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Found 3 results

  1. I've been playing this game obsessively since the night of its release, with Pt 2 Jason as my preference. I watched Youtubers like Ohmwrecker play it in the beta and made my own observations, so I went in with a solid idea of how to play and quickly got better. I can make it out as counselor most of the time (if Jason isn't rounding everyone up and killing them immediately), and I can usually kill 6-8 as Jason - all 8 more often than not. The most important factor that influences the game is how quickly the first few players die. Against the best counselors, or in games when the cops get called right away, I usually lose about 3 counselors. I have just under 100 hours of playtime. I have some thoughts about balance, including everybody's favorite controversial topic, grab kills and shift grabbing. I'm in the camp that Jason should be OP as hell, but like it or not, we need to discuss grab kills. When you get grabbed, you either have a knife or you die. There is literally no point in button mashing unless you have 10/10 stats and Jason is looking for an environmental kill. (NOTE: Some players are insisting that composure is the stat that matters, but Buggzy is the only player who can break free as quickly as Tommy. Anyway, my point is about how button mashing is easily circumvented by instakills from Jason, not about which stat matters.) I wasn't in the beta, so I don't know if this is intended or not. This doesn't seem intended, because additionally there is zero window for counselors to save each other if Jason has enough room to perform the kill. Jason can grab the counselor whilst being invulnerable, then immediately execute the counselor whilst being invulnerable. I think there needs to be some sort of window of opportunity here for counselors to help each other, since the vulnerability state between lasts only milliseconds when Jason is spamming his kill button. This is not working as intended. See this video from this thread to see what I mean about the grab meter being pointless, and plenty of discussion. I think the grab reach is broken on consoles at the moment. Since we can assume consoles will get the same patches as PC, I am not concerned about that. This post is about the future balance of the game, and keeping it fun for the long term. There are a couple of ways to implement this, but I can't pretend to know what is best. But my observations might be helpful. Here are my suggestions. Jason could have 0.5-1.5 seconds of time (randomized) where he is vulnerable and holding the counselor, and if he wants can walk towards that environmental kill. He cannot perform an execution until the hidden timer is up. The counselor has small random windows to break free based on their composure/strength (similar to the repair minigame instead of button mashing). Or maybe they can button mash but only when the correct meter is displayed, and this time button mashing actually works (but if you mistime it, it hurts). Something to make it more fair, and like an actual functional game mechanic. This would lead to a lot more cooperation and a lot less rage, and add the game mechanic that seems to be intended, yet is missing during the grab sequences. Obviously, balance can be tweaked to help Jason somehow if this ends up making him more difficult (since he should remain OP). This change is just a suggestion to make the game more fun, which is good for its longevity. I wouldn't mind seeing a .5 cooldown on grabbing out of shift, honestly. Jason is super powerful without it. Pt 2 Jason already can't shift-grab super effectively because his shift is so slow and you have to overshoot and grab diagonally over the counselor's shoulder. This is just another suggestion to make the game feel more fair to the counselors. Again, Jason can be buffed slightly in another department to make up for this nerf!! I don't see why this should be a big deal at all. An example of a counterbuff: 0.5 seconds of no grabbing out of shift, but a small speed boost to Jason for 0.5 seconds after shifting. Seriously, it's that easy. Again, these are just ideas. Finally, please fix it so that kills get credited to Jason when a player quits mid death-animation. Currently, they slump to the floor as a suicide and the rest of the kill animation plays out, making me feel like a stupid fool who has been cheated of my kill. Their death is scored as a suicide. Some game soon I will get 0/8 kills because every player hit the quit button before the animation finished playing out. (By the way, this is indicative of a problem with the fun-factor as counselor. I'm getting sick of seeing counselors who don't enjoy it when I kill them. I really do think it is related to how angry they get from being instakilled). P.S. Jason can abuse combat stance to take down doors faster, and he can use block in combat stance to block all stuns.
  2. So I was told by the support team to bring this here. Unlike, the other post about Jason's grab ability, I think the shift grab is an important part of the game but should be used more as a counter for Jason against faster characters that can cover more ground. Currently it's just another disadvantage for the slower characters in the game. That's because composure is currently a useless stat. When I play as Jason I see Jenny light up like a Christmas tree right off the bat just as easily as anyone else. Also, before the patch on Xbox, I could break free with her almost once a match w/o a pocket knife. Since the patch I haven't been able to do it once. On the flip side, this mitigates having grip strength as a strength or weakness for Jason as well. On top of that, they reduced the number of pocket knives spawning each round, and we already have to burn them to counter traps. If that wasn't enough, we are all button mashing our fingers till they bleed with nothing to show for it. I already hate when games make me do this, but dying every time regardless, even with a 10 compsure and in the very early game, compounds that frustration. This feature should be replaced by a very fast minigame similar to kickoffs and field goals in Madden. Just a bar with a redzone inside of it, the size of which is determined by the counselor's composure/fear level + Jason's grip strength. Perhaps stamina and injury could be included in the formula as well. This minigame should range from very simple to nearly impossible based on this formula. I know I'm not the only one that hates button mashing. If I play a quickmatch with a bunch of low level players, I'll usually see a decent amount of Jennys because they haven't unlocked other characters yet and haven't realized how useless composure is. If I am in a private match with a bunch of regulars it's rare anyone above lvl 20 is using her. That's because they have no incentive to. Compare that with AJ. Almost every private lobby will have 2-3 of her. Why? Because she is equal to or better than Jenny in every category that matters. The only stats she gives up to Jenny are composure and luck. Jenny can't run, she can't fix things, she can't fight, and eben though she should be able to hide, she can't do that either. On top of that, she ties Eric for being the slowest character in the game, making it super easy to shift grab her. Isn't she supposed to represent the girl that survive? She should be a pain in the ass for Jason to kill then. Let that be her specialty. If the shift grab is a counter to faster characters, slower and more composed characters should have a counter to that, which would be easier break aways early in the game. Jason could counter with hack and slash method, the player could counter with the perks that give her two uses of med spray, start with a medspray, and thick skin. This would force Jason to be more strategic about how and when to go in for the kill. Having to really work hard to drive that fear up first. Before anyone predictably mentions that "Jason is supposed to be op" please take notice that I did not advocate changing Jason at all. I know the dev's philosophy regarding that too, and agree with it. This issue is about balancing counselor with counselor so thay players have an incentive to play each character. I hope I've explained that well.
  3. When you find the phone and you got to repair it, you got to do the minigame of pressing right or left, well, what about this: You should play 3 of this minigames, one more difficult than the last one, so that would take more time and will be fun to see Tiffany trying to not fail (lololololololololololololol)
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