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Found 11 results

  1. Like I said previous to the last countdown, we should have a countdown to release. I wasn't sure if I was going to do one but I thought it could be fun. It's also my 1,000th post (time to go outside...) on this forum. Hopefully this won't get shut down- this is a place to bring your hype. 32 days until launch!
  2. When I boot up my game I get this error: 'Fatal error: [File:F:\Preforce2\SummerCamp\SummerCamp\Source\ILLGameFramework\Private\ILLGameinstance.ccp] [Line:64] Online session interface missin, please make sure steam is running!' This started happening after the june 16th patch for PC Steam This happens both in windowed and full screenmode, I already reinstalled the game and restarted steam(I made sure I was online on steam) and my pc multiple times. I included the CrashContext.runtime-xml and UE4Minidump.dmp here is a screenshot of the error that occurse during launch Screenshot
  3. When ever i try to launch the game on steam, the window with the green bar pops up and finishes but, after the game syncs and just ends. I have tried validating the files and it says that one file is missing and is re-added however the game is still not launching, only the green bar menu and after that nothing happens. I uninstalled then reinstalled the game but again it remains to do the exact same thing. I have tried downloading files again and nothing has worked thus far. No error message or anything, not even the file that apparently is missing doesn't show itself. I posted on the steam page and apparently others are suffering this issue as well. I have run out of ideas at this point and just simply want to play the game. I hope there is some sort of fix to this problem. Anyways great game from what I've played so far just wanting to re-join the action. Kind regards, Nun
  4. This game was gifted to me on steam, When I try to launch it just takes me to the steam store. I have verified cache files as well. Reinstalled and restarted, checked for updates e.t.c. Please help. Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question, its still not launched in the dutch (the netherlands, West europe) PSN stores do you guys know maybe when they are launching it?, Because i want to play the game.. -Randy
  6. Every time I try to load the game I get this error message. Is anyone else having this issue? Has anyone fixed it yet? Please help. Thanks.
  7. Alright, lets hop right into it. I received an email recently about the current status of the game, what issues are happening per region, and an update on single player content. This update is also posted on the kickstarter sight if you would like to see it yourself. Just head to the "updates" section and it will be the first one. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/613356213/friday-the-13th-the-game/updates
  8. I keep trying to get into a quick match, the timer starts, and after about 10 mins it says something about the internet. Is this a server issue? Anything I could do?
  9. This is a two part question, one part for the players, one part for the devs. For the Devs: Are you guys ready for what could be a launch day disaster? That's not meant as a bash but more of a readiness check. In the past couple of years even the Triple-A big devs haven't been ready for what was unleashed on launch day with many of their online-only titles. Cases in point: Diablo III: Anyone that tried to play Blizzard's newest installment of the Diablo series on launch day back in 2012 was met with good ol Error 37. This one was so bad that it was memed to death. Even the massive WoW developer that runs a game with millions of players couldn't rustle up a smooth launch for this one. (I still call it inferior to Diablo II, but that's just me.) SimCity: Another of my favorite sim type series game jumped to the online-only gameplay when it launched back in 2012, and it was, like Diablo III, a bit of a train wreck and called by many players and game outlets a straight up launch disaster. Dead by Daylight: A fairly recent issue that plagued Dead by Daylight came by way of lost player data. This was in huge part because player data was saved client-side instead of server side, so a lot of players lost all of their game progress for both their killers and survivors when a bug popped up in one of the patches that caused the data not to save properly in some way and corrupted the file. With all that in mind, are you guys ready for all the issues you are likely to encounter on launch day ranging from players exploiting bugged code to rapid level, server issues with logins and connections (you've encountered this a bit already during the beta), and more importantly, how will player data be handled to ensure it won't be lost in the same manor as Dead by Daylight? For Players: Do you have your checklist of needed things ready for launch day? This includes: snacks, drink of choice (alcohol inclusion is optional), a taser for anyone that interrupts you, and a backup plan for when launch possibly goes awry. I always advise a backup plan if you're camping the servers on launch day by way of an alternate game or Netflix. Regardless of your choice, I do suggest you have a standby. Recommended games are welcome.
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