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Found 12 results

  1. •I am not one to ever post on a forum or even create an account based on the problems I’ve been experiencing, but this is special...• *** HOSTING & MATCHMAKING PROBLEMS *** To my dismay, I took a break from the game for a couple months in hopes these kind of problems would be fixed... yet i come back to them being even WORSE. WHY on earth is it nearly impossible to join lobbies? I read constantly about this “salt mine” business and how you’re put in low priority matchmaking for being a quitter which is a great idea, but it’s not being PROPERLY executed in game and leaves not only myself, but hundreds of people disappointed and frustrated. WHY did I play 40$ for if I can’t play the game. Of course it sucks when you join a LOBBY and the host quits mid-game or you get kicked for whatever reason eg(host quit and you got kicked in process, you quit because game glitched, you turned off to console to reboot game etc), but adding to that and not being able to join back to PUBLIC matching for nearly hours and being STUCK trying to form a private lobby in hopes of getting a group together is just wrong... absolutely disappointed. ** The more I read, the more I see problems and no solutions** KICKSTART game or not; problems like this should not persist. It’s absolutely not functionable.. I am a huge fan of the game context and how the game play has been other wise. Just wish I could ACTUALLY play the game. *** IS THERE A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO THIS? *** Some sort of clarification would be super. Console: XBOX ONE
  2. Can somethng be added to pass along host status to another player in the lobby? Maybe I'm only one of a few here, but getting my time wasted in a match is very annoying. I get people don't want to sit through a whole match spectating or rage quit when murdered within the first minute or two. If the host is Jason, match ends and everyone gets some experience. If the host is a counselor, nothing. Now, the problem if that changed is people can start abusing it to get quick XP without finishing a match most likely. I'm not trying to be ignorant of the complexities of such an implementation as it's probably a big deal to accomplish. There's some nitpicks I have with the game but this one in particular causes me to stop playing due to aggravation.
  3. I'm sure this has already been a topic of discussion or a suggestion. First off I'd like to state that the game is awesome. I play it more often than anything else. One issue that I find really annoying is playing through a match and accomplishing things as a counselor or Jason that gain cp and xp only to get booted from the match before it has officially ended. Therefore all the progress that I've made during the match completely goes out the window as I do not receive any points. At the very least, It would be cool to immediately receive points if you escape or survive a match as a counselor before the match has officially ended. As for Jason, it would be cool to immediately give him points for kills and his progression through the match as well. When the host leaves the match it kills it for everyone. Please do something about this. There are days where i commitedly play for several hours at a time and every other match the host disrupts the game. Even on double xp days I'm stuck on the same level because I'm not able to accrue any xp from matches that were ended mid game. Please find a way to control this issue. Thanks
  4. If a whole bunch of my friends and I were to go into a private match and play and screw around like having someone follow jason around or something of the sorts is that bannable since your in a PRIVATE match with a whole bunch of your friends
  5. I just got f13 and i pretty much cant do shit because quick play wont load so i decided to play private but i need more friends so here's my steam pls send a friend reques and i'll invite you to the lobby: steamcommunity.com/id/Supanigga5
  6. I just got f13 and i pretty much cant do shit because quick play wont load so i decided to play private but i need more friends so here's my steam pls send a friend reques and i'll invite you to the lobby: steamcommunity.com/id/Supanigga5
  7. Hey guys I just bought this game yesterday and have encounter some issues already :/ The problem is, when I try to enter a private match together with some friends, everything goes smoothly at first. Our game starts and there is no problem. After a minute or so though, one of us seemingly leaves the match against our will. Sometimes an error sign is displayed, sometimes we simply are redirected to the menu. Are those connection issues? Have you encounter this problem as well? Please help !
  8. Hey guys! Anyone down for some private matches to earn achievements in the game? (Some achievements are broken in quick matches). I'll be online pretty much all night. Hit me up if interested. http://steamcommunity.com/id/andrewswms Thanks!
  9. Im down to add anybody on PS4 and do private matches.... Lets GO!!!!!!! Add me: PSN: NigalisCage
  10. Hi, if you wanna play a game of F13 but can't because of the servers. Just drop your gamertag in the comments and I will send you a gameinv. Just be expecting one
  11. So during the beta I survived a few times from the match timer and the game automatically ending. But I always felt like this lacked...substance? I think it would a really cool idea if during the last few minutes of the game the sun began to come up and how you survive the match by the timer is surviving until dawn basically. So instead of just boom the match being over the sun would slowly come up and just as it starts to the match ends. What are your guys thoughts on this?
  12. Now as you know,at the beginning of each match we get an opening cutscene,that scene look nice but we all know that it will become stale after awhile,hence why we need variety. I came up with a few ideas that are still similar to the formula but at the same time look different,so dont worry it will still be situations were all of the counselors are alerted before the match actually start. 1.Two counselors are in a cabin,they were doing ''the thing'' when they had to cut short because their friends are coming back,just has they finished putting their clothes and their friends are coming toward the cabin,Jason show up in the cabin and kill one of the 2,the other one get out of the cabin and run toward his friends warning them,they look at him confused while he pass right by them,they turn their attention toward the cabin when suddenly that other counselor corpse is thrown trough the window,they panic and run in different directions,we finally end with a nice shot of Jason looking at them from the window/door. Sorry i was missing spaces,im using a PS3 right now so there's a shorter limit to how many words i can put,so sorry for my double posting. 2.Everyone is at the lake,most of them on the shores while 1 or 2 are on a boat/raft or a wooden port/bridge.When suddenly Jason rise from the water and kill that person (boat/bridge),everyone else watch in horror and run away.We then get another good shot of Jason getting out of the water onto the shore. So guys,what do you think ? Do you also have a fews ideas to suggest ?
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