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Found 2 results

  1. A lot of people have strong preferences on movies and their remakes, more specifically the original Halloweens and the remakes. Between Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2007) which one do you prefer? And why? As Halloween is one of my favorite franchises ever, I definitely have an opinion on this. I prefer the original Halloween not because it was made before or anything like that, but because in the remake I feel that they show way too much. In the original they show one scene of Michael as a kid, and in that scene he doesn’t say one word. And that’s how it is the whole movie. It showed him right after he killed his sister and I feel like that was a perfect decision to build suspense. In Zombie’s remake they show too much of Michael’s childhood and I think that kind of takes away some of the scare factor. In the original movie he is shown with a lot of mystery to him and that’s what really makes him scary to a lot of people. I’m not hating on the remake or anything, the remake actually did a good job on the kills in the movie — it was much more gory than the original — but I will always like the original more than any remake. Besides this, I really like the current timeline of Halloween — how it ignores every movie after 1978. I’m glad they decided to bring back the Michael who kills on Halloween for no apparent reason. Though I do like Halloween II and other movies in the original franchise, I think it’s a lot more scary as a character for him to kill on every Halloween night for no apparent reason than kill on Halloween night to eliminate his family due to the curse he has.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for this in other threads but it doesn’t have its own thread so I thought I would make one. Once this game is up and running smoothly, Gun Media could slowly start to develop a Halloween game while still adding content to Friday the 13th. I think a Halloween game would be amazing and a dream come true for me. For maps there could be sooooo many possible maps: a huge Haddonfield neighbourhood ( with Doyle house and Wallace house as well as other residents houses ), Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, The tower farm, Myers House, Caruthers house, The school etc etc. There could also be original survivors made by devs and movie survivors and also movie victims ( I would love to see Tina from part 5 ) also you would obviously have to add Laurie Strode and maybe Jamie Lloyd, Tommy Doyle, John Tate etc. I would love this game to be made even if it was similar to F13game as Halloween is my all time fave. What do you guys think?
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