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Found 4 results

  1. We currently have twelve weapons for counselors. The plank, baseball bat, fallen stick, cooking pot, ax, fire poker, stove pan, metal pipe, machete, flare gun, and the shotgun. How come we as counselors do not get more of them? Several weapons are going to be suggested. Guitar The guitar would be a two hand-held weapon. STN - 3 DMG - 3 DUR - 2 This weapon would be a reference when Jason axes a female with her own pink guitar in Part 8. This weapon would be acceptable for damage and stunning, but not great for the long go-to weapon type. Hatchet Even though we have the ax, a hatchet would also make sense because your environments are forestry. This would be a one hand-held melee weapon. STN - 4 DMG - 3 DUR - 2 This weapon would be found in wheelbarrows and slightly better than an ax. Hunting Rifle This feels very important. Even though the shotgun could be for hunting, and along with a long scope (With a feature to aim in it), this sniper rifle will be more rare than a shotgun. Only two spawns in the main lodge. On Crystal Lake, one in the garage, one in the bathroom. On Jarvis House, one in the blue/white party house, and one in Tommy's house. Because there's only two of these, two bullets are on each rifle. Shoot one, wait 35 seconds for the availability of your next round. One shot. One stun STN - 4 DMG - 3 DUR - (unknown) That's all. I hope these three weapons will be looked at by Illfonic and be implemented into the game. Thanks!
  2. Fox should start out with a knife and a pistol because she is a biker, she should also have her own bike to repair because Jason destroys the bike after he kills a counselor in the intro and she can escape on the bike or any counselor can escape on the bike.
  3. It sucks you can't buy anything in game with money like a jason skin, I want to support the developers and get something out of it too but so far there is no in game store for anything. Perks should still be xp bought only but i think you should be able to buy things that don't give you an advantage over other players in-game. This game is going to run out of money support fast unless it releases some more content for purchase. They aren't going to keep adding to the game unless there is more funding, and there needs to be a way to fund the developers.
  4. Am I the only one a little underwhelmed by the amount of grab kills? Yeah theres plenty and they have variation. No two kills feel or look similar which is a great thing. I just expected a little more. I know theres plenty of environmental kills in the game, but those need to be a "right place right time" situation. I don't know, i feel like there should be more. Maybe i'm just tripping, but it really does feel like there should be more. Additional note: Isn't there more kills coming with the single player? I know they did more mocap with Kane Hodder.
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