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Found 19 results

  1. Hello Friends & The Wider Community, This is my first time visiting the forums and I wanted to help post a fix for Xbox One In-Game Chat. A lot of the time the in-game chat won’t work for people on Xbox One. I managed to find a fix for it, it is a little bit tedious, but stay with me as it works every time. This will work if the privacy options for Xbox are all available and open, and your mic still seems to not be working. The instructions are below: 1. Go to Xbox settings 2. Go to volume & audio output 3. Select party chat output 4. Select headphones & speakers 5. Hard reset your console (hold down the power button until it turns off, and wait a few seconds) 6. Restart the game, and test the in-game chat, it should be working now 7. Go back to the party chat output settings in the Xbox settings and select headphones again 8. Your mic should be working in both the Xbox party chat and the in-game chat now Hope this helps 😊
  2. My in game mic hasn't been working since about a month after a purchased the game. It sucks because whenever I go into a private match they boot me because they can't hear me. It shows that I'm talking but nobody can hear. Mic works in party's and in other games, this is the only game that gives me this issue. PLEASE HELP!!
  3. hi first of all i bought this game yesterday and i joined a game and i see an icon on the people who are talking but i cant hear them and if i talk they can hear me so the problem is i can't hear people talking and they can hear me talking pls quick fix mic : logetich g430 windows : 8.1 i reinstalled the game i verified the game cashe and i DID EVERYTHING IM DONE PLS I NEED HELP
  4. hi first of all i bought this game yesterday and i joined a game and i see an icon on the people who are talking but i cant hear them and if i talk they can hear me so the problem is i can't hear people talking and they can hear me talking pls quick fix mic : logetich g430 windows : 8.1 playback and microphone windows settings are default so no need to be worried about the langauge in the playback and microphone settings i reinstalled the game i verified the game cashe and i tried to run it as an adminstrator and its not working i reinstalled my mic and still not working and i asked a lot of streamers they all said thats weird problem ! so pls someone help me im done i can't play the game correctly
  5. Hello! I just got Friday the 13th today for the Playstation 4. I was wondering. How do I activate voice chat? I speak into my mic although there is no indication that I am actually speaking in game. I was wondering if I could get a bit of help.
  6. I created this thread to get the PS4 community that plays Friday the 13th, and who are looking for team mates or friends to add and play with, together. Anyone with mic's are much appreciated, but not necessary. As long as you can hear the person with a mic then you're good! My PS4 Gamertag is Kryptonian_Dunn I have Savini's Hell Jason and I am ready to find you hiding under a bed Just shoot me a friend request with a message saying, "Friday Forum" so i know who is adding me from where. ( i stream sometimes and get requests a lot)
  7. Ive decided to make another thread discussing about the part dropping, yesterday I've made one discussing about what happened.... now I'm discussing WHY it happened, and what SHOULD have happened Repair parts that have been dropped will now immediately show up as an icon on all available Counselor maps WHY First off.... lets talk about the why, F13 is a team based game, and with that being said it requires a lot of cooperation for counselors to actually to be successful in the survival against Jason. Communication plays a YUGE factor in playing the game..... BUT LETS FACE REALITY, there are lots of players who don't have mics, that's just how it is. time and time again whenever you play in solo ques get ready to be constantly frustrated as half your team mates are beyond useless they are unable to either use the mic, or speak a different language. so now your chances slim before the game even began now...lets talk about WHAT SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED? now while the patch did help give the counselors a chance.... how should have it been done?, well its really simple I'm all for balance and I don't believe players should have a free mark from the get go, because players are simply picking up and item and dropping them at the same time, the balance needs to revolve around the WALKIE TALKIE 1.) if a player has a walkie-talkie, you should be able to see what items he has in the score screen, provided that YOU also have a walkie-talkie 2.) if a player has a walkie-talkie, you should be able to locate other players with walkie-talkies on the map screen 3.) if a player has a walkie-talkie and drops a part, it will be visible as a mark on the map to other players with walkie-talkies 4.) if a player has a walkie-talkie and dies, his death mark will appear on the map to other players who have walkie-talkies 5.) the objective (car, boat, police, phone) needs to be discovered before it appears on the map by players with walkie-talkies 6.) Jason will only appear on the map to players with walkie-talkies, if seen by players with walkie-talkie note... that if a player does not have a walkie-talkie, he will not be able to locate anyone, anything, or mark for other players UNTIL he gets one TLDR; part dropping mark is a good step in the right direction but needs polishing
  8. I've heard from a few people, they've had this very issue since to patch. My mic worked prior to patch, I've tried hanging controllers, plugging in controller, switching mic, etc. it will not work under my account, but if I sign in on another profile on the same Xbox, works perfectly. Does anyone have any suggestions on a work around?
  9. I have run into a few players who thought they needed to buy a gaming headset before they would be able to play with a microphone, so I thought a post about this would be helpful. Virtually any 3.5-mm headphones with a microphone can do the job. Some smartphones come packaged with these and you can find cheap but effective ones for as little as $5 (American; if someone wants to run the conversion rate for other currency, be my guest). If this misunderstanding has kept you off microphone, I hope this post helps. If you're reading this and thought everyone already knew this...well, they didn't...that's why I'm doing this...didn't you read the first sentence?
  10. So I've encountered a problem. I personally don't have a microphone, so I don't chat, though a few rumors on the wind have me worried. As anyone who has played any game online knows, you're bound to run into some unsupervised 12 year old who will only swear like a sailor regardless of their winning or losing status. But I am sadly catching wind of the fact that, while these underaged people are free to swear like sailors, if you swear back at them, especially if they are showing poor gameplay conduct (teaming up with jason to kill everyone, sabotaging things, so on) you can be banned for "sexually harassing a minor". If this is true, I'd find this to be an insanely unfair move; the kids are ALREADY playing a game they are underaged for playing, exposed to content they are not supposed to have access to and are exposed to a community who often expects profane banter. It would be like being banned here because you described a gruesome kill you'd like to see and you get banned because you have mentioned a "grotesque act of violence in front of a minor". It just makes no sense. Anyone got any proof on this happening or is it just dirt on the wind?
  11. My GT is SuperTyrantKhan and I'm looking for chill non glitchers with mics to play this game with I'm on Xbox One. I am a MAJOR fan of the movies and the game and would love people who just know how to have fun. Not a dick Jason who goes full try hard and will actually stand and fight not just use an OP grab to kill.... Not at least till after youve been knocked out by me a couple times I have a mic and I always help the team. I usually play Adam and I'm always the guy that will distract and keep Jason occupied while others escape so I'm a really good Tommy to have. I don't care If I die just as long as it was for a good cause. If you ever play with me and its me vs. Jason. Just run and survive. I will keep him busy. As for Jason I use Part 2 & 8. I play with people as Jason and chase em down a lil bit to freak an out then taks off.. I constantly shift targets without killing. I just watch, chase, and listen. Find everything the team is doing then attack. Due to my random targetimg it makes stalk alot more useful. If you wanna play with someone who will actually help the team just add me or message me on Xbox One. I pretty much no life this game so I'm always on it. This or Overwatch.
  12. The game does not detect my mic about 90% of the time, the symbol doesn't pop up when I talk. When it rarely randomly does, nobody can hear me. I switch to party chat and it works fine. So it's something within the game. I found a *temporary* fix by connecting my controller to my xbox by a cable. I was then given a pop up that said controller pair connection lost. But after that my mic was actually working in game chat. However that fix only lasted for a few games. Now I'm back to not being able to communicate. It must be something to do with the controller pairing, which doesn't make much sense. Hope it gets fixed. -playing on Xbox one, tried multiple controllers and headphones.
  13. This problem has been off and on for a little bit now. I've noticed that in the pre-game lobby AND during the game, My game-chat is NOT working. My Mic is registering my voice but nobody can hear me, except for my friends or those who are in my party. And, it isnt my settings or anything. I this a known issue?? It's getting very difficult to play, especially when new people want me to join their game and I cant help them out by talking. In case you were wondering, I play xbox.
  14. I am an Xbox One player, and not once have I been able to speak in game chat. I can hear everyone else fine, but my mic symbol doesn't even light up when I speak. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of: I am definitely in game chat, and my voice does work in party chat and in all other games I only have one headset (Skullcandy), but I have tried two pairs of headphones with mics as well (also both Skullcandy, so if the problem is "on my end" then using Skullcandy mics is the only think I think it could be, although it still would a problem with the game). I have also tried a different controller I have tried setting the "Output Voice in World" option to both yes and no, neither work (although I heard that that option has nothing to do with speaking anyway) I have quit and restarted the game multiple times, as well as hard resetting my Xbox As a last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and that didn't work either I was patient with it throughout the week because I saw a thread in which PS4 players were having the same problem and it seemed to be fixed by a patch. So my hope was that the Xbox patch would fix it, but unfortunately it did not. Thanks for any help!
  15. The Game isnt picking up my mic at all it worked for one game. the mic is working for everything else other game chats and party chat. i can hear people talking but thats it. has anyone else had this problem? do you know if there's a work around? Edit: on xbox one Restarting the game multiple times got it working. but at any moment it can happen again
  16. So I bought the game for the PC and it runs decently but the problem is not how well it runs, rather that I can't use my mic when I play the game. It works perfectly fine in Twitch and Skype and other voice chat programs, but pressing and holding "T" yields no results. Nor does turning off the option work. Any suggestions on how to fix it?
  17. So: 1. Murdered/Escaped can speak to each other 2. Counselors can speak to other counselors nearby 3. Counselors can speak to cother ounselors over distance if the have found walkies 4. Jason can hear counselors nearby 5. ... ? The other day I was playing and I was the last one alive and suddenly a voice on the chat said "I'm coming to get you, you ready?" and then Jason appeared and gutted me. I did NOT think Jason could speak to Counselors... I mean, Jason can't speak in the movies. Could it be some private lobby setting (never hosted one) or does Jason come accross some ability on higher levels that makes this possible or can he use the walkies? (This was on PS4 and I had joined a game party but I'm absolutely sure audio was switched to "In Game" 100%)
  18. Hey, I don't know if this is an known bug or an issue that someone could give me some help with. I'm on PC. When I got the game and played it day one there were no issues with the mic or push to talk, it showed that I had a device hooked up and people were able to hear me in-game. After the last patch (not sure exactly which one, I know that I had two steam updates for the game though), it doesn't show that i have a device hooked up in game and push to talk doesn't work neither does straight up audio broadcasting. I've tried a few different things trying to make sure that the device is I'm using is working properly - I've played with the settings in windows and on steam to ensure that it is set as my default device, which it is. Hopefully someone here is able to help, because being able to talk to other players is such an essential thing for this game.
  19. Hello, I recently bought this game on the ps4 it's great however in a game that is so crucial on Mic use, mine isn't working. On the lobby screen the symbol is black, and in proximity to other players they cannot hear me. I changed the setting to output to outside world however nothing changed. I would appreciate it if anyone had any ideas what the problem is. Thank you!
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