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Found 3 results

  1. Can you just give Jason the kill? I have killed at least 3 Counselors who were hiding and none of them counted towards my badge, and it forces me to finish the animation. Please at least count the kills towards badges even if the counselor leaves. It is really frustrating when this happens. A good Idea is a counselor in Jason's sights leaves the game it should count as a kill for Jason. Maybe call it a Heart Attack.
  2. Alright first post here. To be honest, I am tired of every player needing a special award for playing the game. To many players have decided its perfectly fine to win, escape, out run. talk shit to Jason tea bag, so on so forth. Yet, when they are grabbed up want to cry, and leave the game before being executed. This causes a temporary glitch to Jason where he is stuck doing the execution with no body count to follow. Now granted I'm a lvl 101 so points for me don't matter; However to other players it does. As a counselor this does effect me as i am managing quite the progress with my badge collection. But again Host leavers are the worst and becoming more a bother then a blessing. I would suggest a Leaver penalty of 20 minutes to leavers and leaver hosts. it would then go up in increments of 20 to an hour then a day and so on. The way i see it is, If you dont like dying don't play a game who's main premises lays at the fact that you will die more then you will win. It really does tend to ruin a good game. For those leavers I suggest they get used to losing. And before we go into oh well private server then... yeah i like to mix it up playing with the same people over and over gets dull and you dont interact with many other people that way. Ty for the reading.
  3. Friday the 13th is one of the most unique games on the market right now, but it has a couple of easily-fixed problems that are holding it back from being fun every game. 1.) People afking/leaving if they don't get jason - There should be stricter penalties on people disconnecting while still alive. If even 2 people leave in the first 2 minutes of the game, it's almost guaranteed that no counselors will survive. The game is balanced around it being a 1v7, if it's a 1v5 the game doesn't feel fun for either party. Jason feels like he was cheated out of the potential to get 7 kills, and the counselors feel that they were cheated out of the amount of players needed to organize an escape. Jason and other counselors should also get some experience whenever a counselor disconnects (this is especially important when people alt+f4 while being executed, which is extremely frustrating to deal with when playing Jason) 2.) Counselors assisting jason. Plenty of games I've seen have had counselors betraying other counselors or even feeding jason information on the locations of other counselors because they're friends on steam. Most don't even attempt to hide it and will own up to it and laugh when asked. Fortunately the solution is pretty simple; if you're in a party, nobody in the party should be able to play as Jason. If you want to play with friends and work as a team, do it, but don't ruin the experience for other people by getting them killed. Otherwise, what's the point of having stealth on a counselor? External spectators should also have a time delay of several minutes between what they see and what is happening in-game, because if you're the last counselor and there is not much time left on the clock, hiding in a hiding spot even for a minute or two before jason finds you is a valid strategy to prolong the game and try to escape, hence why each round has a 20 minute time limit, at the end of which all surviving counselors win, and also why jason has a sense ability. 3.) Integrated report feature for people abusing exploits. If you witness somebody abusing a glitch to become unkillable, there should be a way to submit that report within the game itself. Steam has almost no feedback on reports and it's impossible to monitor how many of the reports are submitted actually result in penalties. This is important to encourage people to keep reporting cheaters as well as serving as a warning to would-be cheaters not to try it. There is also no way (afaik) to submit video footage of cheating to steam mods directly.
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