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Found 3 results

  1. @Mawlock and I have been in contact over some legal discussions and have made a rather firm discovery: As you may know, some years ago, there was a GTA: San Andreas scandal referred to as the "Hot Coffee" involving content that, while completely inaccessible through any normal means and only through hacking, stirred up a fair amount of controversy. Rockstar was forced to discontinue production of the current game, recall all existing unsold copies, and reissue the game with the "hidden" content removed. What does this have to do with Uber Jason, you ask? Well, due to the precedent set by the "Hot Coffee" scandal, anything found within the game's code/ files/whatever, regardless of whether it is accessible or not, as long as it is in fact actually there, legally counts as content. You see, Uber Jason, like the offending gta content, is in the game, but hidden away. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=DfIf894Ls7A Again, like GTA, you can hack the game's files and not only find him, but fully play as a nearly finished version of him (only missing sound/music) as well. As such, he indeed counts as content. And not just content, but content that was made and delivered before the official cut off date, having not only come with the engine update, but passing the patch Certification as well. What this means is that gun media has already given us Uber Jason as far as the law is concerned. And by their own admission, they can legally modify any and all content made and given before the June cut-off date, qualifying Uber Jason, who technically but certainly was. This means that Gun media could, in fact, actually legally unlock him if they really wanted to. Well, I as a fan, want them to Unlock Uber Jason. Not Just because he was promised to us, and not just because of the cool design, but because he is the last bit of f13th we can ever get in what may very well be the last F13th game we ever get for a long, long time. Maybe ever. So please, if you too are a loyal and loving Friday the 13th fan, help us spread the word and maybe together we can all share in one last hooray.
  2. So yeah my birthday is on the 12th of may,yeah... Too bad it's not on a 13th and that this month doesnt have a friday 13th,would have been better.
  3. This should be a time of celebration, not hatered. We finally got a date after all this time and people complain? Because it's not in April? Think about it. It could've been a lot worse! But the Devs did their best. I hope people can just respect the hard work they put into this project.
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