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Found 5 results

  1. Only thing that gets to me now that the glitching problems have been solved . Is being kicked from a match, as I am playing Jason for what I can only guess is being to good or just having the luck of spawning in the middle of three to four counselors to start the match on a lil killing spree and sure enough I'm kicked. The needs to be some kinda penalty for kicking Jason or anyone for no reason.
  2. I get sent to my Xbox One home screen at random times when playing in a match. I have to restart the game all over again.
  3. So tired of getting booted after spending 20 mins chasing or hiding from people and the server host gets pissed before you can be awarded your points and leaves the game..... Why is there not a server migration already in place to prevent this :/ Since there is not PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hello people, this is my first time on the forums. I was in a game lobby, waiting to start the game and got the message: "Error! You were kicked: EAC Kicked: Authentication timed out (1/2)". It would be bad if someone can just kick players at will. When i google the problem people talk about the Anti-cheat system, however i don't use any third-party programs for the game, which makes this a strange and very dangerous bug as i can lose access to the game? Also it would rule this out right as being the problem right? Since I don't use anything. Does anybody know what this means exactly and/or how to prevent it? Best regards and thanks in advance, Sunny Solaire Note: I'm playing on PC
  5. I just got kicked for killing everyone but one in a match lol, most of them kept staying in one area and they talked a lot. Even jumped away and killed someone twice and would come back aha, guess we are supposed to let everyone escape now. Any similar/funny stories?
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