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Found 3 results

  1. Jason entered a cabin through a window in Part 3 Jason grabbed a person by leaning in a window in Parts 2 and 4 Jason jumped through a window in Part 7 Therefore, please add to Jason: 1. The ability for Jason to lean into windows and grab counselors through them the same way he grab counselors in a car, or make Jason mash E like crazy to pull the counselor out of the cabin unless he gets stunned, in which case the counselor is free. 2. The ability for Jason to JUMP or CLIMB into cabins through windows when in RAGE, even if you want to put a cool down on it. If you think this would make Jason too OP, more than he should be OP, then add these abilities to CERTAIN Jasons, specifically, Part 7, who did Jump into a window, and needs a lot of help strength-wise. Keep in mind that these abilities would be somewhat balanced by the fact that some windows are second story and cannot be reached by Jason from ground level, or are too high and present the same problem (Think Packanack and the surrounding cabins). Also, you can make it so this ability gives counselors SOME time to run as there is an animation involved, similar to pocket-knifing Jason. Thoughts?
  2. What if there's a perk to jump fences/windows for couns and destroy fences for Jason?
  3. pretty straight forward will we be seeing jumping/hurdling in the game as running im sure will be present and how will it be handled? I cant imagine being the jock and not being able to hop over a fence and be forced to go around like a schmuck.
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