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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I started to played again after a very long break with this game, I had a few ideas while I was playing as Jason and as counselor. My idea is: Jason slashing with his weapon would not kill the counselor but he would make him crawling on the ground, screaming, and being able to move slowly, he can be executed , if Jason is close to him then he has the option to press the interaction key ("E" on pc). That would trigger a nice animation of Jason executing the counselor on the ground, but if for some reason the counselor is left alive crawling there is the option of another counselor close to him to "revive him" that would remove the state of CRAWLING to WOUNDED, that would not be instantly, it would take the time that takes a counselor starting the car with the keys, you know, holding the interaction key and waiting for a circle to complete, after that he could be healed with an spray.
  2. In the movies Jason has been using other weapons, for example a double sided axe in the final chapter and a machete in part 3. The Jason should have a main weapon definitely, but actually give the player an option to change to another weapon, for example part 3 Jason starts with an axe then when the game starts he has his axe but when he goes into a house he can ditch his axe for a machete. well for the bat he can just choke the counselor with it or he can play a quick game of tee ball with the counselor, and for a pot or a pan he can just wack the counselor's head off with them.
  3. Part 5 Jason/ Roy Burns isn't really Jason Voorhees. So how would you kill Part 5?
  4. It's just strange when a window is open, Jason can still throw a counselor through it and then the counselor dies. It should be when Jason throws them through an opened window they get injured instead of being killed. I'm just saying this would actually make a lot more sense then just dying when getting thrown through an opened window. If the counselor was on the second floor then it would make sense to throw them through the window then dying when they hit the ground with an arm up animation. Thank you for reading, hope this happens.
  5. So I quickly made an edit of someone who team killed me. He was supposedly team killing multiple games beforehand in which I wasnt apart of as to why I dont have more clips of this bulls**t. I'm posting this out of hope that he gets banned because things like this is why I've stopped playing it. Hope you enjoy!
  6. I think the exp penalty should be for hitting a teammate instead because a team killer could just injure a player so they can't get away from Jason and if a player sees someone helping Jason and record themselves kill them then they should get 13x exp for that game
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