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Found 2 results

  1. My favorite part of this game are the kills. I love when they add new brutal ways to slay your teenage foe. However, when you've done each kill hundreds of times they may get a little stale. I'm just hoping to hear some ideas for some sick kills that may or may not make it into the game. I have a couple Ideas. One of them would be a context kill on Pamela's altar. Think about it some loser is trying to kill you by getting the sweater and you manage to sweep in and grab them . Now what? You look at Pamela and press A (or the action button) and the fun begins. You grab the machete used to kill Pamela and are about to ram it into the counselors chest when Jason hears mother call out his name. He looks confused at her. She tells him to bring the counselors to her. Jason then throws the counselors on there knees in front of mother. Forcing them face to face with the severed head. Pamela says in her mocking voice (witch only Jason can really hear i guess sense its in his head) did you really think you could hurt me or my beloved son. Then she yells Jason! Jason looks at her. Kill them, she yells. Then Jason goes nuts. He just swings and stabs maybe ending with a decapitation all the while Pamela laughs and the counselor screams. And don't forget about the music. Some of the music on some kills is so great. I know it would be a incredibly long kill but if you can afford the time it would be so worth it to totally RKO some counselor. Also the Part 6 over the shoulder spear throw, and maybe like a javelin throw. idk What are yall's ideas Also, I really want the axe kill from part 7 (russell kill). Could be a great part 3 kill pack kill.
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