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Found 20 results

  1. Dear Gun Media, Would you consider opening a GoFundMe page (or the like) for a monthly quota for maintaining dedicated servers? I know times are tough and financial hardship is seemingly imminent for some. But players would perhaps opt in for donating specifically to keep the server sessions dedicated (possibly including maintenance and or additional patches and updates). as they're more reliable, less laggy, and will not be interrupted by host-migration. Please consider this proposition. Fellow players such as myself are highly appreciative of the current content that's available and would thoroughly enjoy the sustainability of your game in the foreseeable future. -F13 Fan
  2. Im new. PS+ Free download :’) and i want to play the game really bad. But i cant find any servers. Dont have friends who like this game except for myself. Is this game dead AF or is it just me? I played 3 games in 48 hours. Its making me wait hours to join a game. Why? Halp.
  3. So with the recent dedicated server update on Xbox One my matchmaking seems to be broken. I keep being dumped in an empty lobby on the F13 Official AP servers. I wait for hours and no one seems to join. Before the update i was finding games after a long time of searching but now i can't find any games at all after hours of searching. However, for some reason, when I queue with my friends (4 of us) I find a game within 30 seconds or less in the F13 US servers. I did some testing by hosting the search party and we all ended up in an empty AP server. So I honestly have no clue whats going on because my friends only live a few miles away from me and we have the same internet provider and internet plan. To add to that, whenever we find a match my ping is lower than theirs mine being around 65ms and theirs being around 89ms. Anyone else having this issue and found a solution?
  4. •I am not one to ever post on a forum or even create an account based on the problems I’ve been experiencing, but this is special...• *** HOSTING & MATCHMAKING PROBLEMS *** To my dismay, I took a break from the game for a couple months in hopes these kind of problems would be fixed... yet i come back to them being even WORSE. WHY on earth is it nearly impossible to join lobbies? I read constantly about this “salt mine” business and how you’re put in low priority matchmaking for being a quitter which is a great idea, but it’s not being PROPERLY executed in game and leaves not only myself, but hundreds of people disappointed and frustrated. WHY did I play 40$ for if I can’t play the game. Of course it sucks when you join a LOBBY and the host quits mid-game or you get kicked for whatever reason eg(host quit and you got kicked in process, you quit because game glitched, you turned off to console to reboot game etc), but adding to that and not being able to join back to PUBLIC matching for nearly hours and being STUCK trying to form a private lobby in hopes of getting a group together is just wrong... absolutely disappointed. ** The more I read, the more I see problems and no solutions** KICKSTART game or not; problems like this should not persist. It’s absolutely not functionable.. I am a huge fan of the game context and how the game play has been other wise. Just wish I could ACTUALLY play the game. *** IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THIS? *** Some sort of clarification would be super. Console: XBOX ONE
  5. I love playing Jason and would like to play against an experienced group of counselors. I am pretty good, but i'm looking to up my game. PSN is WoundCowboy
  6. Every time i press quick play, the game tries to search for a server for like 3 minutes and then it will create a lobby every single time (i can't even host if i wanted to, my ping is garbage and every one has like 600 ping) and i don't want this, ¿how do i stop this problem? This is ruining my game. This wasn't happening before the small maps update, and the hotfix kinda helped (not really).
  7. This has been on going. And from what I've seen a vast majority of the player base prefer private matches due to the lack of trolls and mic required lobbies. And some prefer quickplay for dedicated servers (PC). I'm curious as to what the community prefers. Please vote honestly.
  8. Since Gun is still working on a current fix on our matchmaking... ... The most effective way to enter a lobby with at least one other person, is to press "Quick Play" and allow it to search for ONE session. Once you see it say "Search Cool-down" cancel the matchmaking and do it again. At least that way, it won't cause you to join lobbies by yourself. You'll join with at least one other person and you are guaranteed to wait about 5-10 minutes for more people to join, but it appears as if people are leaving sessions less now - so once you find one you'll probably keep the same people for awhile. Or you could party up with people via communities or here or on the reddit forums. I hope this helps some.
  9. So I've updated the game for the August 28 update, and every time I try to match make I become host within the first 20 to 30 seconds before the update in order to be the host I had to wait 2 to 3 min and I can't join a full lobby after the update because I keep becoming the host and I've waited 20 min for people to join and no one joined, and this is getting on my nerves I've been trying to play a single damn game for 4 hours now and I can't, the update fucked my experience up and I don't care about getting 270 ping when I'm connected to someone just let me join a damn lobby with atleast 5 people, I'm in the Arabian gulf btw but I keep joining other Arabs with probably just another guy in the lobby, and I think it's because we don't have very much f13 players here so I can't even join a host whose in North America or Europe ever since the update, please fix this and I need help. And I've restarted the console and closed off my wifi but still the same results. If the new update was intended just to prevent Europeans and North Americans from joining high ping servers you should've told us instead leaving us ( we asians ) to rot. No offense to the f13 Devs but this is getting on my nerves.
  10. To those who have problems. Btw this also had an effect on PS4 systems in my house, not just the game. After the patch was installed my internet went wonky. The consoles were refusing to hold connection. To fix the problem we turned the consoles off and did a hard reset of our modem. Now everything is back to good. Try it and see if that helps.
  11. Everytime i try to quickmatch i get thrown into an empty lobby, i wait for 15 minutes but it never fills up. this has been happening since release non stop so i've only been able to play 5 matches in total and i got kicked from 3 of those becasue the host left or some other thing. im really getting sick of it because my friends have no problems but once i join the party we can't find any matches. just a list of things i've tried: PS4 hard reset. reinstall other IP other DNS directly connect ps4 to modem and router tried both wifi and cable switch harddrive and redownload game i play on PS4 in West Europe. im actually done with this so i'd be okay with a refund if no solution comes up. (no finding a game on the forums and joining it is not a solution its a workaround) also you've been ignoring me on twitter since release. thanks...
  12. I know this isnt new, but please for the love of God, fix the Xbox version of this game today! My friends and I are tired out waiting 30/40mins to find a game, only for the host to quit because they arent Jason, or for the game to crash and you get Dashboarded! think so far this week ive had 3 complete games Its not good enough and Xbox users are getting ignored
  13. When using the quick play option on PS4 it's becoming common to be put into a 'Play Online' lobby by yourself as a host but no one else joins.
  14. I just downloaded the newest patch today . Everything else seems fine but I'm still having an issue with quick matches . Before the patch I could sit for 30 minutes waiting for a session before I gave up , now it searches for only a minute or so and automatically puts me in a session by myself where no one ever joins. I guess I'll be relying on private matches a bit longer
  15. Ever since 1.04 update on PS4 I can't stay in a match. Connection to host lost, connection timed out, etc. The one game I finally got to host froze during the Jason cinematic
  16. We don't need a new thread everytime you want to start a new game. Use this thread or use the GamerTag thread. Direct people to this thread. The gamertag thread can be found here: You can also find players to game with by: Searching for clubs on X Box Searching for Communities on Playstation 4 Please and thanks.
  17. Anybody wanna play put down your gamer tag or add me GT:AllGasN0Mask
  18. So not only can you never find a game on Xbox with the matchmaking, but you also can't even access your Xbox Guide without the game cancelling the matchmaking!! Go to try and see what friends are online and the matchmaking that I have been sat in for 10 minutes just cancels itself! I have tried it out and this isn't a one off. EVERY time you go to the xbox guide while searching for a match, it cancels the search. What the hell! No other game does this, and it just makes the horrific long matchmaking times even worse. Please for the love of god, fix this.
  19. Hey, I find matchmaking laking at the moment, played twice already and twice was in group with russians only and I don't understand their language at all. That totally kills the game, since you can't communicate with other players. I think you should add option to select preffered language and match people with the same preferences, otherwise people won't be able to communicate which is important for this kind of game.
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