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Found 12 results

  1. When I attempt to play this game online on Xbox One, my ping is unbearably high. It is always 200+ or higher. All of my other games have good connections, so it isn't on my end. Is anything being done to fix this? I like the gameplay, but I can barely play it. I can't return it either since I opened it. Thanks.
  2. My PS4 just blue screened on me again. It only does this on Friday the 13th. Anyone know why? Between this, and the lag I get often, this otherwise fun game becomes ridiculous to play. I've stopped playing this game several times and then picked it back up again because I want to play as new characters or enjoy the double XP weekends. But I can't because this game keeps crashing or lags so bad I can't enjoy my time. I want to play this game but it frustrates me so much how laggy it is and how it drops me into blue screen. (It's the only game that does this.) How do I fix this and who else is having this issue?
  3. Does everyone have terrible ping, or are the servers buggy as hell ATM? about 6-ish months ago I was able to run this game on the highest graphic settings possible and have maybe 60-160 ping but now im getting about 100-999+ ping while running on the lowest possible graphic settings possible, I also noticed 6/8 players in the lobby have about a 200+ ping. Anyone else notice this stuff?
  4. I bought this game last week. I have had few games with good connections. I have high speed internet and struggle with no other game. I believe my issue is, the game connecting me with players across the world. It’s so frustrating to try to play with 400 ping. Please add regional connections, so I can connect to local hosts and get back down under 100 ping where I have played few games of Friday the 13th. Thank you!
  5. Three games in a row just now and several times since I've had the game. This obviously various immensely from being Jason to a counsellor, but it's getting beyond frustrating now. Is it anything I can do on my part? Is it the host? I'm fully aware they are currently working on servers but it seems like the easiest option is to try get seven people all on at the same time and play this game together. It's great when you get a good run of games but so many points and kills and matches towards the trophies are just slipping away and it's frustrating.
  6. Every time I am Jason and I have killed all but one counselor and I grab that last counselor, the game lags out.
  7. Every time I do a quick play session I get lag and never make it through the entire match since the latest patch on PS4. It was playing better when I waited 10-15 minutes for a match. Now it's within a minute but I'm always kicked for lagging and disconnecting.
  8. Ajuda, toda hora acontece '' erro fatal '' para a placa de vídeo R9 380
  9. As you can see in the screenshot provided: Thai twitch streamer's online lobby - everyone except one Chinese guy has 200+ ms Developers of F13 Game, please reply to me. I have made numerous attempts on Twitter, F13 Game Forum, and Steam discussion forum, but with no avail. Asian servers, will they be added to the game or not? We bought the game only to play on 230 ms?
  10. I play in Bangkok, Thailand. There are many big youtubers and streamers from Thailand that also play the game. F13 is popular in this region. Please add asian servers into the game. The devs claimed that there would be servers spread all over the world on launch so how do you explain 250 ms in every match? For the record my PC specs are: GTX 1080 - 32Gb RAM - i7 processor - seagate SSD 500GB - 144hz monitor and lastly: 1Gb/sec fiber optic internet connection - Every other game I play with less than 10 ms
  11. Why can't I buy parks and every time I try the game freezes and when paying as a counsellor I sometimes get stuck on windows and can get out but when pressing a it brings me all the way back to the window
  12. what will be the connection type for this game-system to system or server side? which ever is chosen how will latency be addressed to stop lag from ruining the game?
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