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Found 4 results

  1. So i just saw this,seem that back in the summer of 2014,some peoples put an actual statue of Jason underwater in one of Minnesota popular dive sites,not sure wich Lake tough, if someone can confirm wich one it is,it would be much appreciated. This video was posted the 7 of June 2014 This one was posted the 11th of October 2017. edit:Just noticed in the 2nd video that the strap for the mask as broken,the more flexible strap cant stay underwater too long without eventually broking,thats why Part 6,7 and 8 Jason have all a more hard leather strap. edit 2 : the location was found,its the Louise pit mine lake in the Crosby region of Northern Minnesota.
  2. Hello, This bug goes along with the issue I reported early regarding the boat. There seems to be a problem with the drowning animation. As Jason when I attempt to drown the councelor the animation starts, the councelor appears to get pulled over, but suddenly is on the shore of the lake and is still alive. This bug occurred on Crystal Lake, near both boat spawns. Pacanack Lodge near the boat spawn closest to Pacanack Lodge near the exist where the police can spawn. Glitches occurred after the councelor was pulled from the boat, and when a Councelor was grabbed when being near the boat, got stuck in Jason's grib and had to be freed by walking into the water.
  3. I'm sure they've already thought about this, but wouldn't it be cool if you could chain Jason on the bottom of the Lake, like in Part 6 and 7? You have to find the chain and then have Tommy in the boat in the lake, exactly like in Jason Lives. This would, of course, only work for the Jason Lives and New Blood Jason.
  4. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was what the then 'Summer Camp' game could be, but 3D. So, here's the Markiplier playthrough of it (yeah, I know, but...) If anyone thought the pre-alpha footage was dark: 1. You should go out into the woods at night more often. 2. Remember how much extra detail loss there is sometimes in dark, lossy compressed videos. 3. Watch dark videos and play dark games when the lights are out. 2. Look at how impossibly dark it gets in earlier Friday the 13th movies, and... 3. Look at how dark this game gets.
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