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Found 6 results

  1. So I was just playing a game with a friend, we had everything to fix the car in the first two minutes, Jason rage quit. My friend suggested letting someone else be Jason for the rest of the match. The suggestion was reasonably simple, the mask falls to the ground, appearing on the map and who ever gets it first gets to be Jason. I think this idea has quite a bit of merit. What do you all think?
  2. Okay, I did a search which turned up nothing, which means one of three things: No one has really talked about it yet. I'm a moron. Both. SO . . . why can we as counselors pick up the hockey mask? Once it's lopped off Jason's handsome mug and we pick it up, it goes into our inventory. But as far as I can tell, there's no functionality of it. You can't put it on. You can't use it against Jason. JASON can't take it or put it back on. So . . . why? As of right now, it seems like it just fills up an inventory slot. Am I missing something? Because if it currently REALLY does nothing, couldn't the devs give it SOME kind of functionality? . . . or perhaps . . . there IS one already that no one has yet discovered . . . ? *musical twinge*
  3. They need to add a paint shop where you can make a mask for Jason that has special skin effects or mask paints like a county flag as his masl or anything like that so you can share and wear others paints no clothing changes though...
  4. I think it would be cool if you could make and customize your own Jason mask. Whether it be for all Jasons or not, I think it would be a cool feature, especially if they maybe make a new "custom" Jason, like the tom savini one. He could have rugged clothes or even a selection of damaged and destroyed clothing and such, and even have the customizable masks. Thoughts?
  5. caesar_johnson

    Crash Creations Jason Mask

    Jason Mask Unboxing That's a video I made for a mask I just received the other day. If you're a Friday fan you'll love it.
  6. For those of you that don't know, when you knock jasons mask off you can pick it up. It's sole purpose in the game is just something that really bothers me. The only thing the mask is useful for, is not alerting Jason to your position when going to retrieve the sweater. Honestly I just bring a bear trap there and make precautions. It's worked so far, well, maybe except once. I feel like his mask should have some more use to it. Not a stun, not wearing it or anything like that. I'm not sure exactly what other uses it could have, but I feel like it needs more than just the one. Feel free to spit ball ideas. Additional note: how does that even make sense either? Is Pamela's ghost confused and thinks its a 5'8 Jason with hair because you have his mask in your pocket? Then again Jasons confused when you wear his mom's sweater. Maybe it runs in the family. Or maybe I'm thinking on it too much.