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Found 1 result

  1. I just played two QuickPlay matches. I've been discussing the game today on the forums, and I got the bug to jump into the action. There are some really sad people on Steam today: First game- I had counselor set as preference, and I chose Deborah rather than going with random. (Which I normally do) It was Higgins Haven, and I spawned right by the phone house. I ran inside and into an interior room. I didn't try to loot, and I didn't initially close any doors. Jason (Part 3) set his traps, and moved on (he didn't break any windows, which I found odd). I then proceeded to barricade doors and open windows. I then left the house and started searching other houses that were close, along with a walkie and a map, I happened to find the fuse close by. I ran back to the phone house and, sidestepping the poorly placed traps, installed the fuse and ran inside and called the cops. This was within 3 minutes of the start of the match. Jason then showed up, and started tunneling me, I kept saying "fix the cars, I've called the cops" on the radio. Jason gave up after hitting me with one throwing knife and missing two grabs. After I found a medspray and healed, I look at the objective page, and NOT ONE DAMN THING HAS BEEN DONE! I then go into lone-wolf mode, and search for things to help defend myself. I end up with a knife, another medspray, and a flare gun. I was able to avoid Jason until the cops showed up, but I was at the wrong exit! So, I began my trek across the map to get out of there. I finally make it and Jason is there waiting (he has already killed 4 other counselors). I was able to stun him with the flare gun and escape. I spectated the last two counselors, and they weren't doing shit but trying to hide. Of course, they died. When we got back to the lobby, I just asked why they didn't try to fix one of the cars. The response was, "You're a fucking tryhard, don't take it so seriously." And the Jason player called me a bitch. lol But, I joined the second game with the same group of players since, remarkably, none of them had quit. Second Game- Set to random. I was Roy, at Pinehurst. I did my usual early game ritual. I trapped the fusebox and the driver's side of the 4-seater. I tend to save my traps when they are limited, I just change up which objective point I hit with them. Tiffany climbed out of the house by the car, and I laughed at her. It turned out that she was a 12-13 year old boy that screamed at me that spawn killing was cheating. So, I promptly ran to him and slashed him twice and told him to run away. He said, "Fuck you" so, I just killed him with a slash. He didn't deserve a cool kill. I then proceeded to work my way through a disorganized group of dipshits that had no idea of what they should be doing. I was able to throw in a couple of decent Roy-centric kills, and even a nice swirlie on AJ. 7/7 No cops were called, one battery was installed, and Tommy wasn't called. Get back to the lobby, it is the same abuse. "You are a try hard bitch" "You fucking nigger whore" "Just quit" and "Drink bleach" Is this really the landscape of online gaming now? It is just sad. I don't even want to record matches anymore, because unless I am playing in a private lobby, there is no way I could upload the shit that is being said. Some people need to just grow up.
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