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Found 1 result

  1. One more movie!!!! Higgins Haven, 1988 (Cast: All of the game members except Fox; 3 new girls: Lily, Chelsea, Kristine, and Timothy) The gang of non-virgins are hanging around the porch. As the new girl, Chelsea walks over to the group and she nervously stutters her question if someone wanted to go buy cigs at the gas station. Victoria and Eric agree with her question and walk over to the car. Eric starts the car and drives, almost leaving Vic behind. As they continue to drive, the car breaks down. Chelsea checks it out herself, and Eric takes a piss, near the old oak tree. Victoria lays on the side of the car like a sassy gang leader, and she is distracted by a mysterious footstep in the woods. Being her dumb self, she walks over to the noise. She checks it out, and.. BAM. A squirrel jumps out at her and scares her. As she walks to the car, her head is ripped in half and her corpse is tossed aside. Eric is stabbed from behind with a rusty bolo knife. Chelsea hops in the car, and she drives off after yelling for the other 2, countless amounts of times. She drives off and crashes in a tree. She gets out and she checks out the damage. "Shit.. My mom is going to be mad at me.", but her troubles are soon "forgiven" as she is pushed over the edge of a bridge, and gets kicked into 4 boards of rusty nails, and sliced in the face with a cleaver. The intro kills are over, but there are still more teens to murder. Kristine walks inside for a beer, and she discovers Victoria's head in the cooler. She screams and tries to alert Chad, her boyfriend, about the discarded head, but her path is quickly ended as she walks straight into an ax. She falls to the ground, and her organs are ripped out all over the place. Her body is thrown in the dumpster. 20 minutes pass by, and Lily, another new girl, realizes that there isn't gas in the old, rusty van. She heads inside for the gas can and pours it into the van. She wanders back to the group and realizes the engine needed to be looked at, due to Old Man Rodgers telling the group to try to fix the van. While she looks at it, she hears footsteps behind her. She tells Chad to knock it off, and that he was "pissing her off". Her statement is abruptly ended and he face is smashed into the engine, causing bloodstains to appear in the surrounding area. An argument breaks out between the remaining teens whether who has to check on the alcohol, and every teen goes inside to check if the beers are okay. They walk inside, and a rotting, bloody version of Jason places Lily's arm under AJ's chair. The group returns, and AJ smokes a bit of the smokes that are left. As she ponders where the other teens are, she drops her ciggie under the chair and tries to pick it up. She discovers the arm and screams while telling everyone in the group. They all scatter as Jason throws Jenny's head at the group. They all scatter, and Jason cuts the power. Mitch is crying and Shelly is screaming at Adam, who get into a fight and Adam gets punched. They all calm down, and Jason appears. He pulls Mitch throw a closed window, cutting him through the process. Mitch's head is slammed into the broken window, and his body is thrown inside the cabin. Shelly screams and runs outside, only to fall into a trap and get his temple is sliced in half with a bone saw. Adam runs away but is shortly cut off by a trip, and he falls to the ground. Jason appears and Adam's crotch is cut in half with a rusty pair of oversized scissors found underneath a pile of leaves. Jason leaves the bloody mess and continues his massacre. Tiffany is found with Chad and Bugszy in the barn, and a crazed sex scene breaks out between the three. They realize Jason is trying to break in the barn, and he hacks away at the barricaded door. Tiffany is holding onto both of her "companions", while Bugszy holds a shotgun and Chad wields an axe. 2 minutes pass, and AJ pulls up with the van, and badass'ly crashes into the door. In the van is Kenny, Deborah, Jenny, and Vanessa. The four are strapped in the back, holding weapons. AJ rolls down the window and tells the 3 to "hop in", with the most badass voice ever. Jenny states that she dialed 911 and called the police, stating that the police will be there in less than 5 minutes. As the remainder of the kids drive away, AJ blasts a heavy metal song titled: "Kill Me Kill You", by The Murderers. She whoops out loud into the night and makes a slight left. As she is driving down the newly-added hill, she runs out of gas and stops in a corner. The teens panic, and wait for the car to start. Jason makes another appearance, and everyone except for AJ and Kenny start to cry in fear. AJ rolls up the windows and locks all the car doors. As the van finally starts, the van is flipped over and everyone gets injured. Timothy, who was sleeping for 5 hours in the backseat, is dragged away and Kenny screams as he's dragged. Jenny makes a terrible mistake by screaming "The police are on their way!". Jason gives Jenny a silent look and smacks Tim with his meat cleaver. As he cries in fear, his throat is slit in front of every single counselor. Everyone screams and AJ pushes the van back over with the help of Vanessa and Tiffany, then they quickly get back inside. Surprisingly, the windows & doors weren't damage, except for a single crack in the passenger seat window. AJ backs up, but Jason grabs Bugszy, who was sitting in the seat with Vanessa. Vanessa stabs Jason with a pocket knife that was in the cup holder, and he lets go of Bugszy. She drives into the forest, considering the roads were blocked with a tree on the ground. She lands onto Grassfield Lane, a different road that does not lead near the exits. She crosses the bridge over the water, and the crew hear the police in the distance. Everyone is relieved and the van stops, once more. Luckily, Jason doesn't appear and she puts the car into Reverse. As she backs up, Jason appears and throws a machete through the back window, stabbing Deborah partially. She cries a bit, and everyone screams. AJ runs over Jason, knocking him out. She drives backward and tries her best to make it to the exits. She crashes again, and Kenny yells at her. He gets in the driver's seat and starts driving towards the police. Jason teleports and flips the car over, for real this time. Vanessa breaks out of the van and runs towards the cops, getting grabbed by Jason and thrown into an oversized branch. She is impaled and killed instantly. Deborah is completely forgotten about, and Tiffany is dragged off in the distance. A disturbing scream is heard, and everyone starts crying. Organs are thrown near the van, and Tiffany's head is thrown on top of the overturned van. Everyone gets out, and Deborah bleeds out to death as Jenny goes and checks on her. The group reunites and Kenny states that it takes 20 minutes to make it towards the police, as he jogged with his mom when he was little on the roads of Higgins. The group sticks together and stays aware of their surroundings. Jason teleports and grabs Chad, and gets murdered while screaming at everyone to run towards the cops. Everyone splits and loses their weapons. Jenny makes a run for it towards the cops, Kenny by her side. AJ returns to the car, flips it over with her strength and successfully flips it over. She gets in and discovers Victoria's arm, Eric's leg, Chelsea's head, Tiffany's organs and Vanessa's torso. She also sees Deb's dead body, leaning over the half-ripped passenger seat. AJ gasps and "deals" with it, and starts the van once more. She drives to exit, all injured and whatnot. She's exhausted and can't manage to change the gear into D when she accidentally knocks it into R. It backs up and crashes into a tree. The van lights on fire and explodes. AJ crawls out and crawls toward the exit. The police run up towards her and shoot Jason as he tries to rip off her neck once he picks her up. She collapses to the ground but manages to get to safety. AJ was safe. Jenny gets her arm hacked off once Kenny trips with his ax in hand. She cries a bit, but 'mans up' and deals with it. She holds onto her hammer, which she picked up from a toolbox on the ground. The couple sights a bloody Bugszy, wearily screaming for help as a screwdriver is stabbed into his throat. Kenny re-assures Brandon, but he dies from blood loss. Kenny cries and punches himself for "letting most of the counselors" die. Jason appears in the distance and Jenny gasps, but luckily, she shoots Jason with a flare gun in her pocket. She runs towards the exit, and she makes it out with a hacked off arm in her pocket. Jenny was safe. Kenny was grabbed by Jason but stabbed him with a needle he had from earlier. He ran towards the exit and tripped onto the ground. Jason appears above him; Kenny handled an ax from nearby and axed J in the crotch. Kenny was knifed in the back with the rusty machete from earlier that used to dismember Kristina, but he got up and stumbled over to the cops. Jason removed the machete and as he was going in for the kill, he cut off Ken's ankle. Luckily, the FBI was there as well and machine-gunned J. a few times before he passed out from the amount of damage. The next morning, the FBI, Crystal Lake County PD, and the CLC Hospital and a few coroners joined in on looking at all the bodies. J's body was covered and strapped tight, and he was put in an extremely durable cage. All the poor bodies were examined and put the corpses in the ambulances. There, they were headed for the Morgue. Jason's body was burnt, and his ashes are located in the Rockford Museum, a famous museum that is located in California. (not serious, this is only related to the 'movie' and is not real) But then.. Pamela Voorhees, who woke up and discovered what happened to her son, went into a rage and killed 24 teenagers in 1992. Then, she was arrested and put in the electric chair. RIP, Voorhees family. Hope you liked my trashy movie of the game! :))))))
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