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Found 32 results

  1. Open map in Manhattan city. Open world map (online function). Search to increase arsenal walking to hospital get the surgery tools for easy cutting your victims, taking nail pistol from toolhouse. Getting a nail bat from street thugs Making a "what if" story mode and killing everyone and how the storyline changes. Give a gautlet mode challenge where Jason must kill non stop before they call the cops if cops are in the area kill them behind and take their Batton. Taser to throw to the water and electrify the swimmers. If used against Jason his delay will last short or longer depending. If Jason has rubber gloves it can grab the taser the victim has to deal with Jason and forcely making taser herself to death. Jason learning to make more traps by watching bullies. Making killing themselves and act as an accident. If the chase starts there's will be a time limit for Jason to hide or back to his base. In a open world map they will be a timer of how long survived and the actions they do during that time and how slow down Jason. After being rescue the players hide inside a reinforced cop car and all available players inside the card become the cops. If Jason manages to kill and only one cop remaing Jason must kill quickly before he calls for back up. The difficult increase from 1-2 remained cops 2-3 for reinforced police 3-4 and last the swat team. For each team arrival the main avatar will move automatically to the next reinforced car. If he manage to kill all cops there will be a delay for back up timer and the players back to the main avatar must get out from the cop car by force and if somehow manage to go to front seat by force they can drive hacking the motor. Now they must drive around while the others manage to open the door locks by force or window. Jason must hit the windows more times to get throught and the better car are the harder to get in. Then make a game mode about Freddy vs Jason. Two killers 25 survivors two comes one goes. No need to explain further about this. If you like my suggestion give me a reply as thanks. And the custom skin option if how creative the players do with Jason clothes putting dripping blood; a blooded handprint in hockey mask; make the meele weapons and long range weapons different like different types of knifes in the map (military, customer, knifetaser, cooking knife, bone saw, etc.) A whole new skin can be Jason having mud and plants around his body, one like a real zombie with worms and bugs all over his body and make Jason use gasoline to make a firewall and cut their escape or blowing their car. Thank you for reading this message and suggestion. PS. I wish to get some $ for accepting my suggestion since I need of money but idk how copyright works in these days. So I let you decide if you want to reward me, give me credit and how much to your staff. Thank you for listening again. Anthony V.
  2. It comes down to two problems. 1, The mountains in the Jarvis map. The mountains in the Javis map make it where you can only walk via the trails to get around the map, unlike packanack, higgins and Pinehurst where there is woods where you can run through. My suggestion for this problem? Replace the mountains with the woods, offering more space and easier travel, the same way packanack and Pinehurst work 2. The phone box doesn't spawn at either of the main houses of the Jarvis map. This is an even bigger problem, probably the main reason this map isnt well received. In packanack, Higgins and Pinehurst the phone box can spawn at the main house, allowing for fun chases and interesting Dynamics. The phone doesn't spawn at either of the main houses, if it did this map would be more dynamic than any of the other maps, because this map is the only map with two main houses and the only one that contains a basement. My solution? Have the phone box spawn at the main houses, they can switch it up even, they could have the phone box be on the outside of the house like the other maps, or in the basements. If they can update the map with those solutions it would be better than any map currently in the game, it would be like the other maps where travel is ease through the woods, and offer variety, similarity to other maps and more challenge by having the phone box spawn at the main houses. Another thing would be to put locks on all basement doors and to add the basement door back to the vacation house, in other maps you could lock the whole house, this map either doesn't have the basement door or when it did it had no lock. With these simple fixes the map probably wouldn't even need a small version that's been highly requested.
  3. A lot of times when I play offline I don't really care what map gets selected. Even though smaller maps are counselor favored, it makes it easier for Jason in offline because the bots can be silly and he has less ground to cover when searching. I would like to see a random map option for the offline bots sometime. Would make things slightly easier than just spinning the left stick and seeing what map I get in game.
  4. ever wondered what it would be like to be able to play as Jason with the counselors having a harder time trying to figure out where you are..? it would make some good scares and reactions especially when Jason uses Stalk mode, the fog would make it just a bit harder for Jason as well, but hes got sense to counter the blindness of the fog and the circle blips that pop up every now and then, don't have much else to say about this, i just thought it would be awesome to play a match on the Crystal Lake map with a nearly thick fog around the whole map. people may have spoken about this, that is fine, just thought id put my input on the suggestion
  5. Some people have mentioned this before but I want to see how many players really want Pinehurst Small. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Pinehurst it's one of my favorites and they did an amazing job on it but the only issue I have with it, is that it is way too big. It's so hard to get around and difficult when the lobby doesn't fill up all the way and you only have about 4-5 counselors on one big map. It gives Jason a big advantage.
  6. I was thinking, after I saw the preview of how the Grendel Map may look and after looking at Jason x over and over.. When these come in the game it's obviously going to be big. To add onto it what if they made an outfit for each counselor basing it off of space? Yeah, they didn't do this for any other Jason or Map that was released at the same time. But it's a different theme and I just think that when The Grendel Map and Jason x plus the 'different' space outfits for each counselor are all released on the same date. it'll not only satisfy Jason Players but Jason and people who ONLY play as counselors.
  7. HI everyone, I'm new to the forums. Still a bit new to the game. I bought it at release and played to about level 15. Then put it down because of work and a move. Anyway I've been playing pretty steady now for about 3 weeks and I had some questions that I haven't seen answered in the forums (yes I used the search). 1. Does anyone play as a buffing character? I've tried to perk out the different counselors for different play styles (I'm a fixer main). So when it came time to perk out Jenny I decided to give her Friendship, Teamwork and Marathon. Figuring that early in a map I would find a group of counselors and stick with them, improving us as a group. Does anyone play like this? Are you effective? It is hard to measure if this is a viable strategy even if I've escaped a few times. 2. "I lift things up and put them down". Maybe this seams evident, or maybe not to most people on the random matches I play. I mentioned I normally main a fixer and sometime I run into other repair parts when I'm trying to complete a differnt objective. Such as the gas when I'm already carrying the propeller. Whenever I come across a part no matter my situation (Jason is at the door so I need to be armed) I pick up and put down the item so it shows up on the map. Of course I'm doing this to help out the team. Does anyone have an argument against doing this? 3. As a fixer main I would like to repair power boxes but I can never seem to find them besides dumb luck. Does anyone have a strategy for finding power boxes? Also is there a good spot on the forum to find a crew, team, guild? I would love to lower the frequency of my randoms. Thanks for reading. GrandMoff
  8. So I was thinking ideas from new maps, and while I love all the maps in the game, I definitely love a map with a different atmosphere, I was first I was thinking about a snow filled mountain map, but that idea has been mentioned a lot already, but I haven't really seen anyone talk about NHAs Camp Crystal Lake ruins, so I thought about how it would work as a map! The opening for the map could consist of a group of counselors [Tiffany, Chad, Lachappa, AJ and Rob] crossing the trespassing sign and entering the camp ruins, only for Jason to suddenly appear from behind Rob, killing him with one strike, causing everyone to scatter. In this map, the "Big House" could be the big mess hall cabin, with tables and drawers strewn across the room, and the upstairs, which could also occasionally contain Pamela's head and sweater! The cabins could all look a lot more run down with vines growing along the outside, and dead leaves strewn across the cabin floors, with some containing police tape and evidence, luckily despite how run down they appear, drawers still contain working items, and the doors still work just fine! For escaping, the two signature cars are still there luckily enough, they look a little rusty, but with some gas and a battery they'll be good as new! As for the police, despite how crazy the situation sounds, they'll still come to help! (Maybe with an ambulance in tow too!) One thing that would be different about this map though, is that all the electric boxes start broke, you'll need to fix them up if you want to call up Tommy Jarvis, the man who will jump through time just to kill Jason. Friday the 13th The Game and Never Hike Alone are such big love letters to the franchise, and I would love to see them come together like this!
  9. I think they should add 'Random Small' and 'Random Normal'. Anyone agree?
  10. There are only so many Friday the 13th movies, meaning that there's only so many maps and so many Jason's that they can add into the game. Eventually, Gun will have to start to introduce custom maps and custom Jasons, like they did with eight bit Jason. After taking a look at the new Friday The 13th phone app [Friday The 13th: Puzzle Killer] I came across this. I think it would be fucking awesome for a 'Crystal Lake Ski Resort' map. Taking Jason and the counselors to a completely different setting with snow everywhere. Along with the new map could be a new Jason. 'Frozen Jason', donning a blood-stained winter parka, wielding an ice pick (or a ski pole) and a frozen face underneath the mask. This also opens up new possibilities to new kills like a Hot Tub kill, a Ski Lift kill or something like a new winter-themed counselor clothing pack.
  11. Hey Devs, I play and enjoy F13 since the release. First I want to thank you for this epic game, it is so much fun. Accross the last half year there are some points in this game, that could be much better or more balanced. Here are some Ideas: Teamdamage: Just like it was before the teamkills were removed. But just add the teamdamage back again. So conselour can cause damage to each other but cant do this until death. Because, if you play as Jason and grab a conselour other will try to release the grabed one by hitting everything. So Jason should use the grabed one as a shield. so everytime the other conselour try to release the grabed one, they need to hit Jason to do not cause damage to the conselour. It makes the fights more intense and help Jason a little more to fight vs a group of people who randomly hit on everything thats moving. But you cant hit each other until death. so there is a 1% HP border that conselour cant cross and kill. Only Jason. It would be better to act more carefully as a conselour. Improvement Walkie-Talkie: I think to get the game a little bit more difficult for conselour you should hide the droped objective parts on the map for all conselour until they pick up a walke-talkie. This would make sense, cause how they know where the parts are without communication. And it would motivate player to pick walkie-talkie up. At the moment if you dont want to teamplay, there is no further reason to pick this item up. Map: The map need to get a "Fog of War". At start without walkie-talkie, the conselour should see other conselour only in the range of the minimap or range of voice without walkie-talkie. The rest of the map activities are shadowed. If they pick up a walkie-talkie, they are able to see other player on the map including the droped objective parts as in the topic before. Much better would be that there are no conselour on the map to see. to avoid player teaming with Jason to reveal positions of other player. But it will be minimized be the point before. Additional Perk and Item Slots: As a hardcore player I want some rewards for high levels. My suggestion: Level 100 unlocks a 4th Perk Slot for each character of the account. Level 150 unlocks a 4th Item Slot for each character of the account. Jarvis Map rework: The Jarvis map is beautiful, but not well balanced for the game. It should provide 2 cars and 1 boat. The two main houses needs more focus. maybe put the phone alway in one of the two. the size need to shrink a little bit. not like the small maps. just a little bit. They ways between the camps are to long. the midle part with the mountain is too big. More F13 Music scores: I love the movies and i love the music. Maybe it is possible to add more randomly played F13 Soundtrack during the rounds. there are a lot of brilliant titles of part1 , part 2 and part 3 that are missing on this game. Maybe it is possible. Also the Radios on the map should include the metal song again. By activate and deactivate should switch the music track of the radio, like it was in the early version. Now the summer track is on the radio only and the metal track only in the car radio. Savini as Random at level 150: I know I know, this topic is old and hellpain since day 1. But, I think to keep Savini Jason alive in this game, is to unlock it to other player too. They guys who payed the 65 bucks for this kickstarter reward did their job well and helped the projec to get real. thanks for that ! But many of them are not play this game anymore or to less. So there are nearly no Savini Jason anymore in this game. How about this? You unlock the Savini Jason at Level 150 in the "Random Pool" of the account. So there is a small Chance for player with level 150 to play as Savini if the select random as Jason. I think this will be fair because people who play until this level 150 are enthusiasts and deserve the same honor as people who payed just 65 bucks and maybe stop playing after 2 or 3 months. If you want to reach this level cap, you need to play this game and you need to play this game good and fair. This is good for the community and the game if people really can earn a reward for playing this game long time. These are some suggestions. Thanks for reading and I wish some feedback. Thank you
  12. We now know Retro Jason is not a new Jason on the roadmap. Part V seems to be worked into the Paranoia game mode concept. Yet two Jasons show on the roadmap. Many are saying Jason X and Uber. For the sake of discussion let me pose another possibility regarding an upcoming map, counselor, and Jason.. What about the fan film "Never Hike Alone" Jason? He would go perfectly with the Abandoned Camp map that was proposed. The new trope could be the hiker/survivalist. Might some future plans draw from this source? There are posts on these forums from those involved with that fan film. Is it possible Gun/Illfonic will bring elements of that movie to life in the game? I would think getting permission to use the concepts in the official game would not be difficult. As a fan product, it had to be not-for-profit and those who made the film showed interest in the game. Just some musings I had driving to work. Thoughts/opinions?
  13. Just a quick suggestion, I think it would be really useful if you could view the map if you have died and are then spectating. I find this quite annoying not being able to do this.
  14. Just thought I'd see if anyone has any idea when we'll be getting the second of the new counsellors that were announced (Shelly being the first). Surely it seems we're going to be getting a female counsellor to keep things balanced, but I'm not sure who it'll be. Seems very likely it'll be a blonde mean girl type as that seems most requested + the only major obvious trope missing currently (apart from maybe a hippy/arty female) Also, it'd be cool to know which is coming first- Jason X or paranoia with what I assume would be a part 5 based map? I've seen a lot more people talking about hospital/urban based maps which is cool to see the hype and hopefully it will lead to it happening! So does anyone know anything?
  15. Since we have Jason from Part 8,seeing a New York level with stores the counselors could hide in,plus a small subway section as a side area would be interesting.
  16. I´ve watched the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th yesterday, for the 10th time or so. Eventhough i know that there is a problem with the rights, there could be a possibility to simply change the name of the map and alter the location a little. So this is what i did. Some important chunks are still in the map, as you can see, but i altered a lot as well. I think this would be a real fun map. There is not much new to it, it doesn´t have to be in my opinion, the gameplay works just fine. The only thing i changed is the possibility to ride a motorbike to get out of the map and that there is only one way to escape with the help of the police. I would really like to know what you think about it, possible changes and if there is a possibility to use this as a map even if there is the problem with the rights. The picture was done by myself.
  17. Does anyone have ideas on new possible maps in upcoming DLC, i would like to think the Part 6 map, or pushing it the Part 8 map. But those are my thoughts, does anyone have ideas and possibly extra information?
  18. What do you think the next Jason/Map will be? I'm guessing Part 5 or Uber next, as they are on the Road Map labelled as 'New Jason', and we've got the rest.
  19. Still hoping for these maps and Jasons: Jason V, Jason X, FvJason, Jason 2009 I heard New Line Cinema is getting the rights back. -Pinehurst -Manhattan -Grendel Spaceship -Crystal Lake part 7? -Crystal Lake abandoned and underground tunnels 2009? -Camp Forest Green
  20. So I was recently doing some testing with @Tattooey about how the mechanic works for Jason’s icon displaying on the big map and mini-map. We basically concluded that it shows up if a counselor has direct character model line of sight to Jason (unimpeded by hard terrain) AND when the player has the camera point of view oriented towards Jason under those circumstances. My original theory was that it was related to lighting, because I have seen Jason show up on the mini-map when nobody is really around him or could see him. If it is just pure line of sight (even when obscured by trees, haze, and bushes) it kind of breaks the immersion a bit. You know he is there even when you cannot view him with your own eyes. I suggest you make viewing Jason purely related to camera point of view/true player LoS and make the icon appearing dependent on artificial lighting/campfires around the camp. If you see Jason with your camera point of view AND he is illuminated by a campfire or artificial light, his icon will be visible. It may give Jason players more incentive to cut the power besides the Fear mechanic and make counselors repairs of generators more valuable to them. Additionally, Jason's icon would only appear for other players who could see Jason or if you and them had a walkie-talkie (tentatively it makes sense counselors would relay the valuable location of a serial killer murdering them to others who could hear). Just an idea.
  21. at some parts during the video we see some parts of a new map what do you think of it...i think its going to be a swamp carnival
  22. The three basic maps we have continue to be fun and enjoyable, but if new maps don't start popping up soon, they will become increasingly stale. I've posted up ideas for new maps before and I may move them here, but I am interested in what can be done to make current (as well as future maps) have higher replay-ability. 1. More Randomization. Generally speaking, the majority of cabins on the map remain in place. There are a few that vanish and reappear depending on the map generation. It would be nice if more buildings either moved or changed prior to every match. There certainly could stand to be 2-3 more interior layouts for cabins. I understand that the hallmark houses, such as Packanack and HIggins Main, will remain the same. It would be nice to see the phone house potentially be ANY cabin on the map; not just a specific 4. 2. More Vehicles. A couple new escape vehicles might be nice to throw into the possible rotation of two vehicles + phone. I like the idea of a motorbike (perhaps a nod to Roan's bike). The motorbike could seat 1 person and require the front tire. Make it the noisiest vehicle; comparable to noise blips seen by Vanessa swimming full out in water. If you wreck it, you can get back on it. If Jason hits it, it is trashed and cannot be used. Make it slightly slower than the car to balance the fact it can zip through the forested areas with ease. Also make it so the front tire can spawn ANYWHERE on the map (to include tent campsites - let's put them to use for searching shall we, or next to buildings, or inside buildings). A van option that seats 6 could also be neat. 3. Special Characters. What if a call for help doesn't always bring in Tommy? Maybe you get some other hero character from the movies. Different strengths etc. It would also mean the only way to kill Jason is if someone got Tommy in the match. Would definitely make the achievement harder. 4. Dynamic Weather. Howling wind that obscures proximity voice range. Pouring rain that lowers noise detection and voice range; also obstructs visibility. Banks of fog; especially near the lake or on the lake which obscure visibility. Is there anything else (Map Specific) that might make the game great and increase longevity over time?
  23. As a counselor even if there's many people there are still many disadvantages and a lot of factors that could make a round over before it even begins. I really love how the game is set up. I like the luck stat and how it feels, some games you can find stuff other times you might not find anything. One problem is with key items we need for the slight chance to escape from someone you can grab and kill you in one second. The keys, Gas, Batteries, Fuse and the propeller. Finding any of these is a miracle sometimes but what could shut down a game for the counselors real quick is a troll who takes these key items and hides them or just hangs onto them just to ruin everyone time. I personally feel if you find one of these items and pick them up they should show on the map. There is a slim chance of finding them before Jason finds you so if someone dies with something the game is pretty much over at that point. This will also help players who don't want to have to join a lobby and hear the chat because most of the time its people playing loud music, swearing, saying racial slurs, etc. People who just want to be able to play and can still do things to survive. Jason is allowed to see where his bear traps are laid out on the map, he can even see if they are activated. Another use this will be is catching people griefing and being able to record them and report them. None of use want to play with these people in public matches but without such a feature its impossible to record them doing anything because of Keys and Fuses being in the pocket. Maybe gas and a battery we can record them hanging onto them and just camping or placing them somewhere off but most people split up to cover more ground so it makes even that very hard to deal with. This isn't something I want to give Jason players a hard time, I play Jason too and I like playing Jason more the counselor. But there is very little players can do to grieft Jason and that's where Counselors are handicap.
  24. The game is amazing dont get me wrong.. but with the 3 maps that are all based on the same setting they feel identical, would be nice to have another map that doesnt fit the whole camp counsler setting. On top of that a steam workshop would be able to fit pretty nice could set up a hide n seek map, function. Could do a battle royal with counslers. Theres tons of options but it feels pretty limited right now.
  25. With many of the ideas from the movies for maps I had one that I know wasn't in any of the films but would make for some idea. A snow camp. Camp Crystal Lake is covered in a nice blanket of snow and the lake is frozen. The effects would be cool as when campers walked they left foot prints allowing Jason to track campers along with a new way of escaping, snowmobile. The snow mobile will replace the the boat. The snowmobile would be use to cross the lake or the normal way out. Two people could escape on it. And one of the best parts of snow is you'll be able to see blood from the campers who were killed out in the snow making it even better.
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