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Found 5 results

  1. Kane Hodder and Sons 🥳 By far the biggest highlight other than meeting @mattshotcha and Ronnie from Gunmedia it was this moment meeting Kane Hodder with a long time friend! ✊🏻🥳 Just wanted to share.
  2. Hey all, I just wrote a lengthy article on ideas/suggestions for improving the game's variety and longevity (can be found here). I'll sum up one idea from it here though: allow the male counselors to imitate young Jason. Female sweaters can steal the sweater (which is great) but the guys can't do much but die and hope they become Tommy Jarvis. By placing one pair of scissors on each map in a random drawer, male counselors can help stun/kill Jason. First, a male counselor must find the scissors. Second, they must find a bathroom/mirror. Third, they must remake their appearance (maybe using a button prompt mini-game like car repair). After all this is done, they've got a one-time shot to paralyze Jason. The scissors will also function like a pocket knife if Jason grabs you, although this does remove them from the game. Anyway, those are my thoughts - wasn't sure if someone else already had the idea (apologies if you did). My article contains other ideas like a Kane Hodder costume skin, a water-dominant level, and more low to mid-tier weapon variety. Hope you can check it out!
  3. This is something that I thought of while playing the game, spreadin' the word about dangerous premarital sex, I thought 'Kane Hodder did incredibly with the motion capture in this.' So I thought: Wouldn't it be cool if you could play as Kane Hodder himself? I can already imagine it, your playing as a counselor, searching frantically for (insert part here) and you look out the window of the cabin and see Kane Hodder staring at you through the dirty glass. Here's some ideas for his play style: Weapon: Hatchet (Because of the movie Hatchet, which Kane Hodder starred in.) (Thanks to @Trident77 for most of the strengths and weaknesses) Buffs: Grip Strength Improved Sense Stun resistance /or/ More hitpoints Debuffs: Slower in water Can't run Hampered Fear I'm not sure what to do about the mask, maybe just let Kane Hodder pick his favorite Hockey Mask style and he'd wear that around? On another note it would also be cool to see Kane Hodder in a MOCAP suit as maybe a special skin or something, another idea I must credit to @Trident77 but on a related note, I think it would be funny for each of the counselors in MOCAP suits as well to complete the look. Anyway, this was just an idea I had, and I was wondering if anyone else would like it.
  4. Gun Media released some mocap footage of their animations with the man who plays Jason himself, Kane Hodder. Pretty awesome to watch Kane do his thing. I love his screaming and yelling lol obviously Jason doesn't yell but he's just channelling the anger needed to do the acts he is doing. Also the random "FUCK" during the Sleeping Bag recording had me dying. Even though I'm the same height as Kane, his stature just makes everyone seem tiny in comparison. Like, did you see how far he actually threw that chick for the window kill? Watch Kane be awesome here:
  5. Tracy Koga interviews Kane Hodder, the stunt man that played Jason Voorhees in four films in the Friday The 13th series. He talks about how he got into the business and how "Jason" affected his career and other opportunities. The man is a genius! For your entertainment. (PS: He talks about Friday the 13th: The Game!)
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