplete at best. So... I decided, why not! I am curious to see what the results will be. I will try to make this list as complete as possible within the limitations, there is a maximum of 20 options. Keep in mind you can vote for multiple characters! Here we go!
  7. Seems in 2019 the "Leprechaun Returns ".
  8. Currently, this game has only one known upcoming counselor clothing pack DLC releasing with the new engine update, and that is the Pajama & Lingerie Clothing Pack (based on the leaks). But I want to propose a new idea the dev's could consider related to clothing DLC. As we all know, the Friday The 13th series features A LOT of characters, a small group of them are considered to be iconic such as Melissa (an upcoming counselor-- Presumably edit: NOW CONFIRMED), Trish Jarvis, Jimmy, Crazy Ralph (who unfortunately will not be making it in the game as a playable character--which was confirmed by Gun Media), and more. Then there's the slightly less iconic characters that ARE known, but aren't exactly popular. We all know for a fact that Gun Media cannot add every single character from the movies into the game, that's why I'm proposing an idea to allow characters to wear outfits of either the popular or "known" characters from the movies. NEW COUNSELOR OUTFITS/MODELS: Deborah Kim [The Bookish Girl] as Eva Watanabe (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Vanessa Jones [The Athletic Girl] as Julius Gaw (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Mitch Floyd [The Stoner] as Wayne Webber (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Chad Kensington [The Preppy Guy] as Robert Campbell (Part IX - Jason Goes To Hell) Jenny Myers [The Girl Next Door] as Alice Hardy (Part I) Note: Alice Hardy most likely won't be making it into the game as an individual counselor because Jenny Myers has the Final Girl Trope. *Could make use of the colors to make a reference to Laurie Strode from Halloween as a little easter egg. Tiffany Cox [The Flirty Girl] as The Moore Twins (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Note: Originally I was going to give Tiffany Terry's outfit from Part II, but we have too many carnal outfits for Tiffany, we need to change things up. Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson [The Jock] as Ben MacNeal (Part VII - The New Blood) Adam Palomino [The Edgy Guy] as Eddie McCarlo (Part VII - The New Blood) Kenny Reidell [The Head Counselor] as Barry Jackson (Part I) Melissa Paur [The Mean Girl/The Catty Girl] as Robin Brown (Part V - A New Beginning) Note: Melissa is presumably coming to the game based on the leaks provided by the community, we also don't know her official trope yet because she hasn't been officially announced by the devs. I based her outfit on Robin Brown because during this scene, Robin had that preppy look almost similar to Chad. So I had to give Melissa this look. Edit: NOW CONFIRMED A.J. Mason [The Rocker Chick] as J.J. (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) -I would like to request that you guys could help give me outfit ideas for: Eric J.R. Lachappa [The Nerd] Shelly [The Prankster] And Fox [The Biker] Also, after further reviewing, I've noticed that a lot of these outfits favor Jason Takes Manhattan for the outfits. I apologize but, JTM is a pretty good movie regarding the clothing. Part 6 is the worst w/ iconic character outfits, which is the only movie I haven't touched (other than Jason X and the remake.) Tell me what you guys think about this DLC below! Would you like this to be implemented into the game? -Update 3/25/18- @bewareofbears gave me an interesting idea, which is to NOT give the counselors the clothing these characters wear, but rather give them models that look EXACTLY like these characters, which will: 1) Please the fans EVEN MORE 2) And solve problems with Counselor Clones I like this idea a lot better than my idea with just giving the counselors the outfits of these characters. Some of these models would then need new Voice Actors, because seeing a Julius running around near Jason and screaming "Help! Oh God!" in Vanessa's voice would be pretty awkward. Fox [The Biker] as Ali (Part III) Shelly [The Prankster] as Shelly (Wet Suit Attire - Part III) Note: We couldn't find anything great for Shelly, so we decided to give him his Wet Suit from Part III (the outfit he died in.) Unfortunately, this outfit will not give Shelly a model change, unless you guys can come up with something that will change that. @JasonLives86 is credited for suggesting this. -Update 3/28/18- I was trying to find a way to revive this thread somehow, because it actually took a while for me to come up with these ideas and I don't want these ideas to end up halfway lodged into the void of other threads, Until now. I came up with a few new ideas: NEW COUNSELOR WEAPONS: Large Kitchen Knife/Hunter Knife Variant (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Stats: STN - [1/4 - 2/4] (Special) DMG - 2/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular swing of knife; short lunge range. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Counselor sprints at Jason with knife in stabbing motion at Jason's forehead; Infinite lunge range (Consumes stamina) Stun chance increases by one. Successful stun has a 1/8 chance of causing Jason to fall to the ground while stunned. -Lunge is similar to how Pamela Voorhees does it in the gif above (Of course without the murderous intent.) Spawn Location(s): - Kitchen Areas - Tents Note: Large Kitchen Knife or a Hunter Knife model can be used for this weapon. Broken Boat Oar (Part I) Stats: STN - 3/4 DMG - 1/4 DUR - 1/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular swing of paddle; bat lunge range. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Regular combat stance bat animation attack. Spawn Location(s): -Docks/Areas near water Laser-Sight Pistol (Part VI - Jason Lives) Stats: STN - INFINITE DMG - [0/4 - 1/4] (Depends if it's a head shot) DUR - One Time Use - Flare Gun and Shotgun Hybrid weapon. Laser appears on target when aimed. Hybrid Hitscan and Projectile weapon (Shot will be a REALLY fast projectile, almost acting like a Hitscan weapon.) Note: Players who get head shotted in Private Lobbies by the pistol will instantly die. Body shots will damage them to halfway of limping. (a hit from Jason would limp them) Spawn Locations(s): - Archery Range (Crystal Lake) - Main House(s) Giant Shovel (Part III & Part VI: Jason Lives) STN - 3/4 DMG - 1/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): Side swing animation Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Overhead strike (bat combat stance animation) - Holding Animation: Counselor will wield shovel with both hands (Similar to how Part VI Jason does with his spear.) Spawn Location(s): - Barns (Higgins Haven and Pinehurst) - Outdoor Table areas - Graveyards Pitchfork (Part II) STN - 1/4 DMG - 2/4 DUR - 3/4 Regular Attack (Mouse 1/R2/RT): NEW unique Pitch Fork swinging animation; recovery after missed swing is .5 seconds slower. Combat Stance Attack (Combat Lock Button + Mouse 1/R2/RT): Frontal thrust of Pitch Fork (like how Part 6 and Savini Jason does in Combat Stance) @SmugDoka is credited. NEW VEHICLES: Mrs. Voorhees' Jeep (Part I) Seats Available: 2 Ginny's Car (Part II) Seats Available: 2 Note: There's a model of a car in the files very similar to Ginny's car (most likely for single player.) I pray to god this is not the final product. Higgens Haven Van (Part III) Seats Available: 6 Note: Because this is a 6 seater, there would obviously have to be nerfs to this bad boy. Nerfs/Cons: -Car starts off with two missing tires, must find two tires and install them on the van using QTE. -Car is slightly slower than a regular car. -Huge size makes it easier for Jason to stop the car. -Starting up the car will take 3 seconds longer. Overall, this would make counselors have to make a big team effort to escape using this method. NEW JASON WEAPONS: Surgical Saw (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Pole Arm-Spear/Nagatana (Part VII - A New Blood) NEW COUNSELOR ITEMS: New Hybrid Item - Hatchet [smaller version of the axe] (Part III) Description: The Hatchet is a hybrid object that has a multi-purpose use, including: - Damaging Jason - Killing Jason (Must be Tommy Jarvis and press the prompted button upon knocking him to his knees) - Destroying barricaded windows NEW - Destroying Locked Doors NEW Stats: STN - No Stun DMG - 3/4 DUR - 3/4 [Special] Spawn Location(s): - Jason's Shack (Will replace the Axe in the Shack.) - Tree Stumps Note: Only two hatchets per map. NEW FEATURE - Destroying Barricaded Windows: The hatchet will come with the ability to destroy barricaded windows. This feature is for players who unfortunately need an emergency escape for dire situations such as Jason placing a trap on all the windows and even the entrance. There are two ways to break down barricaded windows, and they both have different effects: Method 1) Skill Checks: The player can choose to break down a window by using skill checks. The skill checks are based off the score of your character's strength (Strength Skill Checks.) Using this method will generate small sound pings while your character is swinging, your character will swing for every time you successfully trigger a skill check, failing a skill check will cause a moderate sound ping to occur. Method 2) Swinging: The player can choose to break down a window by regularly swinging at the window. Swinging will cause loud pings to occur (like the pings from a radio.) Damage caused to the barricaded window is based off the character's strength. Note: Both Methods will actually drain the durability of your weapon, but will not break it. NEW FEATURE - Destroying Locked Doors: We all have those crappy moments when someone decides to lock the door and leave the room when there's a gas can or a battery (or a fuse at the worst.) SO! The hatchet will actually break down locked doors! With some catches though... 1) Breaking down a door will cause the hatchet to deplete to the lowest durability possible 2) You can ONLY break it down with Strength Skill Checks 3) Breaking down doors takes a lot more effort than Jason can (Ex: Buggzy has a 10 in strength, so he has to do 10 skill checks; Deborah has a 1 in strength, so she has to do 25 skill checks.) 4) Breaking down doors will cause moderate sound pings, finally breaking it will cause a Loud sound ping. @Cokeyskunk is credited for enlightening some ideas into my head about the hatchet without even stating them. I might actually consider giving these features to the regular axe as well... Hammer And Nails (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: The Hammer And Nails will provide additional defense against Jason breaking down doors. -Grants 2 additional hit points to doors, Rage mode negates the effects of the defenses. Use: Utilizes a QTE to place nails on door. Size and Speed of skill checks are based off of Composure. Jason will not be alerted if the counselor misses a skill check. A mistake will cause the skill check to go reverse by one. Spawn Location(s): - Workshop (Crystal Lake) - Tables in Cabins Misc. Jason: New Ability - "Nimrod's Hurl" (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: Jason has the ability to grab a counselors weapon and throw it at great force to damage a counselor. Depending on the Damage stat of the weapon, this could cause counselors to become badly wounded from the weapon throw. This could be used as an alternative to one of four of Jason's abilities that are unlocked as the match continues. The damage caused by the thrown weapons would be reduced by 40% for balancing purposes. In addition, if a counselor were to be hit in the head by a thrown High Stun weapon, they would then receive a Vertigo effect where their controls are inverted for a couple of seconds. There would also be a slight hint of aim assist when Jason throws the weapon. Cooldowns: Normal - 25 seconds Negative (-) - 40 seconds Positive (+) - 15 seconds New Ability - "Iron Cranium" (Part VI - Jason Lives) Description: Jason will have the ability to resist a lot of stun and minimum damage. This could be use as an alternative to one of the four of Jason's abilities that are unlocked as the match continues. When the ability is used, Jason will be 30% slower and receive 60% stun resistance while additionally receiving 20% damage resistance. This could be a great ability for players who struggle against medium-large groups of counselors, along with chain-stunning. Cooldowns: Normal - 30 seconds Negative (-) - 40 seconds Positive (+) - 20 seconds New Environmental Kill - Fire Poker Stab (Part III) Description: This kill is an alternative to the Fireplace (inside building) kill. In order to activate it, you must activate the prompted button and HOLD the button. New Environmental Kill - Ice Pick/Awl Stab (Part II) Description: The Ice Pick/Awl is an environmental item that can spawn like the Knife, Screwdriver, and Boombox. The item can spawn in cabins. @SmugDoka is credited. New Kill - Guillotine Filament (Part II) Description: Jason grabs a Garrote Wire and strangles a counselor. -Unlocks at Level 130- @SmugDoka is credited. New Environmental Kill - Shattered Glass Puncture (Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan) Description: Jason breaks a glass surface and proceeds to stab the counselor with the shards. This environmental kill can be located on areas with mirrors (The bathrooms in Crystal Lake) or as an alternative with the window kill (hold the prompted button to activate the kill.) @SmugDoka is credited. New Environmental Kill - Jarvis House Window Toss (Part IV - The Final Chapter) Description: Jason tosses a counselor outside the hexagon window structure, killing them upon impacting the ground. Counselors can also use the window to jump out using their own will. Both window exits use the animation in the gif (The counselor will get up after they hit the ground if they jump out.) @SmugDoka is credit. Misc. Counselors: New Cassette Tapes - The Shepard Tapes (Part VII - The New Blood) Description: The Shepard Tapes is another collectible for counselors to explore the life of Tina during her early adolescent ages to her late teens. The tapes include commentary from Doctor Crews, along with tapes of dilemma such as the wreaking of havoc. These tapes can be found hanging on any trees during the matches (they don't spawn every match just like the other tapes.) There is a total of 15 tapes to be collected in the Shephards' Tapes. New Radio Song: Part III Opening Theme (Part III) Note: Would work well w/ Lazaurus Disco Room Model Update - Fox (A Skin Tone-Up) Comment: In the game, Fox's skin tone isn't accurate to how Gloria Charles' skin tone was in the movies. Fox and Shelly's in-game skin tones are very similar with the difference of Fox having a more tan hue to her skin. The only reason why I can understand that she's lighter in the game is because her face is the most lightest part in the films, however, looking at the skin apart from the face shows a difference in skin tone. Hopefully the devs consider slightly toning her skin to accurately represent Gloria Charles' in the movie. Some people may even find this disrespectful considering the fact that she recently died. The skin tone should be moderately lighter than the skin of Vanessa or Brandon/Buggzy. Edit: NOW I think I see why her skin tone is like that. I apologize though, but do you guys think I needs a slight tone-up? New Skill Check - Strength (Part V - A New Beginning) The Strength Skill Check is used for the current following: - Breaking down doors - Breaking down window barricades Additional Info: Strength Skill Checks will NOT take the form of the wheel-type prompts, but rather on-screen button quick time events like this: The prompts gradually get faster for each successful skill check triggered. New Combat Stance Ability - Duck! (Part I) The counselor can toggle combat stance and can press (O/B/Ctrl) to quickly dodge a horizontal slash from Jason by ducking at no stamina cost. Feel free to give suggestions and comments guys!
  9. The point of this topic is to know what is more scary and tense... A killer/monster who can run or one who move at a slower pace but is more tougher to take down. For me its gotta be the ones that can run...why ? Because its a lot more tense when something is running toward you since it leave you with less time to think about a strategy,you need to pick up the pace yourself and think quick if you want to survive. Thats why running zombies are always much more of a threat than the slower ones. Think about any movies where the killer/monster always move at a slow steady pace,now imagine those movies if they ran instead,things would be quite different. For exemple take the movie (It Follows),now imagine if the creature in that movie always ran without ever being exhausted,always going at a constant running pace,i tell ya the peoples who have the curse wouldnt have time to stick around and would always need to be on the move,always going from place to place in a car,hoping that they dont ran out of gas or are stoped by the police (or being in a accident) then sent to jail or a hospital/asylum or else they are f***ed. But what about you guys ? Wich one do you think is scarier ?
  10. Note: This does not count non-canon stuff like Comics and Video games! Off-scene kills DO count! and ACCIDENTIAL KILLS DO NOT COUNT! and this is in order of highest to lowest! If you have anyone wanted to the list PM me directly! Jason Voorhees Kill Count is 155 kills (not including Friday the 13th Part 1 or Friday the 13th Part 5) or 150 (No counting the 4 teens off-screen in Part 8 and if you don't count Paul and No reboot!) Hannibal Lecter Kill Count is 98 Kills Michael Myers Kill Count is 80 kills (Not including the season of the witch and No Reboot!) John Kramer Kill Count Victor Crowley Kill Count is 56 Kills (Gator kill doesnt count since it wasn't by crowley.) Angela Baker Kill count is 55 Kills Leprechaun Kill Count is 45 kills Freddy Krueger Kill Count is 42 kills Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) Kill Count is 38 kills (Or 40 kills) Death/Fate (Final Destination) Kill Count is 39 kills Pinhead Kill Count is 35 Kills Leatherface (Original) Kill Count is 31 kills CandyMan Kill Count is 22 Kills Carrie White Kill Count is 22 Kills Jeepers Creepers Kill Count is 21 Kills Norman Bates Kill Count is 17 Kills Pennywise (Original) Kill count is 9 Kills
  11. All the kills in the game are so far great, aswell as brutal. However, I feel like there should be more. I have tons upon tons of ideas for kills, but can only list so many at once. Here's a list of some that I have thought up that If feel would be a good contribution for the game as possible dlc weapon kills. (With fun names I also came up with) Pt 3) 1. (Timber) Jason has a wood chopping axe right? So it would seem reasonable that he will chop the counselor down like a tree. Three fatal blows to the conselor's side with the axe, only to have it getting stuck in the abdomen. Jason pulls the axe backwards only to have the conselor slowly fall forward or backward like a chopped tree 2. (When Push Comes To Shove) Jason pushes the conselor back and slams the axe onto the ground [axe head up] and gut punches the conselor having them fall forward. The conselor uses their arms to prevent falling neck first into the axe, but Jason uses his boot to shove the conselor, neck first, into the axe head-decapitating them. Pt 2) 1. (Head Pull) Jason swings the pick upwards into the conselor's neck [ similar to part 8's chin strike- except it goes to the neck]. The conselor falls to their knees, and jason walks up behind them, grabs the pick [whom's handle is upward] , and slowly tries to pull the axe back with one hand, whilist the other is holding the conselor down, overall decapitation once jason gets the pick out by pulling it. Pt 6) 1. (Throw over) Jason quickly impales the conselor in the chest and lifts them up above his head. Jason gives a quick jolt up and down with the spear, causing the conselor to slide down. After a second or two, Jason moves the spear back to throw the conselor over his shoulder, just as he glances over to make sure the deed is done. 2.(Neck Snap) Jason smacks the conselor across their face using the blunt end of the spear, causing them to stumble back and spins them backwards. Jason goes behind them and puts the spear horizontal in front of their neck and pulls back towards himself. Pinned against Jason, the conselor struggles as they are choked by the long rod. After a while, Jason quickly moves the spear clockwise, snapping the conselor's neck to the side. It would be cool if some of these ideas would be implemented into the game. I will post more kills later on. . .
  12. Hello Everyone, I'm Jin! I have over 1,700 hours in game! I love this game and the team. I'm also working on a degree in design and media! So hopefully after I graduate soon, I'd LOVE to work for this company! My steam name is the same if you want to add me, I'm very active on the forums there as well. I'd love to see what this forum is like! Also, my main is Jenny Myers! My Youtube Channel is also under the same username!
  13. I was thinking that instead of doing the typical movie review, it’d be interesting to examine, from a storytelling perspective, which ideas (concepts, plot points, etc.) worked and which didn’t for each film of the series. I'll deliberately be ignoring certain continuity mistakes and technical flubs when making my evaluations, so stuff like dates that don't fit together within the timeline, inconsistencies with Jason's appearance or bad acting won’t be up for consideration. Obviously, these are simply my personal opinions, and you’re more than welcome to agree or disagree in the comments, point out things I forgot to mention, and share your own lists of things you thought worked or didn’t in the films.
  14. If you watched through the movies.....Jason doesn't show "Mentally" disabled concepts....He reacts like a regular human....dodging attacks when he was alive.He uses his brain like a regular human aka using different methods of killing. He knows when to kill a victim....either by baiting,luring, and trapping them......Jason could be like Michael myers and chooses not to speak and stuff. Even in the 2009 version they also reflect jason as a skilled hunter using various traps and making basic tunnel roots through out the camp.
  15. I'm asking moreso out of curiosity since I just thought of this right now. So if you were given the reigns in making a new Friday movie what would be? An original story? A continuation? Share it here!
  16. What's your favorite Friday the 13th Movie? Mine is Part 3.
  17. Hello! Not sure which subdomain (if any :/) this belongs in. If it isn't appropriate, please delete, admins. I thought it'd be fun for everyone to list their personal rankings on which F13 films they liked, from best to least. Now, I have not seen Jason X or the Freddy one, so mine are based on the first 9 and the reboot. Here goes! 1. Part 2 . I think this one has all the elements I enjoy about the genre. Jason makes his debut, which is the only thing placing this above 1, enjoyable cast of counselors. Judge me as you will, but I could have used a moment or three of more boobs. Otherwise, perfect. Sack head always freaked me out more than the hockey mask. And the reveal was excellent! 2. Part 1 . The film was gritty and when I first saw it I was surprised by the ending. Other than the lack of realism (even for an F13 flick!) what with Pamela's kills, it's as near perfect as a slasher gets. 3. Part 4 . I expect this to be most people's choice. It's an excellent addition to the franchise. Probably should be number 1, in truth, but I have a soft spot for the first 2. Hey, I'm 45 years old... what can I say? Feldman's final scenes were boss. 4. Part 3. I recall seeing this in the movies and even then I thought the 3D effects were cheesy af... But, otherwise, it's a solid entry. I rewatched a few times over the years, even as recently as 2 weeks ago, and it holds up well, despite the forced perspective for those 3Dkills. 5. Part 6. I struggle with ranking the rest, as there's a real separation for me from those 4 above to the remainder. I think this one wins out as best of the "worst", though. I like this Tommy well enough, certainly better than Part 5's. Nowhere near as much as Feldman's, of course. I also struggle with the fact that they made Jason so supernatural and, well... weird, going forward. But this was the first in that new direction. And I think still the best. 6. Reboot. Other than making Jason a feral woodsman, fast and agile, I liked this one. There was a good group of victims, well-rounded tropes. Girl next door, hot chick, stoner, jock (also a stoner) "hero", big jerk, etc. The more I think I about it, the more I a waffle between moving this up a spot. It wasn't perfect, by any stretch, and could never approach those big 4, but I enjoyed it more than I think most did. A couple of humorous parts helped, too. 7. Part 7. The last of the ones that I'll likely ever rewatch (again). Tina is ok and I like that there's a scumbag to root against, but the film, overall, is as mediocre as it gets. But hey, Russell and that Chad sweater, right? 8. Part 5. We're getting into the films that I didn't care for as much, now. This one, for me, suffers from the direction they took with Tommy. While I understand many/most of us would go crazy from his experiences, I didn't care for how it was handled. And the fact that Jason's involvement, was... shall we say minimal? did not help. Though I still would love a Roy Burns in our beloved game here... 8. Part 8. I wouldn't say I actively dislike this addition to the franchise... It has some redeeming elements. Some interesting kills, a couple of "likable" characters... But the boat and the streets are no place for Jason. As tired as it may be to be set in the woods and cabins, that feels like F13 to me. Not the Big Apple. Well, the fifteen minutes of the city it's set in anyways. In totality? Bad. 9. Part 9. Wow. Well, I watched it. Once. Don't really need to say much more than this. As I stated, I have not braved X or Freddy's, yet. So... what say yous?
  18. I am currently watching the F13 movies for the first time. Currently halfway through Part 2. I am enjoying it but HE KILLED A DOGGY and not sure if I should keep watching
  19. Ok, so this is going to be a pretty long winded post about a silly theory that came to me today watching P8. I know this is ridiculous, and I am aware they are just movies and the changes and differences between movies are about trends, new filmmakers and money. It is still fun to have these weird conversations sometimes though. This theory will deal with parts 6-10 only. Let us assume for the sake of argument, parts 1-5 happened just as we saw on screen, plot holes and all. What if…. Part 6 was a Freddy induced nightmare Tommy was having. That would explain the supernatural elements, including all of the weird morphing and what not. Jason acts just like a nightmare, impervious and relentless. What if, Freddy was trying to regenerate himself by using Tommy’s fear of Jason. It backfires in the end because Tommy was able to take control of the dream at the end and win. Freddy was just too weak to make it happen. Next we have Tina, a poor girl who witnessed the very accidental death of her father when she was young. Freddy finds her and tries to use her fears and anxieties. In her dream, as she feels responsible for her father’s death, she manifests that as powers. Once again, we have a rambling Jason who seems to be all over the map, moving in and around for no real reason other than to make things worse for Tina. In the end, she too can make it out because Freddy is weak, and he allowed her to have her dream power. Part 8. It all had to be a damn dream. That explains the dystopian New York with the toxic waste, the indifferent New Yorkers that are straight out of the mind of a small town person. This also explains how a Jason that was dissolved in a bath tub in Hell’s Kitchen can be reborn later. Plus, the girl nearly drowned as a child, coupled with the Jason myth explain the dream state where she sees child Jason and hears all the child like things from Jason. Fuck the elephant noise. So small town girl with trauma issues dreams of that trauma thanks to Freddy, yet she wins in the end. Part 9 is the fever dream of a soon to be father that freddy tries to manipulate. It has to be right? The running themes are parenthood. At the end, Freddy has had enough and pops up to end it, and this time he decides to research for ten years on how to bring Jason back from part 4’s death. This is FvJ. Of course, we also have the newly reunited couple walking off in to the sunset as well Part 10 happens after FvJ. That explains the whole Jason is a manifest body thing, and not on the turnpike between New York and New Jersey. Ok, the ties that bind them all and suggest dreams. Each Jason is vastly different from the last. This is because they are dream interpretations of the dreamer. He is the Jason they expect from whatever story they heard. Each one has an almost idyllic ending. Look at the first 4. The survivors were messed up gibbering mounds at the end. Look at the ending of 6. Tommy is better and he gets the hot babe. Part 7, dad saves the day. All is forgiven and the new loves carry on. 8, the love birds are reunited with their loyal dog. 9 isn’t idyllic per-se, but that is because we see the end from Freddy’s point of view, though there is the sunrise thing. More dream imagery. The music is all weird, even the sounds of ki ma. It is as if the people dreaming don't actually know Jason, with 6 being the closest, and 8 being the furthest off. It is like a game of telephone as each psyche puts their own spin on things. Anyway, that is my long drawn out Freddy versus Jason was 6 movies long theory. Poke thy holes… or not. Feel free to laugh at me too.
  20. Note: Pamela, Roy, , JTGH Possessions, and Jason's Demise are included The Remake Is Not
  21. Since it's been popular enough, why not make a topic for our favorite live action heroes?
  22. What movies did you last watch? Mine are : - Terror Trap - Bloody Birthday
  23. Send More Paramedics Murderdolls
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